Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Are You The Best At?

Nurturing the creative side of me has always seemed like good advice to take.  Allowing for creativity is supposed to use a different part of the brain and sharpen our mental acuity.  So, I've pulled out my flute to begin playing again.  And, I've taken dance classes to get my body moving.   I've also explored writing, painting, cooking and singing.

In reading quite a bit of spiritual literature, a common theme seems to be that we are each here to share our unique gifts and talents.

I thought if I explored a few options, one or two of my creative explorations would lead to finding the ONE that resonated deeply.  I was sure I would suddenly be caught spending all hours of the day following this compelling urge to excel at my gift.

I could see myself moving mountains to play the piano until I mastered the skill with ease and a natural flow.

I felt confident it would be clear that I was meant to sing the lead in The Phantom of the Opera with a voice that made the audience come alive.

Instead, I feel like I'm still standing on the sidelines, waiting for the coach to put me in the game.

So, I'm left asking, what is it that I am the best at?  What is it that I can do that no one else can do quite like me?  The answer that comes back to me is to keep searching until what I am seeking finds me too.

And with that, today I set the intention to continue fostering my creative talents until I discover the one that I am the best at, allowing my life to thrive in new and meaningful ways.

"As you shift and change your own experience, the experience of 
the whole human race begins to shift and change as well."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Taking a breath and turning my attention within, there is a sweetness that is the all-good of Spirit.  It is a Divine Intelligence that is more beauty, more joy, more love than can even be imagined.  It is seen in the smile on a child's face and is felt in the softness of a caress.

I am an expression of this Divine Intelligence, being lifted into a greater version of myself in unique and beautiful ways.  I am the vehicle for the One Life to shine here in this moment and every moment going forward.  My heart and my mind remain open to the possibilities being created as I allow the strength and wisdom of Source Energy to sustain and support me.

In this moment, I accept the magnificence that is seeking to express through me.  My unique gifts and talents begin to reveal themselves as I step out and try new creative ventures.  Whether it is singing or dancing or playing music, there is a genius within that is unfolding beautifully and perfectly.  I am raised to my highest expression of the One Life as I embrace the many different choices of creative opportunities.  I welcome the journey of discovery and know that what I am seeking is also seeking me.  And, I affirm that the Universe is supporting me in this journey of discovery with a love beyond explanation.

Accepting my good, my heart is filled with gratitude that there is so much Life still to discover.  I give thanks for my unique gifts and talents that touch and bless not only myself but others around me.  And I say Thank You, Sweet Spirit, for a life that is thriving, filled with huge abundant prosperity and abundance in health, wealth and happiness.

Breathing in the gratitude, I release this prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing God's got this and it is done.  Joy fills this moment.  And I say Amen.  Alleluia.  And so it is.

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