Thursday, May 16, 2013

Give Yourself Permission

I have finally finished my term paper for Practitioner One studies, Term 3 - woot!  Sitting with my paper and reveling in the feeling of completion, I'm excited to see the transformation that is taking place within me.  To borrow from Michael Beckwith, I now give myself permission to be happy and to be great and to be prosperous (if you haven't heard his Transcendance CD, I highly recommend it).

The goal of the paper was to discover how our life got to be where it is after a year of studies and to rewrite our Life Purpose statement.  It brought up a humbling experience that is still pretty vivid in my memory tho' I'm now letting it go and seeing it for the lesson it was.

To share from my paper, going through this experience has brought clarity to my Life Purpose statement.  For me, my life purpose is now to let go and let God, to live in the moment, remaining open to where I can be of value to others. 

It is finally starting to sink in that I am here to live life as a full expression of God.  That means stepping into all of the possibilities that present themselves to me, stepping into the abundance and prosperity the Universe provides and honoring that in others as well.  I am not in this physical existence to simply meditate off by myself, trying to listen for God to speak to me.  I am here to participate fully with others, expanding the Universe with each experience.

Hiding my gifts is no longer acceptable.  If I’m going to be an example of what’s possible, I must be open and available emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially.  If there is a lesson to learn, rather than run from it, I will search for the value of the lesson.  As one of the Reverend's at the Center for Spiritual Living has said many times, I have dominion and THAT is empowering.

Affirmative Prayer:
Going within and knowing there is an abundant force of life moving through all that is, there is a beauty and power and freedom and fearlessness that sustains and supports from the inside out. 

This presence touches me and breathes through me as I express the beauty and the power and the freedom and fearlessness in every moment that I am alive.  Just as my blood flows through my body, the presence of Source, of Spirit, of God, flows through me- life supporting and life-sustaining.

Knowing there is a power greater than me who guides all that I do, I let my life unfold and I easily remember to let go and let God.  At every choice point during my day, I take a moment to be still and to listen to the sense of rightness that exists within.  I affirm that I am always open and always available to Source who shows me miracles every day when I am in the flow and who uses me to express miracles for others who cross my path.  I move forward in confidence and in faith that I am always in the right place at the right time for the joyful living of my life – of God expressing as Sandy. 

I am so thankful for the power that flows in and through me, letting what needs to go, go and letting what wants to come, come in an effortless and exquisite dance of life.  Thank you, God, for the blessings that manifest when I live in the moment.  My life is even better than I can imagine and I am grateful. 

I release my words to the action of the Law that always says YES!  Yes, life is good and yes, all is well and it all unfolds in perfect, Divine order.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!