Friday, February 21, 2014

How Disease Reveals Perfection

When the subject of healing came up for this week’s Practitioner Studies classwork, I thought I was in good shape – literally.  I run, I bike, I make healthy eating choices and, most nights, I get plenty of rest.  Then, I flashed back to the time I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

In Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes states, “If our subjective consciousness were always clear, if it never received false impressions, the Spirit would always flow to the point of objectivity, and we would never make mistakes, would never be sick, poor or unhappy.”

I know now that my “disease” was really an event in my life where I had become separate from knowing the truth; that at my spiritual core, I am complete and perfect.  And, I believe, it was a way for the Universe to get my attention and let me know that I had some healing to do.  

I was holding something in consciousness that was no longer serving me.

About a year prior to the diagnosis, I had finalized my divorce, was living on my own with my two girls and rekindling my relationship with my now-husband, Kevin.  I thought I had worked through most of the pain from the split and had come out the other side in decent shape. 

In retrospect, I think I became lost in old stories full of judgment that fed some of the fear and anger over my situation.  And, not wanting to really let go of the fear and anger, at some level, I created suffering by hanging onto my limiting beliefs. 

Thankfully, I have always been spiritually grounded so I knew God was involved and available to help me move through this experience.  In this case, the Universe supported me in the form of Kevin.  I remember how, after the doctor released me from the surgical center, Kevin arranged for a weekend away at the beach on the North Coast to finish my healing.    

As we walked the beach, I re-connected to the feeling of Divine Love within me.  I moved through the pain I had been carrying around, releasing old hurts out to the vastness of the ocean.  I came back to the truth that unconditional love was always mine and had always been mine.

I allowed this event to be my teacher.  I embraced the lesson that I was not a failure because my first marriage did not work out.  I let go of the fear that because I had failed, I would never be successful at a new relationship. 

I learned that I am ALWAYS at choice and just because one relationship didn’t work out, I could choose to see things differently going forward into a new relationship.

I am grateful for the breakthrough that happened at that time, even though I didn’t see it until just recently.   It is evidence that healing is all within me. 

As I recognize what needs to be mended in my life, I stop and remember who I am – One with Infinite Intelligence.  I see my perfection and am free to let go and step into the life of my dreams.

So, what have YOU created in your life that no longer supports you?  What might need healing?  

Today, I set the intention to pay attention to my thinking, remaining open to healing old beliefs that no longer support me and to creating the life of my dreams.

"Growth is a very profound experience.  It can be beautiful and ugly, 
empowering and confining, pleasant and unpleasant, all at the same time."  

"And so the nature of God, the nature of man and of being
 is perfect and harmonious and whole.  And this is our work: to make 
a decision to let that nature reveal itself."  
~Dr. George Bendall

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment, with the breeze gently blowing as the trees sway in the wind, there is only One Divine Intelligence, One Divine Love, that guides and directs and sustains.  Never stopping or standing still, It is continuous movement propelling all things toward joy, toward happiness, toward grace and toward peace.

In this place of joy and happiness, I am swept away by the Divine Love of the Universe.  I am a brilliant illumination of the Universe as it moves through and around me, expressing as me.  I can never be separate from being One with this Infinite Intelligence and I allow the true nature of Spirit to reveal itself through me in perfect, Divine timing. 

As I allow the revealing of Spirit to unfold, I accept the gifts of healing that are freely given.  I claim the perfection within me, trusting that all of Life's lessons are for my highest and best expression.  And I affirm that each experience uncovers a Divine Love that moves out from me to those that I meet on this journey until we are all aware of an energy of good in our world.  My thoughts create my experience and I welcome the  abundance and prosperity that manifest as a result of my right thinking.  I am living the life of my dreams!  

With great thanks, I delight in the perfect health, the financial wealth and the unending joy that are showing up as I move in their direction.  And I am so grateful for this moment, right now, that is filled with Divine healing.  I am thankful for a life better that I could even have imagined as I show up each day, sitting in expectancy of my good.

Standing in this Life Energy of love, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done in the One Mind.  Life is so good!  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Make The Practice Of Meditation YOURS!

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra writes, "Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity."  To access this field of pure potentiality (the first spiritual law of success), we must meditate daily as well as go into the silence and simply BE.

As part of my daily spiritual practice, I had set a lofty goal to meditate for 30 minutes, twice a day, as the book recommended.  I was on a mission to discover the brilliance and the beauty that I had heard was found only through sitting in the quiet.

And, I was reaching for something that I believed was missing in my life - purpose.

For the first few weeks, it was amazing how centered I became as I learned to stop fidgeting and settled in to the silence.  I also discovered that I was coping better with events in my life that would have been stressful prior to my meditation practice.

I was so clear that there was a bigger picture for my life.  I did not need to fall into the petty disagreements that normally would have irritated me.   I skated right through a few of my daughter's emotional, dramatic outbursts and her subsequent outpouring of misery that used to suck me down into her "stuff".

Then, life stepped in and I no longer had the time to devote to meditating.  I kept telling myself that it was okay to take a break and that I wasn't a failure for not sticking to the commitment I had made.

And - I was feeling guilty every single day.

Fortunately, I had my eyes opened when reading The Power of Intention.   The book reminded me that everything in life is a process.  Life is not a series of goals to be accomplished but a journey to experience.   I haven't lost anything by not keeping up with my goal to meditate.  I just needed to redefine exactly what worked for ME.

I had such clarity with my time in the silence and I am still able access that at any time.  Rather than sitting still, however, I could choose to use an activity like walking the dog to tune into the wisdom that comes from meditating.  I could spend just five minutes a day, not 30 minutes, to get out of my 'thinking' self and into my 'quiet' self.

And, if I wanted to sit in the silence for longer periods of time, that was okay too.  It is NOT about the mission to do it "right" - it's about making time to connect to the source of possibility within.

What I know for sure is that I have permission to make my spiritual practice MINE.  I continue to meditate because it opens the door for the Universe to create in my life.  It opens up my life to its full potential.  THAT is what my heart is calling for.

So, how much time works for YOU to sit the stillness?  What are your expectations from time spent in meditation?  

Today, I set the intention to take responsibility for my meditation practice, choosing what feels right for me to connect to the field of possibility.

"I want to know God's thoughts....the rest are details."  

"Now remember this; you are the person; this is the place; now is the 
occasion; right here is the time; the word is in your own mouth; you are 
good enough; you know enough; you are spiritual enough."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Awakening to the magnificence of the new day, there is a recognition that there is only One.  One Divine Intelligence filled with beauty, with love, with joy and with peace.  This One Divine Mind surrounds all that is with good, always saying Yes!

As I move through my day, I am also surrounded by the all-good that is Life.  I am centered in the Divine Presence as It expresses through me.  And, I trust in the indwelling Spirit from which I am never separate, letting myself be guided as I tap into my intuition and into my heart.

Enthusiastically, I start each day connecting to the Divine Wisdom within by getting still.  I sit in expectancy of my good as I let the silence surround me with possibilities for my life.  I let go of any feelings that no longer serve me and instead choose happiness as I connect to my inner guidance in ways that are right for me.   I meditate, I contemplate, I pray - all are spiritual practices that bring a divine order to my life.  And I welcome the gifts that come my way, claiming my worthiness to receive the best that Life is bringing to me in every minute of the day.

I am so thankful to the Divine Presence within for my amazing life.  And I am grateful that I simply need to take a minute to be still and see that all is well.  I am filled with gratitude that something wonderful is being created as the Universe fills my world with infinite possibilities.

From this place of gratitude, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  It is divinely magnificent as I let it be so.  And so it is.

Friday, February 14, 2014

To Truly Work Through Issues, Change Your Perception

On the DailyOM site yesterday, Madisyn Taylor wrote, "It is only when we actively seek to work through our issues that we can lighten the load and our souls can evolve."

That's all well and good, however, there are times I wish I had noise-canceling headphones to drown out my issues.   Simple solution, right?  Sorry, pain and suffering, but I can't hear you right now!

I know there is an energy inside me that is pulling me toward my vision for life - pulling me toward being what I came here to be.  What if it is the pain and suffering that are pushing me toward that vision?  What if the heartbreak and loss are helping me to see what's going on inside of myself?

And, what if, fundamentally, it's my perception of the challenges that is the real issue I need to work through?

Being a student of Ernest Holmes and the New Thought community, I know that I am never separate from my source of good - from the Universe.  It is all contained within me - peace, harmony, happiness.

The reason for the challenges, then, are so I can push past them and really GET that everything is God.  It is the evolution of my soul.

God, Spirit, the Universe - whatever you choose to call it - is palpable.  I can choose peace in the midst of pain because it always available.  I can choose happiness over suffering because it's in every cell of my body.

It comes back to how I look at the situation - about how I perceive things in the moment.  And, it's always an opportunity to practice.  It's a chance to take off the headphones and examine what's going on internally - to be the observer.

It's a time to ask why the Universe is trying to get my attention.

So, what is the answer I get back?  I am pushed into the opposite of peace so I can grow through it.  I am thrown into the opposite of harmony so I can transform.  And now, my perception of the issues has changed into one that I no longer try to avoid.

Instead, I own my perceptions and learn to see how we are all so connected.  I bless my journey and flow with the obstacles.  I have become willing to simply allow and to connect to the wisdom within.

So, how do YOU change your perception when you are facing issues and challenges?

Today, I set the intention to be open to working through my issues, allowing for the evolution of my soul, with faith that the Universe is pulling me toward a bigger vision for my life.

"It is through weakness and vulnerability that most of us learn 
empathy and compassion and discover our soul."  

"As we recognize our Oneness with Infinite Intelligence, we are 
set free from uncertainty and pain.  Our heart is a living center, 
through which the Love of God flows to bless eternally not only our 
own lives but the lives of all whom we contact - as long as we 
realize this, our heart cannot be troubled."  

Affirmative Prayer:
In the exhalation of a single breath, there is a recognition that there is only One.  One Divine Intelligence that pulses through everything that is.  One Divine Wisdom that guides all of Life in sacred and special ways.

Entering into the consciousness of the One, I am filled with wonder at the Divine Intelligence within me, expressing as me.  Every cell of my body contains the Divine Wisdom that heals.  Every word that I say is spoken with reverence as Divine Love moves through me.

I open up and allow Spirit to guide me to a life that is amazing.  As I release old fears and worries, I am free to step into my joy, inspired by everything that is showing up in my life.  I take one step at a time toward my dreams and the Universe rises up to meet me.  My life flows easily and effortlessly and I welcome the love that surrounds me as I become more of who I am meant to be.  I claim the perfect evolution of my soul is right where I am now, in this moment.  I am kind to myself as I work through challenges, knowing that the experience is for my highest and best good. And, there is nothing that can hold me back!

I am so grateful for the guidance of Spirit that directs my path.  And I am thankful for the gift of transformation as I am reminded of my worthiness to receive.  I am filled with gratitude for the clarity of knowing the next right action to take toward the highest expression of God as me.

 It is from this place of gratitude that I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  It is perfect!  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who Is Responsible For Your Difficulties?

It's funny how quickly I can get down on myself when I feel that I have failed at something.  I re-live the events and find all the mistakes that were made.  I talk to myself continuously about what I should have done differently.   I start the "catastrophe" thinking.

So - what would it look like if I decided to leave behind the voice that says, "Why do you always screw it up?"  What if I decided to embrace the failure and see it as a gift of guidance?

What if I took responsibility for the choices that brought me to that point?

Now - I can see clearly that I am the only one who can deprive myself of anything.  Life is not holding anything back from me.  Life is not making it difficult for me to thrive.   Those are blame-game stories that let me step back into playing small.

When I have failed and feel like I will never be a success, it's a great time to take a look inside myself.  Maybe I have some old habit that I'm hanging on to that needs to be released.  Maybe it's just that I have been too busy to be present to the moment.

So, what if I just show up and am fully receptive to life?   What if I continue to hold onto the bigger picture for my life and am willing to just "be"?

For me, receptivity is the key word here. Being receptive to everything that life brings allows me to adapt and to be resilient when there is change or upheaval or failure.

Perfect example - with the moving I have done over the last few years resulting in living in an apartment, I started comparing myself to others.   As if out of the blue, I seemed to be surrounded by people who owned their own homes and would talk about how beautiful it was and how excited they were.  And, all I could feel was frustration.  I had failed at the great American dream - owning my own home.

Aha!  THAT'S the story I am telling myself!

So, how do I fix it?  Taking a tip from the book I've been reading, The Power of Intention.  I am determined to keep my thoughts on higher energy feelings around this supposed "failure".  I remind myself how fortunate I am to live in the place that I do.  And, I am truly grateful for the clutter-clearing that was required to downsize.

I do, some days, still question if this is how my life is supposed to look.  After all, if I am a co-creator with the Universe, why have I not created something "better"?

But - I also have great faith in the Universe.  I let go of the feeling that I have somehow compromised and settled for less by living in an apartment.  Instead, I focus on the fact that I AM resilient.  I can adapt to change better today than I ever could before.  And, I trust that the Universe is always guiding me and that I am NEVER in the wrong place.

Best of all, I refuse to play small.  I show up every day as the wise, spiritual person that I am.   And I dare to take big, bold action - even when it's scary - because I know that the Universe has my back.

So, have there been times you've needed to be resilient in your life?  How did you adapt to change?

Today, I set the intention to welcome change, knowing that I am always in the right place at the right time and it is perfect.

"You live in a universe that has limitless potential for joy built into 
the creation process.  Your Source, which we call the universal 
mind of intention, adores you beyond anything you can possibly
 imagine.  When you adore yourself in the same proportion, you're 
matched up with the field of intention, and you've opted for 
the path of no resistance."  
~Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention

"Creation is eternally going on; change is always taking place 
within that which is Changeless."  

Affirmative Prayer:
In the morning dew on the grass, in the fog that blankets the coast, there is a Divine Intelligence that moves through all that is, covering everything in love.  It is a Life that knows only good, only joy, only happiness, and It is a Source that brings fresh wisdom each day.

Looking within, this Source of Love, of Life, moves through and around me, expressing as me, in all that I do and in all that I speak each day.  I am always connected to Source, to Spirit, and my life unfolds with grace and ease as I take each step in my journey.

Affirming that the Universe always has my back, I allow my life to be guided by perfect, Divine order.  I let go and let God provide for my needs as I remain open to change.  I am supported by a Source that wants my highest and best and I stay centered in feelings of trust and of peace.  I am safe as Spirit directs my path and I am transformed as I lean into the possibilities of playing big.  I release any thoughts of lack or failure and welcome the blessings that show up in my life, knowing I am loved beyond measure.

I am so grateful to the Presence within for the gifts that are given and shared as I show up for life.  And I am thankful for the love that surrounds my every choice.  I am filled with gratitude for the abundant supply that is always available to me.

From this place of gratitude, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  All is well.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Plan For Prosperity. Ditch The Same Old Life

Every thought impacts your life.  That has become so clear as I continue reading The Power of Intention.  For the past few days, I have been consciously holding the life I want to manifest in my imagination.  Now, I must take the next step - to examine the obstacles that keep me from connecting to my intention.

Yep, I have to get my hands a little dirty <sigh>.

It is so important to be conscious of the conversations I am having with others and having with myself.  I may be creating barriers to realizing my intentions by talking and thinking about what I DON'T want.

According to the book, "Everything in this Universe is a movement of energy."  This includes your thoughts.

"Every thought you have has an energy that will either strength or weaken you."

So, as I have conversations that are not loving and not valuable - conversations that simply fill space - my energy level remains low, impacting not only me but those around me too.

If I keep having the same old conversations in that low energy level, that will translate to the same old life.

What if I am seeking to up-level my life to one filled with more prosperity and abundance on every level?  The goal, then, is to be aware of my thoughts and raise them to a higher energy level.  This means I MUST start noticing what I am actually saying.

I learned something about myself recently as I started paying attention to some of my conversations.  My husband, Kevin, and I were talking about going on vacation to Hawaii in December.   I agreed that would be nice but we won't have the money.

Wait!   HOW do I know I WON'T have the money?  I was already planning for lack and scarcity.  And - I just set my future in motion with that intention.

With that in mind, I took a minute to stop and change my thoughts to one of possibilities.

I went out to the Travel & Leisure website and started picturing myself enjoying one of the many vacation options they had listed.  And, I wrote down affirmations about how affordable our vacation in December will be - how amazing it will be to stay in a 5-star resort this year - how exciting the opportunities for dining and for spa days and for other activities would FEEL.  I even threw in how luxurious flying first class would be on this trip.

I planned for the prosperity rather than the lack.  And, now the doors are open for the Universe to provide unexpected good where before there was "not enough".

So, how do YOU plan for the prosperity and the possibilities for good?

Today, I set the intention to take responsibility for my thoughts, seeking only to engage in higher energy conversations that translate into a life of prosperity and abundance.

"Faith is expectancy.  You do not receive what you want; you 
do not receive what you pray for, not even what you say you have 
faith in.  You will always receive what you actually expect."  
~Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

"When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."  

Affirmative Prayer:
There is a Presence in this moment that is filled with happiness, filled with joy, filled with bliss.  It is a Divine Wisdom and Divine Intelligence that exists throughout all that is - in the beauty of a green meadow sloping down toward a lush river, in the quiet patter of the rain falling against the window - It is alive and awake to the possibilities of Life.

This Divine Presence of Life is also awake and alive through me, expressing as me, in ways that are filled with the wonder of what will be.  As I move through my day, this Presence of Spirit within guides me and sustains my very being as I allow the flow of happiness and joy and bliss to surround me.

As Spirit expresses through me, my dreams and visions are brought into my every day experience.   I keep my thoughts and feelings focused on the good that is available and it shows up in ways that are better than I even imagined.  I let go of any thoughts of lack and allow the Universe to prosper me in every area of my life - in my relationships, in my finances, in my health.  I am worthy of the flow of abundance that is here now and I am enough, just as I am in this moment.  And, just like a stone that is tossed into a pond, this flow of prosperity and abundance, of happiness and joy, spreads out to others who are open to the possibility of every day miracles.

I am deeply grateful for the good in my life, for the blessings that seem to appear out of nowhere.  And I am so thankful for knowing the nature of God is always my Truth, the nature of Good is always my Divine Birthright.

From this place of thankfulness, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  It is creating through me - right here, right now.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How Daydreaming Is Good For You

I've been re-reading The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Boy, what a powerful book.   According to Dr. Dyer, "The secret to manifesting anything that you desire is your willingness and ability to realign yourself so that your inner world is in harmony with the power of intention."

An intention is not a series of goals that you wish to accomplish nor is it a check-list of things to-do.  It's much bigger than that.  An intention is a vision for your life, uncovered as you spend time in contemplation of how you might see your life down the road.

Where you place your thoughts and your imagination is what you will create in your life.

Funny, but I can hear my parent's voices from the past still saying, "Get your head out of the clouds" and "quit daydreaming and get down to some real work."   It turns out they were wrong!

Imagination is our connection to Spirit, to the creative energy within us that wants to express life fully.  When we connect our imagination to the energy of intention, we start to be pulled, through events in life, toward that bigger picture.

And - that can sometimes be scary because an intention won't let things be just as they are.  It forces us to let go of things that are no longer working.  It calls us to re-evaluate skills and talents that we may not have used in a while but will need to tap into again.

Most of all, intention wants to create.  All it takes is being open to doing what you showed up here for in the first place.

So, take some time to simply daydream.  Align your inner speech with your imagination.  Make time to meditate - each and every day - even if only for a few minutes.  Get still and listen to the action steps that your intention is guiding you to take.  And, keep your inner talk focused on the good.   Come from a place of gratitude.

Without doubt, it takes practice.  But - how exciting to be given the thumbs up to practice using your imagination.  And, how fun to be given permission to keep your head in the clouds for a while.

With that in mind, today I set the intention to spend more time in contemplation, letting myself really feel the end result of the vision for my life.

"The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating 
the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating 
of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently 
asking why they did so." 

"Discover your divinity, find your unique talent, serve humanity with it,
 and you can generate all the wealth you want."  
~Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Affirmative Prayer:
Feeling the steady rhythm of the heart beating, there is a knowing that everything is Source, everything is Spirit, everything is God.  It is a lovingly intimate Power that moves effortlessly through all that is.  And, at all times, it is a Spirit filled only with good, only with grace, only with peace, only with beauty.

Opening my heart, I recognize that I am one with this Spirit that surrounds and supports and sustains me in every moment.  With every action that I take, I am filled to overflowing with the harmony of the Universe.   And I am urged to greatness by a Divine Love within that guides me to thrive as I align my thoughts and actions and desires with a consciousness of unity.

Keeping my vision focused on this Divine Love, I accept the creative nudge that is pushing me toward the life of my dreams.  As I spend time in contemplation, I welcome the energy of my intention, allowing it to flow through me and move me in a direction that is for my highest and best good.  I claim the prosperity and abundance that are my birthright, releasing any thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve me and keep me in a life of mediocrity.  I am here on purpose, for a purpose and that purpose becomes more clear with every day that passes.  I am always in the right place at the right time, meeting other Spiritual beings having a human experience, and it is magnificent.

I am so grateful for the urgings of my intention that guide me to a life well-lived.  And I give great thanks for Divine Love that delights in my success, that is thrilled for my happiness and that seeks to express through me in beautiful ways.

From this place of thanksgiving, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the law, knowing it is already done.  I let go and I let God.  And so it is.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why I Am Grateful for Vulnerability

"People who recognize your beauty, see you truly."  ~Alan Cohen

I was talking to a friend about relationships and it occurred to me, Am I focused on what bothers me or am I focused on what I value in my relationships?

There is really no way around it - relationships take work and that includes the relationship we have with ourselves.  Part of that work requires that we become vulnerable as we open up to others and as we do the inner work to heal old wounds we may be carrying around.


That word alone has some serious power behind it for me.  If I open up to make a true connection with someone, will that be honored?  Can I trust that I won't be hurt if I allow others to see who I really am?

I get so much from my relationships but I want to be safe.  I want to share my thoughts and feelings but I fear opening up too much.

At the other end of the spectrum, I probably open up too much with my husband.   It's easy to criticize and nit-pick at him when I'm having one of those days.  Why do we always seem to lash out as those we love the most?

Fortunately, as I do the work, I'm learning to recognize the signs and to self-correct so that I can appreciate the good in my relationships.

And - that's really the first step - appreciation.  Cultivating being in gratitude for friends, for family, for acquaintances and all of their best qualities has surprisingly resulted in having those same qualities mirrored back to me.  As I am grateful for the easy-going attitude of a girlfriend or for the silliness of my daughter that always puts a smile on my face, I find that I can give those good feelings back.

I am also finding that self-love is an important part of the equation.  The more I am accepting of loving others right where they are in their journey, the more I am kind to myself and open to embracing every aspect of my personality.   I can release the fear and allow my relationships to thrive.

We are all doing the best we can with what we have, in this moment.  So, what do you value in your relationships?

Today, I set the intention to seek what I value in each and every relationship, grateful for the heartfelt connection I have with others as we open up and trust one another.

"For to be free is not to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that 
respects and enhances the freedom of others."  

"One of the first things to do, is to love everybody.  If you have not done 
this, begin to do so at once.  There is always more good than bad
 in people, and seeing the good tends to bring it forth." 
 ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Affirmative Prayer:
With each breath that is taken, there is a knowing that there is only Source, only Substance, only Supply.  It is everywhere present and always available, as Spirit, as God, as the Universe.

This Source and Substance is also present and available, as me and through me.  And I embrace this truth - that Life expresses all around me with joy and with compassion, with freedom and with love.  Just as my breath flows in and out, so I flow with this presence of Spirit within.

Claiming that Life is for me, I speak my word from this place of good.  Every experience and every connection that I make is from a knowing of pure Spirit, revealing the beauty that comes from being in relationship.  The sharing of thoughts and hopes and dreams is part of the journey and I am blessed with a life that unfolds in prosperous and abundant ways.  I am free to be exactly who I am, sharing my gifts and talents and seeing the value in all who happen upon my path in this life.   And as I step out in faith, taking action as I am guided by intuition, I accept the miracles, big and small, that manifest in perfect, Divine timing.

I am profoundly grateful for this journey, filled with rich experiences of live well-lived.  And I am thankful for the unlimited possibilities of every-increasing good that are revealed to me each day.  I am filled with gratitude for the magnificence of the abundance that surrounds me and the prosperity that moves through me.

And from this place of gratitude, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  It is here now.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.