Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Can Your Relationship Handle IKEA?

That was the headline in the Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal last week.  And I can see where the strain of remodeling your kitchen or living room is put under more pressure as you and your mate/partner try to agree on home furnishing choices.

According to one of the Journal's experts, "The store literally becomes a map of a relationship nightmare.  Walking through the kitchens brings up touchy subjects, like who does most of the cooking.  Then you get to the children's section, which opens up another set of issues.  And that's before you've even tried assembling anything."

Knowing that Kevin and I will be making changes to our new home once the purchase is complete, I immediately thought that this wouldn't apply to us.  But, truthfully, we could easily slip into a disagreement....unless we take action.

The other expert in the article laid out some beautiful questions to explore in an effort to avoid an IKEA meltdown.

"Underneath, every discussion is really about how important am I to you?  How important is my comfort and happiness to you?  If I want this couch, and it's important to me, then why isn't it important enough to you?"

Now that I have read this article, I believe it's worth taking the time to explore these questions out loud before we start down the path of shopping for our new home.

What I ALSO know is that the Universe continues to set me up to be successful and this time, it's success in my relationship.  Had I not happened to read this article, it might have been a completely different experience.

Instead, I have an opportunity to develop a game plan, an opportunity to grow in my relationship with my husband and to thank the Universe for helping me be prepared.

So, today, I set the intention to step beyond the possibility of an IKEA meltdown moment and take the responsibility to talk about our vision BEFORE we step foot in a store.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it."  

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Embracing the freedom of this moment, there is the recognition of the One Creative Intelligence.  It is goodness and joy that is the consciousness of Life.

Leaning into this goodness, I let go of any thoughts of separateness and sit with the knowing that this Creative Intelligence lives, moves and has Its being in me.  I am the place where Spirit shows up.  I am the place where Heaven touches Earth.

In this moment, I open to the full potential of who I am.  An awareness of how good my relationships can be starts to take shape and I welcome the personal growth that comes from honest conversation.  My relationship with my husband blossoms as I let go of complaining and focus on open and loving communication. And as I step into the life I am here to live, the right and perfect guidance from the Universe makes its way to me and I celebrate it.

Saying Yes to Life, I am filled with gratitude for the courage to take the next step in my relationships.  I give thanks for the joy that surrounds me as I take the guidance from Spirit and apply it to my life.  And I am grateful that I am being shaped into a person that I want to spend time with.

From this place of deep, deep thanks, I release my prayer to the One Divine Consciousness, knowing it is already done.  I am renewed and life is good.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Have A Good Weekend

Well, it's a busy weekend ahead for me.  Our office is a stop along the Willow Glen Wine Walk so I'm hoping I'll be hosting A LOT of people on Saturday.  And, Kevin's fraternity, Delta Upsilon, is holding their Alumni Dinner on Sunday.  It'll be a whirlwind weekend!  Hope you have a good weekend and here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web....

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And, something from Jim Watkins to remember this weekend: "A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence." 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Waffling Between Indulgence And Self-Care

Eating healthy is not a new idea but why is it so challenging to stick with sometimes?  I confess that I love good food and when something tastes especially good, my portion control flies out the window.

Fortunately, I also love to exercise and am pretty good about getting in some type of workout, even if it's just a 20-minute brisk walk.  But, I've been really swinging out of control on the indulgence side of things.  And I can notice pretty quickly when my jeans get just a bit tighter or my energy level is out of sorts.

So, I'm continuing to work at some type of balance between enjoying my meals but fitting in more salads and veggies and smoothies.   I'm thinking that what I might be lacking is some type of plan to keep me focused on healthy eating as I juggle an inconsistent schedule and as I travel more.  What that plan is, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm open to ideas.  Hello Universe???

What my spiritual side tells me is that I need to be present when I'm enjoying my food.  Rather than being pre-occupied with the days events or worrying about the future while I'm noshing on my chicken satay, instead I should pay attention to the flavors and savor the textures.

And, instead of eating until I'm overly full, I should be mindful of when my body tells me it has had enough to eat, paying attention to that feeling of satisfaction and 'done!'

I can certainly do a better job of focusing on the enjoyment of my meal rather than distracted eating.  I suppose it starts with awareness - and making mindfulness a priority and attentiveness a non-negotiable.

Today, I set the intention to make the time to be mindful when I eat, listening to my body and its wisdom to know when I have had enough.  

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." 

"Keep your mind on what supports your wellbeing.  
Focus on what nurtures you, on what gives you strength."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Here in this moment now, the only presence is that of Spirit; a Divine Intelligence that is light and love, ever present and overflowing with magnificence.  

There is no place where this presence of Spirit is not and I see that I am the creative and divine expression of Spirit.  An essence of Oneness lives within me and I embrace the magnificence of this Oneness.

Opening my heart to the wisdom of the Universe, I see the path before me is made clear.  Every single day, Life gives me what I need and I celebrate this knowing that all my needs are met beautifully.  Healthy foods are abundantly available and my body receives its nourishment in perfect portions.  I am filled with strength and power as I joyfully move my body in exercise that is right and perfect for me.  I accept the healing energy that melts away any challenges I face in being mindful when I eat.  And I welcome the transformation in my life as I step up and say Yes! to successful self-care.

I am filled with gratitude that Divine Light is right here, right now, reminding me to be mindful in all things.  I give great thanks for the cornucopia of healthy foods that are available and affordable at my neighborhood market.  And I am grateful for the inner wisdom that tells me I am supported as I commit to making better choices.

Embracing the fullness of life, I release my prayer to the Universal Intelligence that always responds and returns my deepest desires.  All is good and well in my world.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Have A Wonderful Weekend

While the weather heats up here in San Jose, we're off to the Capitola coast to enjoy the sunny and 70 California temperatures.  I can't wait to try the pastries at Gayles Bakery.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web....

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And a thought to leave you with this weekend: "It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult." ~Seneca

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why Celebrate Success?

Every day, I have been focusing on finding a success to celebrate, no matter how small.  In fact, they have often been small.

But, what I'm noticing is that the more I celebrate my successes, the more I seem to be in the flow of attracting success to me.  It's almost as if it's taking on a life of its own.

A few days ago, I celebrated the fact that I have been increasingly successful at living within my budget for a full year now.  Shortly after that, I ordered a pizza from one of my favorite places in San Jose, gave her my rewards number, and she told me the pizza was FREE.

Not only am I in the flow but it seems to work amazingly fast!

I've also noticed that I feel happier when I take the time to celebrate something in my life.  It puts a smile on my face and I start to see that joy, quite often, reflected back in others.  I love having an impact like that in someone's day.

My life is truly becoming more than I can imagine.  And, I'm owning it!   It's a beautiful self-fulfilling prophecy!

Today, I set the intention to remember that life is good, every day, and to celebrate each success, no matter how small.

"He who loves, flies, runs and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back." 

"People often say that motivation does not last.  Well, neither does bathing.  
That's why we recommend it daily." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within and breathing deep, there is no moment more special than this moment right now.  In this moment, there is only the radiant light of Spirit; beautiful and abundant.  It is a moment of recognition of the One Divine Source; only grace and always peace.

And in this moment and the moments that follow, I am never separate from Spirit, from my Source.  It is the all-good of God that passes into expression through me.  It is an Infinite Power that lives in me, surrounding me in pure, unconditional love.

I declare today that my life is magnificent!  I walk through whatever is happening in my world knowing that Spirit is with me and all is well.  I welcome the guidance from the Universe that keeps me in the flow of my abundance and prosperity.  I move forward with confidence that my future is bright.  And I allow the celebration of success to bring me to even greater opportunities for rejoicing in the days that follow.

I am grateful that the One Divine Life is with me always and never lets go.  I give great thanks for the unfolding of success in my life and I am filled with gratitude for the happiness that greets me each and every day.

Knowing that all is truly well, I release my prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing it is already done.  My life is held lovingly in spiritual consciousness and I am free to live life fearlessly.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Have A Great Weekend

I can't explain why but I feel excited for this weekend.  We have nothing really planned and maybe that's why I'm excited.  I'd love to do something simple and easy and fun like go see a movie.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Whatever they are, I hope it's filled with simple and easy and fun.  And, here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web....

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And something from Nikola Tesla to ponder this weekend; "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Making Smarter Choices

The benefit of being able to make choices is that WE get to direct our lives.  I am never forced to wear something I don't like or eat something I don't enjoy.

What that also means is that I am responsible for my current situation in life.  I chose the job I'm in.  I chose the relationship I'm in.  I chose to go to the gym today.

It's beautiful because now that I finally get that, I can let go of the drama.  Rather than complain about something or blame someone, I only need to see what other choice I can make to turn a situation around.

It also means I need to be aware of my choices because they can be powerful creators.  For example, I love to travel and I love creating new opportunities for expansion in my job.

So, when an upcoming trip is mentioned by a friend or by my husband, I tend to make the choice to say yes.  Or, when I'm asked to review a new software tool to gauge whether it's worth moving forward with, I say yes.

The result?  I'm on the road a LOT and I have a packed work schedule.  I love having choices - my challenge is learning when to make a choice to say no.  I have to make the choice NOT to over-do things.  After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Making smart choices is really what I'm learning.  It's allowing the Universe in to guide my choices.  It's learning to sit with a choice and listen to my inner voice before rushing off in a certain direction.

It's not alway easy to stop and listen before making a choice.  But, it's usually well worth the effort.

Today, I set the intention to be cheerful and seek to make smarter choices that inspire me and others.

"You are doomed to make choices.  This is life's great paradox."  

"Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and 
personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom,
 innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within and breathing deep, there is an Infinite Intelligence that fills the space in-between with hope, with joy, with love.  It is a Divine Love that is so much more than words can describe; everywhere and always present.

I am surrounded by this great Power which is always working through me.  I am lifted up and can feel Spirit at the center of my being.  And I can hear clearly the words of the Beloved, 'You are my child in who I am well pleased.'

Moving through my day, I let go of any fear of making wrong choices and have faith that any choice I make is the right and perfect one.  I welcome the possibilities of good health, great wealth, and abundant happiness when I let Spirit guide my choices.  As I get still and simply listen, I begin to hear clearly the choices I can make that are unique to me, leading me down a path for my highest and best.  I am led to living a life of my full potential, imagining and creating an amazing future that can never be taken away.

I am filled with gratitude for a loving Universe that will never let me go, no matter what.  I give thanks for the prosperity and peace that are revealed day after day after day.  And I am grateful for the freedom to make personal choices, knowing they are divinely guided.

Releasing this prayer into the spiritual consciousness of Divine Law, I let go and know that it is done.  All is well.  And so it is.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have A Beautiful Easter Weekend

For me, it's a 3-day weekend - yay!  With the weather changing here in Northern California again, plans for the beach on Saturday are being scrapped and new plans are being made.  I'm definitely going for a nice long run in the morning and, of course, with Sunday being Easter, we will be indulging in brunch including mimosas (good thing I'm running on Saturday!)  What are you doing this weekend?  I hope you have a beautiful weekend and here are a few fun, inspirational links from around the web....

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"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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