Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How Daydreaming Is Good For You

I've been re-reading The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Boy, what a powerful book.   According to Dr. Dyer, "The secret to manifesting anything that you desire is your willingness and ability to realign yourself so that your inner world is in harmony with the power of intention."

An intention is not a series of goals that you wish to accomplish nor is it a check-list of things to-do.  It's much bigger than that.  An intention is a vision for your life, uncovered as you spend time in contemplation of how you might see your life down the road.

Where you place your thoughts and your imagination is what you will create in your life.

Funny, but I can hear my parent's voices from the past still saying, "Get your head out of the clouds" and "quit daydreaming and get down to some real work."   It turns out they were wrong!

Imagination is our connection to Spirit, to the creative energy within us that wants to express life fully.  When we connect our imagination to the energy of intention, we start to be pulled, through events in life, toward that bigger picture.

And - that can sometimes be scary because an intention won't let things be just as they are.  It forces us to let go of things that are no longer working.  It calls us to re-evaluate skills and talents that we may not have used in a while but will need to tap into again.

Most of all, intention wants to create.  All it takes is being open to doing what you showed up here for in the first place.

So, take some time to simply daydream.  Align your inner speech with your imagination.  Make time to meditate - each and every day - even if only for a few minutes.  Get still and listen to the action steps that your intention is guiding you to take.  And, keep your inner talk focused on the good.   Come from a place of gratitude.

Without doubt, it takes practice.  But - how exciting to be given the thumbs up to practice using your imagination.  And, how fun to be given permission to keep your head in the clouds for a while.

With that in mind, today I set the intention to spend more time in contemplation, letting myself really feel the end result of the vision for my life.

"The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating 
the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating 
of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently 
asking why they did so." 

"Discover your divinity, find your unique talent, serve humanity with it,
 and you can generate all the wealth you want."  
~Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Affirmative Prayer:
Feeling the steady rhythm of the heart beating, there is a knowing that everything is Source, everything is Spirit, everything is God.  It is a lovingly intimate Power that moves effortlessly through all that is.  And, at all times, it is a Spirit filled only with good, only with grace, only with peace, only with beauty.

Opening my heart, I recognize that I am one with this Spirit that surrounds and supports and sustains me in every moment.  With every action that I take, I am filled to overflowing with the harmony of the Universe.   And I am urged to greatness by a Divine Love within that guides me to thrive as I align my thoughts and actions and desires with a consciousness of unity.

Keeping my vision focused on this Divine Love, I accept the creative nudge that is pushing me toward the life of my dreams.  As I spend time in contemplation, I welcome the energy of my intention, allowing it to flow through me and move me in a direction that is for my highest and best good.  I claim the prosperity and abundance that are my birthright, releasing any thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve me and keep me in a life of mediocrity.  I am here on purpose, for a purpose and that purpose becomes more clear with every day that passes.  I am always in the right place at the right time, meeting other Spiritual beings having a human experience, and it is magnificent.

I am so grateful for the urgings of my intention that guide me to a life well-lived.  And I give great thanks for Divine Love that delights in my success, that is thrilled for my happiness and that seeks to express through me in beautiful ways.

From this place of thanksgiving, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the law, knowing it is already done.  I let go and I let God.  And so it is.

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