Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello, Healthy Living

I've been spending more and more time with the fitness apps on my phone recently.  For some reason, it's become fascinating to open my health app and see how many steps I've gone or how many stairs I've climbed in a day.  And, my Nike app tracks my route so I can see all the zigs and zags I've taken on my walks.

It started about a year ago when I read somewhere that we should take a break every hour to stand for 10 minutes.  So, I set a timer on my phone and followed it pretty religiously.  Every time the chime toned, I would stand.

Recently, I've read that it's now every 30 minutes that we should stand for 10 minutes.  After adjusting my timer to go off more frequently, I started watching the trends on my health app.  That's when my competitive nature kicked in.

I felt compelled to up my game and, before I knew it, I was taking more steps and climbing more stairs than before.  But, on Fridays, I took a big dip for some reason.  So, I pushed a little harder on Fridays and walked around the block every 30 minutes.  And, up went my trend line.

Then, Kevin and I took up hiking on weekends.  Wow! My steps and stairs number took a big jump.  But, on Mondays, I would be back down to my previous normal pattern of exercise.

I noticed two things.  I was a little disappointed in myself when I took that big dip during the week.  At the same time, I started pushing a little more to get in a 10-minute walk so I could beat what I did the day before.

I'm not sure of the psychology behind my feelings of wanting to push more to beat my former limits, and I'm not sure how healthy it is to give in to this driving need to beat my own previous achievements.  I do know that I have been spending time in the stillness 'talking' to my body and feeling grateful for how healthy it is.

So, is the outcome of pushing to do more coming from the Universe?  In which case, I have to believe the Universe would also help me to set my limits through some gentle reminder.

What I AM sure about is, for right now, it's fun to see if I can beat my health statistics from the previous day.  And, I'm guessing if it feels fun, it must have some essence of the Goodness of Spirit that is directing my life.

By they way, I've lost 10 pounds over the last six weeks, and that is answered prayer, definitely!

So, today I set the intention to remain steady in my exercise, even if it's only standing for 10 minutes, knowing I am always at choice to decide if its become too much.

"Your body is a living organism that hears and believes every thought you think
 and every word you speak.  What do you believe about your body? And what thoughts
 are you feeding yourself consciously and unconsciously?"  

Affirmative Prayer:
Taking a deep breath, I feel the energy of my heart expand with love.  It is the love of the One Infinite Presence that is hope and grace.  It is the place where Spirit and Soul meet.

Looking beyond this moment, there is the sense of that Presence which is greater than me and yet, flows through me and around me.  I am supported by the arms of a powerful Divine Intelligence that expresses as me.  And I am strengthened in the knowing that I am loved beyond measure, wanting for nothing.

Reveling in the magnificence of this moment, I accept every ounce of good that flows to me.  It is the good of a healthy body fueled by delicious foods that I can easily afford.  I welcome the blessings that flow to support me as I honor my body temple.  I stand in awe of the ease with which I make exercise choices that serve me well.  As I learn what works for me and what doesn't work, I am reminded of my Divine essence that knows exactly what I need to experience my highest and best.

I am so grateful for the love and caring of Spirit that tells me I can never be separate from the One.  I give thanks for the clear thinking that my body is responding to.  And I am filled with gratitude for the amazing health that allows my life to thrive.

Leaning into the feeling of connection and being lifted up, I release my prayer to the One Divine Mind, knowing it is done.  What I focus on moves from the unseen into the seen in this moment now.  And I say Amen.  Alleluia.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Nick Harris/Flickr