Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Compassion For My Impatience

Take a deep breath (is there a limiting belief that's holding me back?).  Just do the next thing that shows up (is this my ego or truly my intuition guiding me?).  I'm exactly where I need to be (did I screw up my manifestation with feelings of lack?).  Welcome to my version of patience.

Patience is a tough one for me.  I've been taught that I live in an environment of my thoughts and feelings and I am hungering for certain experiences.  Why, then, does it take so long to show up?

What I'm learning is that this life is not about the next thing that I get, it's about the journey and the experience, about feeling ALL of it - the good and the not so good.  It seems to me our natural reaction to something that does not feel great is to get through it quickly.  We deny it, we start affirming the opposite, start chanting and tapping and forcing ourselves to think positive.

All feelings are important so why, when the boredom or the anxiety show up, don't we embrace it?  Why don't we spend some time with the feeling?  Why not treat that painful thought with compassion and make space for contemplation?  This does not mean you have to become consumed with the feelings.  You can choose to simply experience it.

And in that experience comes true spiritual growth.  An understanding of our nature and a chance to nurture and love who we are.  It is our chance to really understand what it means to be in the "Now".  

So, I choose to spend time with impatience, to get to know it better and as it works itself out, I find what emerges is a trust and faith beyond where I was previously.  Because everything is working for my good.  And in that knowing, I have infinite patience.

I set the intention that today, I am patient and trust things are exactly as they should be.

Affirmative Prayer:
As the winds blows and the mountain stands tall, as the sun shines and the stars twinkle in the night sky, there is a presence of the one Spirit, the one Creator, the one Power, that is goodness and light and strength and grace.

As I look within me, I can see this one Power, this Creator, filling me with joy and truth and love.  It consumes every cell of my body and I allow it to take over and guide me.  Everything I need is within me and I need do nothing but be who I am.

Deep within me are gifts and talents waiting to emerge and I let them patiently blossom and flourish in Divine time, trusting what emerges is for the highest and best for me and for everyone I am surrounded by.   The blessings that show up are exactly as they should be and I declare they are more than I can even imagine.

I am so grateful for the wisdom of the Creator within me and for the knowing of the infinite patience I am graced with.  Thank you, Universe, for the abundance and the prosperity and the love that shows up in perfect Divine timing.  Thank you, God, that I can easily allow all my gifts and talents to express exactly as they should, when they should.

I release my words to the action of the Law, accepting the truth that it is already done, affirming that I am already blessed beyond measure.  I take action as I am guided and have faith that my prayer is already answered.  And so it is.   Amen.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Starting Over

Feelings about my livelihood started about a year ago.  The job I was in was no longer fulfilling and as a result, my sales numbers were up and down.  I knew I needed a change but change into what?

I started to make a list of the skill set I had as well as a list of things I really enjoyed doing.  I figured as I started to make my lists, the Universe or my intuition or Spirit would reach out to meet me halfway and make a path clear.  Instead, my experience was that of stagnation.

So, I took some action.  I had my flute repaired, cleaned and into working order and I started practicing again.  I helped my husband in his business with the notion that I could be his "sales arm" and talk to prospective clients about why they should consider him as their financial advisor.  Even when I took action, it seemed I was stuck in my job with nothing showing up.  What was this cycle I was in?

The only truly clear path that seemed to be working was that of my practitioner studies.  It was difficult at times and a lot of emotional clearing, however, I knew it was where I should be.  Finally, in January, I was laid off from my job.   I had been affirming that I was playing small and I was ready to step into my greatness, into my Divine inheritance, and now the opportunity was at hand.  I kept a journal and wrote down details of my perfect job.  Sure enough, as I reached out to a recruiter about an opening, another opportunity showed up that matched exactly what I had been writing about.  It manifested pretty quickly and I was once again employed.

The trouble is, I'm back doing the same things and running into the same stress points. Am I really supposed to be where I am right now?  Where is the transformation I've been waiting for from just having a job to having a career with purpose?

While it's not showing up just yet, I've made a promise to myself to keep doing the daily activities I'm called to do.  To practice my flute.  To make the sales calls.  And, to keep writing this blog.   I may not feel amazing every day but I trust and have faith that it will become clear.  I know it will show up in a form that is even more than I could have imagined and the steps I'm taking today are leading me to exactly where I need to be in every moment.

And, I give myself permission to let it be okay.  I am starting over and dreaming of a new path for my source of income.  The synchronicities will appear and I can choose to go with the flow.

I am on my way to transformation and I set my intention to have patience while the Universe lines up everything that is for my highest and best.  All is well.

I'm borrowing an affirmation from Sandra Ann Taylor that says it best:
"I am powerful.  I believe in my ability to create the end results that I desire.  Everything is turning out perfectly."  And so it is!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Everything I Need Comes To Me With Ease

There's goes my monkey mind again.  Why does life have to be so hard?  When does the struggle end?  As a challenge comes up, my thoughts seem to start down this path of their own volition.

What I want is to live my life like Richard Branson or Mariah Carey - in charge of my livelihood and enjoying leisurely days on my own island.  People to do my hair and plenty of money to spend on the clothes I see on Pinterest.   What I seem to have is hair up in a thrown together ponytail and $5 t-shirts from Forever 21.

I am learning that we all have these types of day, even Richard Branson.  And if they can get through them, so can I.  So, I have some strategies in place to get out of my monkey mind and into my life of ease.

First, I need to remember that we are all connected and that whatever is in those I feel have a life of ease, it also exists within me.  Rather than complain about what I don't have, I need to turn it around into seeing those with success even more successful and to be genuinely happy for their prosperity.

Admittedly, it takes some practice, however, each time I see an article or hear news about someone's good fortune, I make a point to congratulate them, even if it's silently within.  The more I have been doing this, the easier it gets and I know it will be returned to me (in fact, I can feel less emphasis being placed on my lack and true gratefulness for the abundant Universe we live in through this practice).

Then, I stay focused on my path, having the faith that right where I am is right where I am supposed to be.  I take my actions one step at a time, feeling grateful that I do have choices available to me.  Broken down into bite-size pieces, the struggle seems to disappear as I check off my tasks or enjoy a break from doing anything at all.

Lastly, I change my definition of lack.  There will always be someone with more than I have currently.  But, when it comes right down to it, all of my needs are met.  I have a closet full of clothes, a refrigerator stocked with healthy food, a family who love and support me and a lovely four-bedroom house with a backyard that brings me peach and joy.

It's making all the difference in my life when I remember that my struggle with having "less than" belongs to no one but me.  And that is good enough for now.

My intention for today: I am in the easy flow of my life and I pull to me everything that is for my highest and best.

Affirmative Prayer:
The presence of the Divine Indwelling Spirit moves through all that is, breathing life into all that require it, creating a world that works for everyone.  This creative and expansive presence exists where I am right now, surrounding me in beauty and love and connecting my heart and my mind to see the truth of who I am - an expression of God - perfect, whole and complete.

As I allow this expression of God as Sandy to unfold, I know that the abundance and prosperity is here now for me to take hold of.  Everything I need comes to me with ease and with grace and I have no need for thoughts of lack or limitation.  I let go of any perceived struggle, trusting that my way is made for me.  Out of no way, a way is always made and it is made even better than I can imagine.  The vast Universe steps up to fill my bucket to overflowing and I allow my life to flow easily and effortlessly, taking one step at a time.

Grateful for this energy of ease and peace and joy, I say simply thank you, Spirit, for Your presence within.  My life is blessed and I know it is Your pleasure to support me in an abundant and prosperous life.  The Universe with-holds nothing and for that I am grateful.

Releasing my words to the Divine Action of the Law, I let the worthiness wash over me, knowing that as I have written these words, it is already done.  I am deserving of what is here now and what is on its way.  I let it be so.  And so it is!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Lessons Are Not Wrong

The lessons I have learned over the past year of Practitioner 1 studies have sometimes been painful and occasionally, I have felt like a bit of a failure.  What I have truly learned is that I am not my setbacks or my failures or my circumstances - I am so much more.

I am connected to a Source and a Universe that uses my lessons to show me the possibilities.  And I can either grumble about them or choose to move through them into the reality of joy and abundance and peace.  I can choose to live Heaven here on Earth.

So, today, I set the intention to rise above my circumstances and to ask, how can I add value to the people and the events that are showing up?  And my prayer is to continue to grow spiritually now that Year 1 is finished.

Affirmative prayer:
Flowing into everything and through everything is One Source, One Power, One Presence that is all life – never tiring and always available.  This presence that I call God is always giving and always providing, supplying all that is needed in every moment. 

This Presence that flows through everything also flows into and through me, lifting me up and making clear the truth of who I am – a spiritual being having a human incarnation. Knowing the essence of who I am brings a peace and a love and a contentment as I move through my human experience, as I move closer to my true identity.

As I go forward with Practitioner studies, I can feel the energy, popping and buzzing with excitement and hope for my continued spiritual growth.  There is a clarity as I learn more about the truth of who I am and my heart is filled with love and my body is filled with power to know more, to experience more and to expand into the brilliance of my life.  I affirm that I am available to the growth and expansion that comes from learning more about how the Universe truly works and how I am a part of the all-good.  I can see that we are all deserving as a part of the One, each following our passion for bringing into this experience our unique gifts and talents.  Knowing I am connected to the God in each and every person and thing, I embrace the connection with all that breathes and moves, knowing it is for my full expression of Spirit.

I am grateful for the support of the Universe that allows and provides for my expansion and my growth.  Thank you, God, for the ways that I am cherished and loved and for the ways that I can cherish and love others as well.  It is through this love that I see the God in myself and I see the God in events and circumstances - that regardless of appearance, they are in motion for a purpose and are in motion for revealing my purpose.

Knowing the Universe is unlimited, I release my words to the action of the Law, setting my thoughts and feelings free to reveal what is already here, right now.  I need do nothing more but allow and embrace what shows up, having faith that it is all for my highest and best spiritual growth.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

"Nobody else knows your reason for being.  You do.  Your bliss guides you to it.  When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy -- you're right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body."
~ Esther Hicks

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Give Yourself Permission

I have finally finished my term paper for Practitioner One studies, Term 3 - woot!  Sitting with my paper and reveling in the feeling of completion, I'm excited to see the transformation that is taking place within me.  To borrow from Michael Beckwith, I now give myself permission to be happy and to be great and to be prosperous (if you haven't heard his Transcendance CD, I highly recommend it).


The goal of the paper was to discover how our life got to be where it is after a year of studies and to rewrite our Life Purpose statement.  It brought up a humbling experience that is still pretty vivid in my memory tho' I'm now letting it go and seeing it for the lesson it was.

To share from my paper, going through this experience has brought clarity to my Life Purpose statement.  For me, my life purpose is now to let go and let God, to live in the moment, remaining open to where I can be of value to others. 

It is finally starting to sink in that I am here to live life as a full expression of God.  That means stepping into all of the possibilities that present themselves to me, stepping into the abundance and prosperity the Universe provides and honoring that in others as well.  I am not in this physical existence to simply meditate off by myself, trying to listen for God to speak to me.  I am here to participate fully with others, expanding the Universe with each experience.

Hiding my gifts is no longer acceptable.  If I’m going to be an example of what’s possible, I must be open and available emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially.  If there is a lesson to learn, rather than run from it, I will search for the value of the lesson.  As one of the Reverend's at the Center for Spiritual Living has said many times, I have dominion and THAT is empowering.

Affirmative Prayer:
Going within and knowing there is an abundant force of life moving through all that is, there is a beauty and power and freedom and fearlessness that sustains and supports from the inside out. 

This presence touches me and breathes through me as I express the beauty and the power and the freedom and fearlessness in every moment that I am alive.  Just as my blood flows through my body, the presence of Source, of Spirit, of God, flows through me- life supporting and life-sustaining.

Knowing there is a power greater than me who guides all that I do, I let my life unfold and I easily remember to let go and let God.  At every choice point during my day, I take a moment to be still and to listen to the sense of rightness that exists within.  I affirm that I am always open and always available to Source who shows me miracles every day when I am in the flow and who uses me to express miracles for others who cross my path.  I move forward in confidence and in faith that I am always in the right place at the right time for the joyful living of my life – of God expressing as Sandy. 

I am so thankful for the power that flows in and through me, letting what needs to go, go and letting what wants to come, come in an effortless and exquisite dance of life.  Thank you, God, for the blessings that manifest when I live in the moment.  My life is even better than I can imagine and I am grateful. 

I release my words to the action of the Law that always says YES!  Yes, life is good and yes, all is well and it all unfolds in perfect, Divine order.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Can Relish What I Eat

I have always had a love-hate relationship with being thin.  I love to eat, however, I would feel less than enough if I didn't weigh a certain amount.  I was convinced that my friends would no longer be my friends if I couldn't fit into my size 8 jeans or that if I was thinner, the cutest boys would be attracted to me.

Needless to say, my weight was up and down and my feelings about myself were also up and down.  I would criticize my body and blame my metabolism, my family genes, my body shape - it was not my fault that I was not thin.  That was, until I made the decision to love myself and my body for exactly how it was in this present moment.  I took responsibility for myself, realizing that eating healthy and exercising were going to take some work, however, it could also be fun.  It's okay to have a bite or two of chocolate cake when most of the time, I'm eating foods that are nourishing and rejuvenating.

There is no perfect moment to start - we all just have to start and sometimes, I have to re-start.  So, today, my intention is to be mindful and conscious of the foods I eat and the size of my portions.  I enjoy every bite and feel energized living my life, choosing healthy foods and exercise that is fun (I can choose Zumba over running a marathon and feel good about it).   This is my new way of living!

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment, there is only One - One Power, One Presence, One Love, One Beauty that surrounds and embraces all that is.  This One is amazing and transformative, creating more good from good, more joy from joy and more beauty from beauty.

I know I am a perfect expression of this One that I call God.  As I move, there is a grace that moves within and through me, transforming my life as I let my light shine.  I am protected as I step from the nest, spread my wings and soar into the magic that is my life right here and right now.

As I continue to soar, I accept and surrender to the knowledge that all is well.  My body is a beautiful temple and I treat it with the tender love it deserves - eating fruits and vegetables and protein that is so good for refreshing and rejuvenating my spirit. I love that I am my perfect weight!  My body is strong from the exercise I do and it feels wonderful to go for a run or ride my bike or walk my dog, knowing my heart is pumping the blood that sustains my physical existence.  It's so natural for me to eat enough and to know when to stop - I have one cookie and am satisfied by the experience and I put the rest away.  I affirm that it is really just that easy!

I am so grateful for this power that resonates through me.  And, I'm thankful every day that I have an abundance of healthy foods available and the money to purchase them.  My kitchen is stocked with food that is nutritional and tastes good.  Thank you, Mother/Father God for your presence in my life that guides me to the perfect exercise for me.  

Releasing my words to the action of the Law, I know the perfect outcome is already done and the highest and best is showing up as I let myself be guided.  I trust in this moment right now, and I let it be so.  And so it is!

"Your body is precious.  It is our vehicle for awakening.  Treat it with care."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Prodigal Son

There often has to be a humbling before there can be a teaching.  For me, this is how the story of the Prodigal Son is my story.  If my pride sneaks to the surface and when I begin to think that I know it all, that is when the lesson seems to begin.  This would be my “far country” - even though I have never felt separate from God, there have been times when I have wondered where God was in my life. 

The funny thing is, my “I know it all moment” has sometimes been that I am guided by the Universe.  I know that God has my back so if something shows up that I feel is directing my choices, I know it is something I must pursue.  The question for me then becomes, when the thing I followed doesn’t work out as I expected, where was God in that event?

One situation that comes to mind is back in 2003.  I have long planted the seed that I would like to be my own boss.  I released my words and feelings to the Universe and remained open to opportunities.  Not long after, a franchise-type business was brought to my attention.  It would require a down payment and a trip back East to get additional details and move forward.  At that time, I had neither the down payment nor the funds for travel back East.

I again turned it over to Spirit, praying that if this was meant to be, the funds would show up.   Well, not only did the funds show up but the company was doing the presentation in Orange County so the travel costs suddenly became more affordable AND the timing was perfect.   I did my due diligence and decided this was a perfect opportunity for me. 

Once back home, I started immediately on the project which was a small circular newspaper geared to new homeowners, free to them and paid for by advertisers.  I found an affordable printing company and started to solicit businesses to buy ads.  It was tough going!  I walked the streets, knocking on doors and dropping off sample papers.  I called and called and called but got very little response to my sales efforts.  I hired a person experienced in selling advertising, however, she did little better than me and then quit about a month into it.

At that point, my funds were just about out and I was at a choice point of whether to continue or go back to a “real” job.  Given that nothing was really showing up, I made the decision to fold the newspaper business and spruced up my resume to start applying for a corporate position.  It was a very humbling moment to realize that I had failed, especially when I was certain this was my path.  How, when I felt that I was guided the whole time and it all seemed to fall in place, did I end up not being successful with my venture?  Was it arrogance thinking this was God’s plan for my life and wondering why would the Universe not support me fully if that was the case?

As Ernest Holmes says in The Science of Mind, “God is always God, and man can always do as he pleases.  He would not be an individual unless this were possible”.  I was so determined that this was my path, I stopped tuning into letting Spirit guide me.  I have only now learned to ask, what is the blessing from that experience?  I still yearn to be my own boss, however, I now know that there are lessons I must learn before I can be successful as my own boss.  And, I know it will all happen in perfect Divine timing. 

I am grateful that I was given the best robe and a ring on my hand and shoes on my feet.  I was able to quickly find a job that paid well and was close to home.  Not only was I not condemned for missing the mark, but I was given the “fatted calf”. 

It has taken time and reflection and contemplation to recognize this was a blessed experience and I take this experience with me going forward. It is not the job opportunity or business that makes me, it is ME that makes me and I am enough.   “As the prodigal returns to his father’s house, so must we return, not with a morbid mind, but consciously and definitely, with direct intent and a complete concentration of purpose.  The journey back should be fraught with happiness and joyful expectation for we shall be met with a smile from the Universe and shall be folded in the arms of love forever.” (SOM, pg. 470)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Programmed For Fabulousness

I'm back from vacation this week and life goes on - back to work, doing laundry, cooking meals - slowly losing the vacation glow a little at a time.  I've become really clear, however, that it doesn't have to be that way.  Why can't I make every week a vacation?

So, for my intention today, I'm borrowing from Marianne Williamson's Facebook status. I intend and affirm that my week ahead is already programmed for fabulousness.  The purpose for my affirmative prayer is that my thinking is aligned with the force that makes it so.

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment - the moment of each heart beat, the moment of the flower blossoming, the moment of each breathe - there is only One.  One Energy that flows through all, One Love that moves through all, One Abundance that supports all that is.  

This energy that flows is a power that is available and always present within all that is and that includes me.  I call this power God and know that with this power I can move mountains, I can calm the seas and I am the power that can choose love, love for others and love for myself, knowing we are all part of this One.  

I am filled with possibilities and I am encouraged to see the fabulous moments as I stay present in the Now, as I stay connected to my Source.  With each breathe I take, so my thoughts are filled with the wonder and the miracles that show up  - awe-inspiring miracles and small miracles - all of it is beautiful and beyond what I can even imagine.  As my day unfolds, I am guided in my choices, knowing that each choice leads me to another fabulous unfolding of events.  It takes my breathe away and makes me smile as my thoughts manifest into more loving relationships, increasing wealth and abundance of resources, amazing work that makes me come alive.  It feels so new and so fresh in each moment and I know that it only gets better as my day moves into my week.  

I am so truly grateful for my connection to Source and I am so thankful for the blessings that multiply in my life.  The peace and the serenity that surround me as I savor the joy and the excitement are astounding.  There is a shift as I am set free to see the amazing life that I am living each and every day.   Thank you, Universe, for the comfort of knowing you are the force that makes it happen and I need do nothing but let myself be guided and supported by Your love.  

I release my words to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing as I have thought it and felt it, it is already happening.  It is already showing up and I acknowledge and accept that this or something even better is mine now.  I let it be so and so it is! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Living From My Truth

Doing things the way they've always been done is easy.  It's when you choose to do things differently that you open up to what's possible.  That's been the truth I've been living from lately.  Admittedly, it's unnerving to abandon what's worked.  My insecurities surface - am I good enough? will they like me? am i I really deserving?

Here's what has worked for me.  As the insecurities surface, I write them down.  Easy, right?  We all have those demons pop up in our heads.  Then, I ask the simple question - who does this belong to?  It's taken me awhile, however, often, I'm able to realize that this is not what I truly feel about myself.  What it is exactly, I can't say.  Some lingering race consciousness perhaps.

But sometimes, these feelings are mine.  Right now, I've been on vacation for a few days, indulging in absolutely delicious foods, desserts and wines and I'm feeling a bit self-conscious when I get into my bikini.  And, this totally belongs to me.  I'm feeling it and if I allow myself, I can start to slide down the path of self-criticizing.

The truth is I'm enjoying myself so why not indulge in the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake.  And so, "tapping" or Emotional Freedom Technique, comes to my rescue.  If this is a new concept for you, I recommend checking out Nick Ortner's new book.

Basically, it starts with recognizing what you're feeling and stating that, in spite of these negative feeling, you completely love and accept yourself anyway.  The "tapping" part comes in as part of the process using meridian points on your body, the first being the karate chop point on your hand as your state your current negative feeling.

I won't take you through the process but you can check it out here - http://www.thetappingsolution.com/

So, when this feeling of over-indulgence and not fitting into my bikini emerges, I start tapping.  And amazingly, my feelings of insecurity that emerge start to dissipate.  I become clear again that I'm on vacation and it's okay to have a great time and enjoy what life here has to offer.  It no longer matters what others might think.  All that matters is the right here and the right now.

I am on vacation and all is well!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daily Intention for May 4, 2013

Benjamin Franklin said, "Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."  Some days I have to remember that it's not my job to fix myself or to fix others.  No one is broken!  We are exactly who we need to be in each and every moment.

Knowing this truth does not mean I have free reign to act without conscious thought.  It means I am to choose discernment over judgement.  When someone is pushing my buttons, I can choose to walk away or change the subject rather than lash out with words I will likely regret later.   When I am in a group caught up in negative talk OR if I get caught up in negative self-talk, I can make the choice to instead be kind or gentle.

Benjamin Franklin was right, it is awfully tempting to speak our minds, however, if we speak our "hearts", we often find there are things better left unsaid.  There is a power within us that can move mountains if we remember to access it and to use it.  That's why I believe intentions are so powerful.  When I start my day, I can set the intention to keep my mouth shut if it will be harmful to others or to myself.   And, better yet, I can set the intention to share words that might make a difference in another person's day.  I want to focus my energy where it will do the most good and I believe I am guided to do exactly that when I tune into the God within.

Today, I set the intention to let go of judgement and look at things with a sense of humor.  I always have the right and perfect words for every situation and every person I encounter and I can choose to leave someone who needs it with a smile.

Affirmative Prayer:
Know with me, right here, right now, is the all good that is God.  In the cool of the morning, in the heat of the day, the One Presence and One Power is endless and unlimited.   This Source energy moves and breathes and has it's being in me and I know this as my truth - that as Source is endless and unlimited, so too am I.

In this amazing journey that is my life, I move through my day speaking with the intention of kindness.  As I tap into the wisdom of the Universe that resides within, I have the perfect words in every situation - gentle words, creative words, words that bring a smile to every person I talk to.  Hearing the crying of a baby or listening to the noises of a busy city, I have no need for judgement and instead choose to see the God within all that is.

I am so thankful to Spirit for all that is a part of my expansion, for all that I am becoming as I discern how to behave in every situation.  In gratitude, I affirm that my life is rich and full and abundant as part of the endless and unlimited Source of all good.  My life is blessed!  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Facing and healing things that happened in my past (or even recently) can be hard to let go of, if I can even uncover them.  I admit - it can be a challenge to be forgiving and compassionate.   Sometimes, rather than forgive, I would rather hold back, I would rather rationalize, I would rather procrastinate.

For me, if I have to forgive, it means that I have something to feel guilty or shameful about and who wants to think of themselves that way?  The challenge is that pretty soon, my feelings of shame and guilt can become toxic.  How do I move through and past the toxicity toward healing and well-being?

Speaking my truth and knowing I am connected to a higher power, I can allow myself to be helped.  I let the energy of my thoughts and emotions surface and I sit in stillness.  I make time to pray to God, to Source, to Divine Intelligence and I ask for help to release.  I ask for help to shift and to transform.  I let Spirit handle the details and I trust that I am guided.

I open my heart and set a loving intention to forgive all that needs healing.  This includes forgiving and loving myself through the process.  When I shift the energy to love and shift my perspective to the fact that the forgiveness work is really for me, I start to experience the miracle of knowing all is well.  I experience the knowing that I have been set free.

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave." ~Indira Ghandi

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daily Intention for May 2, 2013

Yesterday, feelings of a lack of self-confidence showed up and I had to stop and think about what was going on.  Walking past a group of high-school kids, I felt that I was inferior to them.  Am I supposed to think this?  Of course, if I DON'T think about it, it will keep showing up in a bigger fashion, right?  Taking a breath and pulling back for a minute, an affirmation came to me and as soon as I said it, my feelings started shifting - "I move through the world with the confidence of a super-model walking the runway."  Immediately, I started feeling better, walking taller, with a growing smile as I kept repeating my new mantra.  It's amazing that as I allow these thoughts and let them be what they are, I can allow Spirit to shine through and help me see the beauty of who I really am.

Today, I apply slow and steady progress to the projects I am working on.  I practice and polish new skills and I wait patiently for the outcome.

Affirmative Prayer:
Leaning into the one Power, the one Presence, the overflowing abundance and unlimited possibilities that move through all that is, there is an excess of good and of love.  In every moment, the abundance and the possibilities and the goodness and the love flow through and around and within me.   Knowing this truth for me, I am content and at peace with the Divine Flow that forms and creates me just as I am.  I am enough in each and every moment of the day.

I accept that every part of my life is abundant and prosperous in perfect Divine timing.  I can take my time and have no need to rush through any project I am working on.  Spirit guides my choices and I am present to working on the new skills I am developing and letting older skills become more polished.  I find freedom in the patience I am practicing, accepting that I am always in the right place in the right time for where-ever I am at in my day and in life.  I am secure in my innate well-being, trusting that even as I move slowly and steadily, my good and my blessings grow exponentially!

I am so grateful to know the truth about who I am - I'm thankful for the truth of my abundance and prosperity and blessings and I need do nothing except to allow Spirit to move me in the right direction, one step at a time.  Thank you, God, for the knowing that you are my source for all things in my life.

Releasing my words to the Divine Action of the Law, my good is already here.  I am already in the flow of practicing patience and trusting the perfect outcome is already here.  I let it be so...and so it is!