Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Do You Know There Is Good For You?

On a hot day like today, I am opting to sit inside my new home and enjoy the air conditioning.  I love that my home feels like a haven that nurtures me.

One of the early new thought leaders, Emma Curtis Hopkins, said "There is good for me and I ought to have it."  Sitting inside and enjoying the cool air circulating in each room, I can see that the good I have pictured and the feelings I've held onto about where I live have become a truth because I believed so strongly in that statement.

That doesn't mean I only need focus on my good, sitting on my couch and eat bon-bon's while I picture my bliss and declare that the world is mine.  Action is a necessary component to manifestation.

But, I don't have to push and strive and constantly 'do' things.  Instead, I make choices that are guided by my intuition and embrace the possibilities that start to unfold.

This process has also required letting go of the fear of failing.  Throughout the home-buying process, fear would pop up its head and ask, "What if you can't afford the monthly mortgage payments?" or "Is that neighborhood really safe?"

Thanks, Ego, I've heard your warning.

But I've seen my better life and I've stretched into its possibilities.  My good is here today and I'm imagining what's next!

Today, I set the intention to continue to know that there is good for me as I listen to my intuition and take slow steps toward what feels like inspired action. 

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of 
creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness." 

"Only when goodness awakens within, will one's personality and actions gain beauty and strength." ~Amma

Affirmative Prayer:
Taking a breath and slowing down for a minute or two, there is the Divine Presence of Love that fills each and every space in the Universe.  It is the fullness and goodness of Life that is heard in the birds singing in the trees.  It is felt in the warmth of the sun shining on this beautiful summer day.

This Infinite Presence of Life fills me and brings with it the realization of my authentic self.  I am the goodness of Life.  I am the a unique expression of the Divine, doing what is mine to do each day, walking in the magnificence of Life.

Knowing that there is good for me, I imagine a beautiful version of my life, bigger than I can currently see. I let go of playing small and stop comparing myself to others.  I am here to bring my unique gifts and talents forth into the world and I embrace this as my journey.  I accept the possibilities that my soul has planted within my heart and I welcome the unfolding experience of each day, trusting that it is right and perfect.  I affirm that joy and happiness are at the core of my being and that life is a dance to be enjoyed and savored.

I give thanks for seeing that is done unto us as we believe.  I am grateful for the power of my imagination that has helped make manifest a beautiful home I enjoy immensely.  And I am thankful for the ever increasing good that is right here, right now.

Standing firmly in the truth of who I am, I release my prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing the possibilities are boundless.  I stay focused on the good.  And I let is be so.  Amen. Alleluia. And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Shewan/Flickr

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Have A Great Weekend

Happy Weekend!  I'm excited for Sunday and a chance to see the San Jose Giants.  Kevin and I haven't been to a farm league game for a while and I'm looking forward to the tantalizing taste of a ball game polish dog followed buy a yummy churro.  What are you up to this weekend?  Hope it's filled with excitement...and here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web to get you started....

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And, I'll leave you with a quote from Dr. Debasish Mridha, "I am happy because my happiness does not depend on things, but on my thoughts."  Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I was recently described as happy-go-lucky.  Today tho',  I'm feeling a bit out of sorts.  It's almost like dark rain clouds are hanging over my head.

After hearing myself called easy-going, I'm challenged by what to do with these feelings.  I keep trying to overcome them by looking on the bright side but it's not working very well.

I really want to be that person who can let things slide off their back.  But, if I'm truly honest with myself, I need to plug into what these out-of-sorts emotions are trying to tell me.  After all, I'm a spiritual being having a human experience and that includes experiencing these human emotions of frustration, unhappiness and anger.

So, today I'm making some time to listen to what these feelings are trying to tell me.  I'm grateful for a spiritual practice I learned from Michael Singer's book, The Untethered Soul.  As these feelings come up, I step outside of myself and notice the feelings - that's it, just notice them.  Maybe I say something like, "Isn't it interesting that I'm feeling so frustrated right now."

Then, I let it go.  And I continue that process.  Pretty soon, I do notice that the energy around my feelings of frustration are dissipating.

I think the true insight is that in acknowledging the uncomfortable feelings and letting them go, I really am transforming my life to be more fitting of the happy-go-lucky person I am.  I guess it's all part of the learning process!

Today, I set the intention to surrender to feelings of heaviness, acknowledging them and then releasing them, allowing a greater Universal Intelligence to transform them.

"If you sit within the Self, you will experience the strength of your inner being
 even when your heart feels weak. Once you learn that it's okay to feel
 inner disturbances, and that they can no longer disturb 
your seat of consciousness, you will be free." 

"Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within and taking a breath, there is a sense of Spirit that welcomes all.  It is the fire and creativity that sparks life, always conspiring for the greater good of all.

I open my heart and feel the movement of Spirit within.  It is the Divine seeking expression through me.  It is the Creative Intelligence that moves through my imagination, my thoughts, my feelings.  I am a consciousness that is blissful and joyful and loving, allowing for a greater awareness to be born through me.

In this moment, I let go of old programming that tells me I am not enough. I am sheltered by Divine Life, able to feel all of my human emotions and then release them to the Infinite.  I accept the healing that happens as I let go of any judgements around fear and frustration and remember that my nature is gentleness and serenity and grace.  The mind and heart of God move through me and I welcome the wisdom that leads me to a great life of endless possibilities.  I ask "What is it that I need to know about these feelings?" and answers are revealed in clear ways that I easily understand.

I give thanks for the windows and doors that are opening through my acceptance of ALL of my feelings.  I am grateful for the glory within that allows me to live from a place of acknowledgement and release as I embrace my happy-go-lucky nature.  And I am grateful for all that has blessed my life.

Knowing my good is at hand, I release this prayer to the One Divine Mind in faith that the Law will make it so.  The seeds have been planted and I only need water my garden.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Have A Wonderful Weekend

It's barbecue weather here in San Jose so we're breaking out the Blue Rhino this weekend.  I've also started reading the Astronaut Wives Club, now a TV series, and it's fascinating.  Maybe I'll have some time to read a few more chapters.  Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web....

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And something to contemplate this weekend from Dr. Wayne Dyer: "Be cognizant of the fact that you have the power to change the energy of the relationships with your family and friends through the power of intention."   Enjoy!!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Perseverance In Pursuit Of Dreams

It's been a journey of about 3 years but Kevin and I are homeowners again and spent this last weekend moving in.  Talk about perseverance!

Right down to the end, it was a nail-biter.  First, there was the meeting with the loan officer at the bank to get pre-qualified.  Once that was done, and our offer was accepted, we had to give document after document after document to get the official approval from the lender.

Along with that we had meetings with the management company, meetings with the interior designer, and meetings with our landlord.  And, after each meeting, I kept wondering if this purchase was really going to happen.

It's scary believing that you're qualified for something and then to have to really prove that you are. And, of course, the little voice inside of me - my ego - brought up every reason to be fearful.

This purchase had me questioning my worthiness to receive and my belief in a Universe that wants my good.  Am I deserving of a new home?  If I really trust in Divine timing, am I willing to let this go if it doesn't work out?

Which brings me back to perseverance.

Perseverance was in the patience I found to tell myself to trust in this process because it really is Divinely guided.  It was in the dogged pursuit of my goal of not just owning a home, but in a specific area and with specific features.  And it was in the faith that there is Good in all of this despite the appearance of negative outcomes and disastrous results.

So today, I set the intention to recognize that patience in all things together with the perseverance to chase my dreams always leads me to the Good of the Universe.

"When you get into a tight place, and everything goes against you
 till it seems as if you couldn't hold on a minute longer, never give up then, 
for that's just the place and time that the tide'll turn."

"Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman before which
 difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Taking a deep breath and quieting my mind, there is a connection to the Divine in this moment.  It is the oneness that I call God and it can be heard in the birds singing in the trees, in the soft patter of rain on the window, in the gentle breeze that whispers among the branches on this beautiful summer day.

Although I am only one in this vast Universe, I am an important part of this One Presence of the Divine.  I am the power and the impact of the Creative Intelligence as I choose how I show up in this world.  I am the hope that allows for the expression of the Infinite Wisdom that resides within.

Awaking to this knowing, I let go of any discouraging feelings that may tell me I'm not worthy to receive my heart's desire.  Instead, I embrace the flow of Life, trusting that as I persevere, there will be an unfolding of beauty and grace, revealed in perfect Divine timing.  I welcome the magic that is my purpose in life as I give of my gifts and talents.  As I practice patience in all things, I lean into the bidding of my heart, taking small steps towards my dreams.  And, I affirm that as I take delight in Life, more good than I can imagine is revealed each and every day.

Acknowledging how special this moment is, I am deeply grateful for the manifestations of my heart, including my amazing new home.  I give thanks for the love of Spirit that reminds me of my worthiness, in ways big and small.  And I am filled with gratitude for the faith that shows me there is nothing I cannot accomplish as long as I am willing to have patience and to persevere.

Planting the seed of this prayer in the One Mind of the Universe, I allow for the greatness of Life to move through me.  I am fully and truly blessed as I let go and let God.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Have An Amazing Weekend

We're moving this weekend!  After two years of living in an apartment again, we've closed on our new home in Willow Glen.  I'm excited but not looking forward to the actual job of moving.  So, I'm setting the intention that our move goes smoothly, all the packing and unpacking is done easily and effortlessly, and that our dog, Cody, adjusts to his new home very quickly.  Hope you have a good weekend and here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web.....

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And, one of my favorite quotes from Buddha; "Each morning we are born again.  What we do today is what matters most."   Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Understanding Inspired Action

Every blog post I write includes an affirmative prayer.  And, I've noticed that things start to happen in my life after setting the intention and writing down my prayer.  But, what I've noticed the most is that it often drives ME to action.

Setting my intentions helps to gain clarity on what I want to experience in my life.  It is the action, though, that I believe helps to outwardly manifest what I'm desiring on the inside.

Understanding this gives me the courage to step out in faith when I can't see where the path is leading.  It feels risky and my ego, many times, tries to talk me out of taking the action my intuition is guiding me to take.

Still, when I move forward and take small steps, I look back and see how many of my actions have given me a new career that I love, a new home that I am so grateful for and a loving, nurturing relationship with my husband and children that fills me with happiness, to name a few.

Inspired action is the same advice I've heard couched a number of times in many ways.  It's only now, as I see it working in my life, that it is starting to hit home.

The hardest part of inspired action for me these days?  Being brave enough to declare what I want knowing that I will very likely receive it.

Today, I set the intention to allow the endless possibilities of life to flow through me as I take inspired action.

"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises,
 is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do." 

"You must have vision higher than yourself.  
Divine powers are always at work to help you achieve your visions." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Taking a breath and centering in the power and presence of Spirit, there is the feeling of vibrancy and joy that makes itself known.  It is the One Creative Intelligence that is immense and timeless, multi-dimensional and infinite in nature.

I am an individualized expression of this One Creative Intelligence.  I am ignited by the passions of Spirit that lives through me, that experiences life as me.  And, in every moment, I am safe in stepping out into my greatness, fully supported by the Universe that wants only my good.

Trusting in this knowing, I choose to open up to the greater opportunities of my soul.  I explore the possibilities of a life of magnificence as I set intentions and take actions guided by my intuition.  My path is clear and insights flow with the grace of the Universe, leading me out of the shadows and into the light.  I welcome the joy and happiness and harmony and compassion that replace any worries or fears that hold me back.  And I affirm that life brings me everything that I need at the perfect time in the perfect way.

I give great thanks that as I listen to my inner wisdom and guidance, success and prosperity are revealed in my life.  I am grateful for the power of Source within that reminds me that I have the wings to soar high into possibility.  And I am thankful for the clear guidance of the Universe that leads me in the direction of my unlimited potential.

From this place of gratitude, I release my prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing it is already done in right and perfect ways.  Life is good and all is well.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Klearchos Kapoutsis/Flickr