Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspiration in Laughter

Yesterday, I set a daily challenge for myself to find something inspiring for the next 21 days, no matter how insignificant.  I woke up this morning thinking about it and contemplating my choice for Day One.  It's true that sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

After some time, I put it aside to see what developed during the day.  While I was listening to Michael Beckwith's show on Hay House Radio, he took a caller and had some feedback causing an echo of his voice when they talked.

It turns out that being on speakerphone was creating the feedback and at that moment, Michael laughed and, for whatever reason, his laugh made me smile.  Then, his comment is what really sealed the deal.  He said, "I like myself but I don't need to hear myself twice."

And he laughed again.  I can't explain it but there was something in that moment that inspired me to find more things to smile and laugh about.

Rather than be irritated by the static and annoyed with fixing the issue, he chose laughter.  I suppose there's a reason he's a great guru - he's learned to apply the principles that he teaches.  Imagine that!

Last night, I came across a funny meme that I shared with my Facebook friends, specifically calling out my husband since he would appreciate the truth in it.   I'm posting that as my picture here as well to remind me to keep on laughing.  And, to move through life's challenges using laughter as medicine.

One other tip that I learned from Rev. Michael's show that I feel called to share since it also resonated with me.  The caller was struggling with depression after the failure of his business and was in a downward spiral.

The advice given was to start affirming angrily.  WHY do I have such a successful business?  WHY does money just keep showing up for me?  WHY are my relationships so filled with love and joy?

I love it!  Switch up the emotion and don't try to fool yourself.  Don't let the resentment run you, you use the anger - you take back control.

There are probably other benefits from using this approach and I'm looking forward to seeing them manifest.

"The child in you, like all children, loves to laugh, to be around people 
who can laugh at themselves and life.  Children instinctively know 
that the more laughter we have in our lives, the better."
~Wayne Dyer

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

21 Day Inspiration Challenge

If I'm not invested in the work I'm doing, what's the point?  This seems to be a theme running through my head once again (in fact, I did a post on this at the beginning of the month so sorry for a bit of a repeat).  It's just that I think there are many people who are challenged by this.  

After setting the intention to go with the flow, what's becoming clear is that I don't hate my job.  It's simply that I am no longer inspired by it.  

I have been in sales since I graduated from college in 1987 (okay, yes, I did just give up my age.)  And I am, quite honestly, over having a sales quota to meet and forecast meetings to attend and annual sales conferences that rehash Sales 101 skills.

It's reaching a point where I feel that I am abandoning my relationship with myself.  And I love who I am and who I am becoming.  Why, then, would I continue to live small and uninspired?  

Well, there is definitely the fear of the unknown rearing its head.  Also, I have rent to pay and food to buy.  My 20-year-old daughter lives at home while working part-time and going to school so I can't just quit my job and leave these responsibilities.  My husband, bless him, would love to support me financially while I go through this discovery, however, we live in California and clearly pay a price to live here.

Since praying about this a few weeks ago, I haven't seen any major shifts and I also wonder when Divine Intelligence is going to show up.  I wonder, sometimes, if I've missed a clue or a sign.  Have I missed my window of opportunity?  Dear Spirit, forget the still, small voice.  I'm ready for a big, clear sign that I can easily understand.  Bring it on!

Maybe the question I should be asking the Universe is what am I willing to risk to start making changes in my livelihood?  Or, is this about me recognizing there is something inside me who wants to hide in what's comfortable? 

Right now, I have more questions than answers.  I do believe that everything happens in perfect Divine timing so maybe the timing is not quite right to support my highest and best outcome.  

This practice to know my higher self is almost like peeling an onion, revealing one layer at a time to discover emotions, beliefs, and ideas that my subconscious is holding onto for the survival of my ego.  It is requiring great patience, trust and persistence - and prayer.

For this reason, I'm glad that I have found affirmative prayer (or what Ernest Holmes calls Spiritual Mind Treatment) to use in my tool kit.  According to Ernest, we use prayer (or treatments) to align with Divine Intelligence.  In the book, "It's Up To You", a treatment is "the conscious act, through meditation and contemplation, of definitely accepting the presence of a good which the objective world cannot see, back of which is the belief that we are surrounded by a Creativeness or a Law which intelligently responds to us.  It is not a beseechment, because it rests upon the belief that the Universe already desires to do this, and must, because that is Its true nature."

I trust the Universe will respond to my prayer because it must, however, it is not up to me to set the deadline.   My work is to get clear, to believe and to accept what is.  And, some days that work is more difficult than others, especially when I don't see immediate results.

So, today, I set the intention to find inspiration in one thing every day for 21 days, no matter how insignificant, so I can stay open to the possibilities for my life.  

Affirmative Prayer:
There is One Divine Intelligence, One Source of all energy and creation that makes clear the path for all that is.  It is fluid and flows effortlessly with a power that is unseen but a presence that is felt strongly.  I am one with the Infinite, part of this Power that I call God, who dwells within me and each of us who are on this journey together.

Affirming there is a Divine plan for my life, I lean into the unknown with joy.  I am transformed and inspired by a vision for my life, even when the way is not clear.  Every day, I seek inspiration in creation and I am made new and whole, even when life moves slowly and it seems no action is happening.  I need only believe and trust in Spirit's perfect timing, taking the steps in the here and now that move me toward my life purpose.   Everywhere I see opportunity in the world I live in, moving from thought into form and it is real and it is wonderful.  

I am so grateful for the creative Power that allows me to realize my Soul's purpose.  I am thankful that I can co-create my life in perfect Divine ways, knowing they will show up when the timing is perfect for all who will benefit.  Thank you, God, for the knowing that I need only look within to see the answers.  

I release my Word to the Divine action of the Law, to the Creativeness of Source, knowing my thoughts and feelings never return to me void but shower me in beautiful possibilities.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.  Amen.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Have Less, Prosper More

For many of the people I know, there has always been this desire to have more - more money, more love, more "stuff".   And I'm just as guilty of this.  For years, I collected English cottage houses, filling shelves with knick-knacks and recently, I found a box of old LP's from the 80's that I've been dragging around in each move I've made.

Lately, tho', I hear conversations about changes in life forcing people to down-size and reduce what they own.  I thought it was just something happening to me as part of my personal growth.

Turns out, I'm not alone.

It's an interesting phenomenon and I'm not clear on why it's affecting so many of the people I come into contact with.  What I do know is that I trust the Universe to always have my highest and best in mind.  And I know that's true for each one of us.

So, I've been letting go and releasing and really clearing the clutter.  Even my husband has been on a "clutter-clearing mission" lately.  In fact, he is not planning to hook up the TV in our bedroom.  It's quite amazing to watch!

Throughout this process, what I've noticed is that having less doesn't feel like lack.  We're not starving for anything and our new mode of living simply is a bit freeing.

There is a value in stopping the compulsive collecting and seeing the abundance in what we already have.  Both my husband and I have let ourselves relax.  We've even cut back on over-booking our time.

This is not to say it's a bad thing to have personal items.  Where I am seeing the power is when we are thoughtful about our purchases and really feel the joy in what we own.

I see this especially in my eating.  I'm buying more fresh, clean food and making meal time an event to savor.  I no longer stock my cupboards with the bulk boxes of macaroni and cheese or pack my freezer with pounds of ground beef.  I shop more consciously and enjoy wandering around the local farmer's market to see what's available.

As I keep releasing, I'm actually starting to feel physically lighter.  I get the impression that I'm lining up with the Universe and the truth that God is my Source.  And knowing this truth, I remember the lines from one of my favorite tracks from Michael Beckwith's Transendance CD - "Know that you're coming from plentitude and abundance.  You lack nothing."

This release has been a beautiful reminder of who I am.  I don't have to worry about not having enough.  In the Tao Te Ching it says, "Do Less, Achieve More."   I wonder if it also says, Have Less, Prosper More.

So, today, I set the intention to remember and know that I come from plentitude and abundance and lack nothing.  

Affirmative Prayer:
Trusting in the One Source, the One Power, the Father/Mother God, there is shelter and safety and plentitude that knows no bounds.  It surrounds and protects and prospers and thrives.  And it is in this knowing that I am covered and protected as the Source of All moves and has Its being in and through me.

As I am covered and protected, I release any thought of lack or limitation and affirm that my every need is met.  I walk in confidence that I only have to ask and believe and it is given.  And as I grow in Spirit, I realize that I need less and less and see the abundance in all that I experience.  The beauty of nature that reflects the love of the Universe and is given freely and unconditionally.  I am humbled by the prosperity that flows from an unlimited Source.  It is effortless and magical as a way is made out of no way.

I am so grateful for this guiding presence in my life.  Thank you, Spirit, for moving me forward on my path to know you and, therefore, know me, better.  I am thankful for the realization that You are my Source and that I always have plenty, especially as I release more and more.

Releasing my Word to the Divine action of the Law, I know it is already done in the One Mind.  And it is amazing and I am blown away!  I let it be so and so it is.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Unique, Individualized and Beloved

There are subtle energies that get our attention.  Yesterday, there was an email going around that contained an energy that brought up feelings of discontent for the path that I have been taking.

It was hard to focus on anything else and I started chatting with others about the email and the situation.  Of course, that's when this issue started taking on a life of its own.  I found myself back on the roller-coaster of my "go-to" emotions - frustration and defensiveness - and ready for a fight.

A few hours into this and I was feeling worn down.  Am I so addicted to conflict that I keep attracting these situations and circumstances into my life?  Or, is there a life lesson here and I should be a happy learner?

What became clear is that maybe it was a bit of both.  I know that I have a lot to contribute and I have gifts to share.  And, conflict has been a challenge for me to step through with grace.  In fact, I tend to run away from it and let others handle it.

If I am going to contribute in way that supports my spiritual growth, I might need these lower energies of conflict so I can learn to say, "Enough!" and trust that I am strong enough to not need the approval of others to stake my claim.

And that is where the lesson is - to believe in myself and stop repeating the patterns.  I have the tools to take this situation and turn this into one that nurtures and feeds my spirit.

In The Science of Mind Magazine, Patricia Kashare has an article that talks about the relationship with your higher Self.  Her advice is perfect for my situation.

"When life's roller-coaster's stresses and strains pitch you about, insist upon the immunity from them that is rightfully yours.  Should you feel as though you have collided with a racing behemoth and the wind has been knocked out of you, remember - the feeling need be no more than *momentary*.  Logic teaches that experience - especially if rooted in an emotional reaction - stems from the ego, which sponges up myriad examples of thinking one's self as "less than".  This happens when we put the judgement of others way, way ahead of remembering: each and every one of us is God's perfect child, unique, individualized and beloved."

Looking at my patterns of response, rather than criticizing and attacking and letting ego rule, I need to rewire that pattern and claim my rightful immunity.  I realize that it means taking small steps each day that might be uncomfortable, especially when I push back and do NOT engage in the drama.  I risk being shunned by a group that I currently call friends.

But, it is an opportunity to choose faith.  It is a chance to be consistent in "walking the walk".  As I've heard Michael Neill say in a story he tells about a few monks, "whatever you see or think you see, keep your feet moving and you will come out the other side."

I am creating and re-creating myself - almost daily it seems.   I don't know if there will ever be mastery, however, I CAN choose happiness.

After all, I am God's perfect child, unique, individualized and beloved.


"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound
 of the genuine in yourself.  It is the only true guide you will ever have.  
And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days 
on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayer is Essential

Scrolling through Facebook today, the post by Ernest Holmes really resonated with me.  It is the reason that I not only set intentions but include an affirmative prayer.

As Ernest says, "Prayer IS essential..."

"There is a vitality in man's relationship to the Infinite which is productive of more good than any other vitality man has ever encountered in the journey of his evolution.  As fire warms our bodies, as food strengthens us and sunshine raises our spirits, so there is a subtle transfusion of some invisible force AS WE PRAY..."  
~Ernest Holmes, It's Up to You.

Prayer is one of those things that we usually do when we're going through a challenge.  

Dear God, please make this go away.  

Often, it's pleading and begging.  

Dear God, why me?  Dear God, if you let me win the lotto, I'll go to church every Sunday.

There are absolutely times when prayer in the form of a simple conversation with God is necessary.  But, when we come to realize the power in a tool like Affirmative Prayer, it DOES produce real change and real results in our lives.

We come to see there is no need to plead or beg to a Source outside of ourselves.  It is a recognition that God is all there is and we are one with God.  And, you can replace "God" with "Source" or "Universe" or "Spirit" - whatever is going to mean the most and bring you into the feeling tone of knowing we can never be separate from what Ernest calls, The Thing Itself.

As you remember who you are and realize that the good you desire already exists and is being called into form in perfect, Divine timing, this is where we start to fully live. And, for me, this is the essential nature of prayer - recognition that we are perfect, whole and complete, no matter the human outer conditions we are experiencing. 

Then, we can see we are in relationship with the Infinite Source of good.  We are guided by Grace as we travel our life's path.  We start to see answered prayer and often, life feels easier.  

The one thing I would like to stress is that once you pray, LET IT GO.  Let God be in charge of HOW your answered prayer shows up.  TRUST that it will unfold as it should and ALLOW for a miraculous solution to surprise and amaze you.

So, my intention for today is that I pray, I let go and I let God amaze me with the potential for my life now.

Affirmative Prayer:

There is a Power and Presence that is right here, right now, illuminating and guiding every step.  This Power that is Infinite Source is confidence and strength, eternal and loving.  In the exhale of a breath, this Infinite Source empowers and strengthens me.  And there is a clarity, as I move into relationship with the Presence, guiding me on my journey here on Planet Earth.

Knowing my journey is guided, I affirm that I am safe to pray and release and let things unfold for my highest and best.  The past is no longer, the future holds no fear, there is only Now.  And my now is amazing!  There is a peace that passes understanding as I release and surrender to Divine will.  The potential for my life is magnificent and extraordinary.   I breathe, I detach, I grow and I heal.  

I feel a deep gratitude for my relationship with Spirit, with the Infinite All-good.  And I am thankful for the love and the compassion that restores me to my natural Divine state.  As the energy of an awesome life moves me, I need do nothing but be willing and to know there is always answered prayer.  

Aligning with the Infinite, I release my word to the action of the Law, knowing it is already done, lovingly and with ease and grace.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Always Being Happy is NOT Necessary

As a person who is always seeking, I have the expectation that I should wake up each morning and feel life pulsating through my body, eager for what the day will bring.  THIS morning, however, I was ready to bury myself back under the covers and just burrow there for the day.  I didn't even have the energy to affirm myself out of this funk.

So, I made myself get out of bed anyway.  I walked the dog, took my shower, had some breakfast, trying the whole time to get motivated.  Instead of seeing possibilities, I was seeing only problems.

I decided rather than trying to "positive talk" my way out of this, I would embrace and sit with it for a while.  I checked work email and contemplated the feelings I had around my job.  I turned on Hay House radio and listened to Dr. Robin's show, just being with the callers she was counseling.  Finally, after her show, I felt called to take some time to meditate.

After about 10 minutes, I could feel the shift viscerally.  I became filled with what I can only call faith that all is well.  It was almost as if I had a new wind behind me, filling me with a positivity and conviction that I am unstoppable.

A weight was being lifted from my shoulders and it was replaced with a knowing that I am deserving of having my heart's desire.

For me, that is the power of our Spiritual toolbox.

In this case, it was meditation and letting it be okay to feel the emotions I was experiencing.  I didn't have to do anything other than connect to Source and let It fill me.

Life will not always be joyful, bright and rosy.  There will be days that we feel sad, dreary or just "blah".  I choose NOT to be frightened by these feelings.  Instead, I use them as a learning opportunity to practice the tools that will work for me.

So, today I set the intention to relax and be with everything that I feel, sitting in anticipation that good and more good is mine now.

"The most good you can do for yourself spiritually is to live your life with total love, conviction and purpose."

Affirmative Prayer:

There is a spark of love that grows in each moment, through and around and in all that is.  This spark of Source Energy is all that is needed to deepen the knowing that we are all connected - we are infinite and endless - sharing our experiences and moving closer to knowing who we truly are - Spirit in human form.

Affirming Divine Wisdom, I simply need to show up each day exactly as I am, whether it is sadness or it is love.  It is all perfect as it is, providing opportunities to grow in Spirit. I treasure the tools I have to move through these feelings.  I meditate and I give thanks and I pray and a sense of peace enfolds me.  And knowing I am supported as I use my tools, I feel a shift in consciousness, a connectedness to Source, to God, to the One who is making me new.

Thank you, God, for Your patience as I embrace my journey.  I am grateful that I can sit with what is showing up and be kind to myself while I move closer to knowing my Divinity.  I am unstoppable as I embark on a life filled with living my heart's desire and it is all good - it is all great - it is all magnificent!

Knowing all is well, I release my Word to the action of the Law, confident it is already done in the One Mind.  This is my truth.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Take Time To See The Sacredness

Most of us live in a hurry-up world, myself included.  I will rarely let myself take time for regular decompression.  Even while on vacation in Mexico recently, I had a schedule of yoga/beach volleyball/walk down the beach/etc. (okay, I did make some time to enjoy happy hour, however, even that was at a set time).

Not only that, but we live in a world with information overload as well.  With the news and reality TV and gossip among friends and all of the social media chatter, it's enough to drive us a bit crazy at times.

On the flip side, if we're not caught up in our busy-ness, we start to feel less-than.  If I'm NOT tackling an item on my to-do list, I'm NOT being productive and how can I be successful?  How can I feel good about myself if I'm not DOing?

Is there a way to remove myself from all of it to avoid an emotional meltdown?

For me, there are two things I have done to help make space between the noise and the chaos and to channel the angst.

First, I have made a promise to myself to take at least five minutes each day to see the sacredness in just one thing.  That's it - only five minutes to admire one thing in all of creation and recognize what is wonderful and beautiful and magnificent about it.

Then, I must keep my word to myself.  There is no, "I'll try", there is only "do it".  And in doing it, I am actually moving out of doing anything at all.  I am allowing myself to feel, to connect to the gift of just BEing.

What I have found is when I start this practice and keep it up consistently, after about two weeks, I am comfortable with the BEing and pretty soon I'm taking 10-15 minutes (or longer) to enjoy the hummingbirds and the breeze blowing through the trees and even the fountain in the front of my condo complex.

AND, I'm not beating myself up for taking the time.  I have let it be okay and it has been essential in re-connecting to my true nature.

What's really fascinating is that as I rest in the time I give myself, my life seems to get easier.   Perhaps that is where the true gift is.

So, today I set the intention to allow myself some down-time to be quiet and to flow with the ease I receive in return.

Affirmative Prayer:

There is an abundant flow in the Universe that knows no limits, only expansion of love and beauty and grace.  As I notice this flow, I am attuned to its unity with me, moving in and through and around me.  It is deep and it is rich and I go effortlessly where the deepness and the richness lead me.

With total faith in the Source that supports me, I thrive as I let myself get quiet and enjoy the abundance of the Universe - the flowers that are always blooming, the birds that are always singing.  I love myself enough and I am loved enough that as I make the time, my life gets easier in every area.  Prosperity in all things shows up in my life, overflowing as the good ripples out beyond just me as I harmonize with others.

Holding this consciousness of good and affirming the love in this moment, I am grateful for the natural state of happiness I have been given.  There is nothing that can drag me down and I give thanks for the confidence that I can take time for BEing and, in return, receive so much back.

And as I trust in the myriad of ways that I am guided, I release my Word to the action of the Law, knowing it is already done in the Mind of the One.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.  Amen.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miracles in Bumps and Glitches

Belief is a strong attractor.  What I see in my world today, what has come to life for me, is based on what I have believed in the weeks and months preceding today.   So, if I believe in miracles, they should manifest in my life, correct?

The thing to remember about miracles is they don't always come in pretty packages.  Often, miracles come through the adversity we face in this human incarnation.  Even Disney movie characters go through their challenges to find their Prince.  Snow White was poisoned by the Queen and Cinderella had to endure her wicked stepmother.

What if the miracle means enduring a bankruptcy only to have an awesome job show up on the other end that pays more AND you've got a budget in place to manage your money better.  Or what if the miracle means foreclosing on your dream house only to have a new opportunity turn up in a place you've been longing to live AND it's easily affordable.  Maybe we need to clear some clutter to really appreciate and be able to handle the unexplained blessings.

We are here to grow and to learn how to be happy despite circumstances. So, when there is pain, if we can realize it is only temporary, we are given the opportunity to practice peace in the midst of the upset, to trust that God is our source and supply.

And, the sooner we learn this, the faster we seem to move through the struggle and the disappointment.

THIS is where the miracles start to show up.

Bottom line, always remember, all of our needs are met - ALWAYS!  If I believe and if I KNOW this truth, THAT is what I will manifest in my life.

So, my intention for today is to move easily through the bumps to realize the miracle on the other end.

Affirmative Prayer:

There is a flow in the Universe that is abundant and prosperous and filled with life well lived.  This flow of Spirit is always available and I only need to stay rooted in openness and receptivity to recognize it is all around me, supporting and sustaining me in every moment.

Now is the moment that I step into the fullness of life.  Knowing there may be bumps in the road of my journey, I embrace them and move through them with grace, realizing a miracle awaits me in every minute that I remain open to the Source of my good.  There is a sweetness in the delays and obstructions and seeming distractions when I choose to see they are guiding me to more love and more abundance than I can even imagine.

I am so grateful for the dazzling light of Source Energy that changes my life for the better as I accept the blessings and the miracles.  And I give great thanks for the indwelling God, the I AM THAT I AM, as I am embraced and shrouded in love.

Affirming that miracles abound, I release my Word to the action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  Life is prosperous, life is good, and I let it be so.  And so it is!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Action Steps for Self-Empowerment

There is a lot of energy given to stress in our lives.  Most of it, I've noticed, is really around our beliefs and how they create what we perceive.  Take money, for example.  If I believe that money is the root of all evil or that I never have enough, I tend to live my life stressed over how I will pay for rent, food, clothing, etc.

When the brakes go out on my car and it's going to cost $300 that I don't really have, I habitually respond with feelings of fear and I start hoarding things that I do have.  And, I play the hand-to-my-forehead "poor me" act.

So how can I create some healthy habits in my life to change my perception?  How do I take back my power when I slip and fall back into old behavioral patterns?

I gave this some considerable thought and with a knowing that all I need I have inside of me right now, I came up with four tips for my self-empowerment.

Give myself some kindness.

There are days when I look back and realize I could have done things differently.  I could have stayed with my Communications major in college and have my dream job, I could have put the money from the sale of my condo into some good investments, I could have paid off my car instead of going on vacation to Mexico.

Tip:  I recognize now that IT IS what IT IS.  In fact, I say it out loud to myself - it is what it is -  sometimes in front of my mirror and I feel the feelings that show up.  Then, I make the conscious decision to be gentle with myself and love who I am and where I am right now.  I align my energy with comfort and forgiveness and I affirm "Yes, I am LOVE and Yes, I am LOVED and I am WORTHY of being kind to myself.

Be realistic.

A sculptor does not jump from a piece of clay to a finished product in five minutes.  He/she takes the time to mold and work with the clay over a period of time.  Life, like the clay, is evolutionary and we need to go for progress, not always perfection.  When I trained for my first half-marathon, I didn't go from running 2 miles a few days a week to running 13 miles in 2 hours within one week.  It took months of training and at the end of the training, on race day, I was prepared and had a great time because I was realistic about what it was going to take.

Tip:  Learn to recognize what is and what is NOT in my control and be patient with the process.  Even more than that, I turn control over to the Universe and I keep my focus on my desire, taking action steps as I am guided by my intuition.  When I do that, my path lights up!  I may not become a millionaire overnight, however, I have a realistic budget I can stick to and in doing that, I'm noticing the Universe is providing more and more ways for unexpected income to show up.

Keep things in perspective and have fun.

We all have difficulties that come up.  That's just how life it.  And we can brood or be resentful and let upset rule the day.  We also have people in our life that will try to take us out of our joy.  Or, WE try to please others to the point of unhappiness with our own life.

Tip:  Break out the crayons!  Seriously, there is something to being like a child that interrupts the pattern.  And, while I'm coloring or hula-hooping or bouncing a ball, I ask the question, "Is it really that big of a deal?"   Now, Spirit has the opportunity to show me how to take my current challenging experience and provide solutions.   I am also mindful of who I let into my life.  My intention for my life is to move through the world in joy and bliss and I will not let in people who move me out of that intention.  I consciously make time for fun and choose who I have fun with and I let it be okay - no judgement.


When the stressors of life pop up and I'm feeling less than powerful, a favorite option of mine is to simply take a break.  Exercise has always been a part of my life and beyond just strengthening my physical body, it has improved my mental self-talk as well.  I  lose the critical chatter and it becomes easy to use powerful "I AM" statements AND to believe them.

Tip:  Make time to take regular breaks.  I know, I know - with work and all the multi-tasking that we do, it seems tough.  Even if the break is just a 5-minute power walk or some simple stretching, it's really important for our self-care and self-empowerment to just start doing it.

By implementing these tips in my life, for me, I am seeing my life start to change.  This is a feeling Universe and I am co-creating my human experience.  When I FEEL empowered, I am manifesting more of the life I desire.  I am creating a stronger experience of ME.

And every day, I am made new.


"Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart,
the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts,
for out of them will grow delightful conditions, all heavenly environment;
of these if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built."

Friday, July 12, 2013

Do I Really Want to Manifest or Co-Create?

What if I could be a well-regarded voice actor, making my livelihood by doing the voice-overs for TV and film?  Or, wouldn't it be cool to work as an author, spending my time writing about inspiration and traveling the globe talking about my work?  Or, it would be fun to have a career as a TV chef with my own show on Food Network.

I often dream and visualize about some of these career choices and I wonder why I'm still in my current day job.  I've been putting out the feeling tone of having work that is fun and inspiring and makes me excited, however, the only thing that really showed up was a new job in the same niche back in February.

Which leads me to contemplating the thought of being a co-creator in my life versus being a manifester of things.   To be honest, I've often had thoughts and then immediately panicked as if I would just bring these things into my life in the blink of an eye.  As I learn more, I realize the Universe doesn't work like that.

Now, I do need to get clear and I do need to make sure that what I believe I'm longing for IS what I really want.  However, I believe the Universe is intelligent enough to realize when I might paint myself into a corner or saddle myself with obligations that will not best serve me.

And when I have faith in the Universe guiding me and if I make more choices from a "what makes me feel good" viewpoint, I take the actions that will allow miracles in my career, in my relationships, in my finances - you name it - it's all possible.

It's this shift in perception of how Spirit works that saves me from "manifesting" a car that will be outside of what I can afford OR saves me from "manifesting" relationships that are not for my highest and best OR saves me from "manifesting" a job that will leave me raw and bitter at the end of the day.

Instead, I am co-creating a life filled with joy, living from my heart, and letting go of how I think things should be.  So, today, I set the intention and pray for clarity in the things I am starting and ask that only those serving my highest and best potential will become permanent.

Affirmative Prayer:

God, Source, Spirit, Universe - the One Power that sees beyond anything that is - moves beyond the visible and the invisible, creating trees from acorns and flowers from seeds.  This Power with perfect vision guides my every step as my sight and as my hands and as my feet.  The indwelling Spirit knows exactly where I need to be in each moment of my day.  And this Presence transforms and transmutes my life in perfect Divine order.

As God moves through me, I am strengthened in my faith and trust that every experience in my life is for my highest and best.  When things don't show up as I expected, I know it is Spirit surrounding me with love and protecting me as a parent would a child.  There is a knowing that as I get clear on projects and passions that are stirring in my soul, Spirit meets me and shows me each next step to take toward the projects that will bring me more success that I can even imagine.  I need have no worrisome thought, I need only stay focused on that which makes me feel good.

Thank you, God, for guiding me as you would a child.  Thank you, Source, for your intelligence and wisdom that powers my movement in this life.  I am thankful for the success I experience as I take Divine right action.

Releasing this Word to the action of the Law and knowing it is already done, my heart expands with love.  It is perfect, it is all good and it is empowering.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Treating Myself Well

After wrapping up the last pieces of our move to a new home, I am feeling the need for some self-care.  And yet, I have been on a budget and doing really well at sticking to it.  So what the heck is a gal to do when the longing for a day at the spa is not a line item expense that's been accounted for?

What this means for me is setting the intention to get the most bang for my buck and thinking outside the box for what treating myself well truly is.   There are some areas that I'm taking good care of myself, my eating and my exercise being the ones that stand out, however, I'm looking for something that will shift the routine things I do and feel a little decadent as well.

Spending some time in contemplation, I realize that I can combine a few things that I enjoy and still keep it budget friendly (after all, I do live in California!).  I love the beach, taking walks or just sitting on a blanket with a good book and a picnic lunch.  Or, I live near a beautiful park and could simply take my book and blanket over there during my lunch break from work (beats eating at my desk).  Or, there are a few nice restaurants in the area that offer happy hours.  Why not treat myself to a glass of wine and some appetizers AND save money by going to eat a bit earlier than usual.

Of course, there are also the coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial that offer some pretty good deals so if I wanted a mani/pedi or a massage, that could be an option.   Not to mention, my neighborhood does an awesome Food Truck Friday get together.   Why not grab a chair and enjoy the community atmosphere.  The challenge I'm facing now is that REALLY, there are so many options, I'm not clear on what will satisfy this need to be nice to myself for a day.

So, I'm thinking it has something to do with feeling worthy and deserving of doing something nice for myself.  It hasn't been an issue in the past but I've been told that I'm a bit selfish and "all about me" often times.   Acknowledging that feeling, I'm turning to some tried and true tools in my Spiritual tool kit - affirmations and Afformations (borrowed from Noah St. John).

Looking in the mirror, I affirm that "I am valuable and worthy of treating myself well."  I also affirm "I have more than enough money to do something nice for myself." And, I Afform, "Why am I so deserving of doing something nice for myself?" and "Why is it so easy to enjoy a little pampering?"

I notice I'm feeling lighter and a picture of the desired outcome is taking form.  It's so awesome how quickly things can change by just starting, right here and right now. I have faith and trust that the perfect self-care solution will present itself.  I only need to hang on to the awareness that I am enough and I don't need anyone's approval to be nice to myself.

Today, I am happy and let the expectancy of something wonderful pull me forward.   Besides, who can turn down a Food Truck gastronomic experience.


I release the past with ease and
trust the process of life.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Adopting a Minimalist Attitude

The more you give, the more you get.  It's a common enough saying and I believe it's true.  But what if I'm trying to give AWAY and not GET anything.  Previously I had decided to sell my dining room table as part of our move to a smaller house.  No one wanted the table at $300 despite an awesome Craigslist post (if I do say so myself).

So, I've decided to give it away.  The table will be dropped off at a local Teen Challenge shop near us and with that decision, I noticed I've adopted a minimalist attitude toward everything else.

The give-away pile is growing quickly and I am feeling lighter with each item I add.  It's been an interesting experience, to say the least.  What I once thought was so important holds less appeal and it's not even about the thought of having one less box to move (mostly).

It's really been about expansion and experience.  I'm giving away to expand and I'm finding I no longer need the bells and whistles that were a must-have before.  There is no holding back any longer.  Nice leather jacket - gone!  Hardly used BBQ utensils - gone!  Ceramic vases from Germany - gone!

And I feel, in some way, I'll be helping out someone else for who these will be true treasures.  One of my give-aways may make someone smile.  I'll never know and it won't even matter.  I can feel the expansion in my heart and I am more clear about my connection to the Universe as a result.  

I still believe the Universe will return more to me in some form, however, as I align with the flow of my life as it is evolving, what will be returned will likely be something I cannot even imagine right now.

In the meantime, I am embracing this minimalist phase, savoring the few things I am keeping and really appreciating their value to me.  I may choose to embellish and add back a few things down the road but, right now, I'm pretty ecstatic with what I have.

Life is good and all is well!

"The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more but in developing 
the capacity to enjoy less.   ~Socrates

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stuck in the Mud

After writing yesterday about my career crisis, I thought I had a workable solution.  So I started my day by asking "Where can I be creative today?", then got quiet for about 10 minutes.

After that it was time to work as I had several meetings and emails to return since being on vacation.  After my first meeting, I felt called to take a break and pull up the Super Soul Sunday section on OWN.  I've looked at this site previously and viewed a few of the older videos.   Today, I went to the video tab and scrolled through until I came across an Eckhart Tolle interview done last year.

While still attending to my work, I clicked play to listen to one section.  It was pretty good stuff so I clicked to the next and took a moment to watch.  Oprah and Eckhart were talking about how to know when to accept a situation and when to change it.

They used a "stuck in the mud" metaphor.   Most of the chatter is usually, "I'm so pissed off I'm stuck in the mud" or "Why is it always me that gets stuck in the mud."  To turn it around, first, you accept the situation as it is right now without labeling it.  (In my case, I can substitute "mud" for "job").  And, NOW, a greater intelligence arises as you remove yourself from the mud.  Otherwise, if you continue the anger or the victimization, you will always remain angry and a victim.

Hello!  I should know this stuff by now.  I've been stuck in the mud!!  I've been giving away my power by whining about why I don't have bliss in my job.  Instead, I should stop and let the "Is-ness", as Eckhart puts it, be my starting point.  As I choose to do that in each moment that the monkey mind chatter arises, I open myself up to the connection with Source that can propel me forward into a career that makes me come alive.

It will take some practice, however, as I am seeing, the beauty of setting intentions is that things like this show up to move me one step forward in my Oneness with the Universe.  I'm sure I may have moments again where I forget to be in what IS but all I need to do is set the intention and follow my intuition and I will be set back on course through ahah! moments such as I had today.

The opportunity is there to take back my power and today I choose to get out of the mud.   And so it is!


All that is mine by Divine Right is
now released and reaches me in a
perfect way under Grace.
~Florence Scovel Shinn

Monday, July 1, 2013

Is It Important To Accept and Go With The Flow In My Career?

Very often, I meet people who absolutely love what they are doing in their career.  They enjoy their livelihood and look forward to beginning their job each day.  For me, I'm feeling that I'm ready to do something different.  I'm ready to grow and make a contribution in a different way that feeds me and brings me bliss.

And I'm torn as far as a solution.  Don't we all have a life purpose?  Why is it such a challenge to find mine?  I realize that life is about living in the present moment and being present flows easily in every other area of my life.  When it comes to my job tho', I get knots in my stomach when I try to simply be present and do the work.  

I have journaled around my feelings, trying to work through the fears and the anger and any other emotion that shows up while I'm writing.  And I've tried to get advice from those who seem to have it figured out but it's always something different with each person I speak to.  I've also gotten clear on the characteristics I'd like in my employment and to be fair, quite a bit of that has shown up in my most recent job.  

What I've drilled it down to is that I want to be the CEO of my livelihood.  I am seeking liberation from having a boss and personal independence from the sales quotas and quarter-end stressors (kind of timely given the July 4th Independence Day is in a few days).  

Knowing that, how do I express what's most important to me in my work?  I am now paying attention to the areas of my life that I do enjoy.  I LOVE music and am enjoying playing my flute again (playing the piano is next up).   I get excited about other languages and have been teaching myself Spanish in preparation for my next trip to Mexico.

I am a New Thought junkie and can spend hours listening to Hay House Radio or reading Wayne Dyer or Marianne Williamson or Eckhart Tolle.  Even Ernest Holmes is compelling to read at times and if you've ever read Science of Mind, your jaw may be dropping right now.  

Looking at my list, I realize that I value creativity.  So, how do I express that creativity in my career?   Here's where I believe I have to accept and go with the flow.  If I honor that creativity in the small steps I'm taking and continue to ask , "Where can I be creative today?", I TRUST that an intelligent Source that is guiding and sustaining ALL things, is also guiding and sustaining me.  

There is a wise place inside of me that knows the answer and I need to connect to that place, getting into my heart and asking the question every day.  I'm also going to try asking the question at night before I sleep and write down what happens in my dreams.   If that is how Source is choosing to communicate, I don't want to miss it!

For whatever reason, I have a yearning coming from my soul for a change.  I am going to honor that yearning and experience the flow of whatever shows up from what I now know I value.  

So today, I accept what is and express myself creatively, confident that it will be amazing!

Affirmative Prayer:
There is only One - one Love that is always present and available in each and every moment of the day and night, 24x7, 365 days a year.  This Love exists within me and flows through me, never separate and always supporting.  Just like my heart beats, this Love beats within and through in perfect timing and rhythm.  

As I slow down and allow the creativity to spring from me, I am at peace, trusting that each small step is in Divine order.  Affirming a confidence in my surrender to what is, I know that something bigger is being birthed in my career and livelihood.  Knowing I am loved, I am inspired to express my creativity in my music and in my language and in my reading and learning.  And I am lifted in amazing ways this day and this week, beyond what I can imagine.  

I am so grateful for the gentle way the One Source guides me, lovingly moving me down my path.  Thank you, God, for the awareness of your Presence in my life, your creativity flowing through me in perfect ways.  My livelihood is exciting and filled with bliss each day that I wake and I am thankful that I can follow my excitement and I am supported financially as I do.

I release my prayer to the Divine action of the Law, knowing it is all lined up and happening now.  There is a happiness in the release and knowing that I can let go and let God.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!