Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Reading Mastin Kipp's The Daily Love today - - it stood out for me that many people know what the next move for their life will be, however, we never take that leap of faith and step out in trust.  We think about what it will be like to have the life of our dreams yet we let fear over-rule us and never muster the courage to actually put our plans into action.

For me, what I needed to remember is that when I let go of the outcome and make the choice to take some action, the Universe steps up to meet me.  And that's when I step back into my power.  I accept responsibility for my choices and trust that I am guided.   I can let go of the worry of repercussions that I fear and I can move into a more authentic version of myself.

The more I trust and have the courage to keep moving forward, I truly become free to live my dreams.  And not only do I feel free - it starts to show up in my life in physical form.  I notice that I start to attract the people and the circumstances that move me down the path.  What I am seeking is also seeking me and it happens in perfect, Divine order.

I know this is an intention that's worth taking a risk for.