Saturday, May 25, 2013

Starting Over

Feelings about my livelihood started about a year ago.  The job I was in was no longer fulfilling and as a result, my sales numbers were up and down.  I knew I needed a change but change into what?

I started to make a list of the skill set I had as well as a list of things I really enjoyed doing.  I figured as I started to make my lists, the Universe or my intuition or Spirit would reach out to meet me halfway and make a path clear.  Instead, my experience was that of stagnation.

So, I took some action.  I had my flute repaired, cleaned and into working order and I started practicing again.  I helped my husband in his business with the notion that I could be his "sales arm" and talk to prospective clients about why they should consider him as their financial advisor.  Even when I took action, it seemed I was stuck in my job with nothing showing up.  What was this cycle I was in?

The only truly clear path that seemed to be working was that of my practitioner studies.  It was difficult at times and a lot of emotional clearing, however, I knew it was where I should be.  Finally, in January, I was laid off from my job.   I had been affirming that I was playing small and I was ready to step into my greatness, into my Divine inheritance, and now the opportunity was at hand.  I kept a journal and wrote down details of my perfect job.  Sure enough, as I reached out to a recruiter about an opening, another opportunity showed up that matched exactly what I had been writing about.  It manifested pretty quickly and I was once again employed.

The trouble is, I'm back doing the same things and running into the same stress points. Am I really supposed to be where I am right now?  Where is the transformation I've been waiting for from just having a job to having a career with purpose?

While it's not showing up just yet, I've made a promise to myself to keep doing the daily activities I'm called to do.  To practice my flute.  To make the sales calls.  And, to keep writing this blog.   I may not feel amazing every day but I trust and have faith that it will become clear.  I know it will show up in a form that is even more than I could have imagined and the steps I'm taking today are leading me to exactly where I need to be in every moment.

And, I give myself permission to let it be okay.  I am starting over and dreaming of a new path for my source of income.  The synchronicities will appear and I can choose to go with the flow.

I am on my way to transformation and I set my intention to have patience while the Universe lines up everything that is for my highest and best.  All is well.

I'm borrowing an affirmation from Sandra Ann Taylor that says it best:
"I am powerful.  I believe in my ability to create the end results that I desire.  Everything is turning out perfectly."  And so it is!