If I am going to change and if I am going to serve, I need to let go....of a lot of "stuff".  I'm taking away my labels and looking at myself with fresh eyes.  I will not limit myself and will not persist in presenting myself in a certain way.  I give myself permission to be enough.

This is who I am.

Beyond that, I started Simply Intentional as a way to add some personal creativity into my life. Now that I am officially a Licensed Practitioner, I continue to push to discover who I really am and what my unique gifts and talents are.  One thing that has consistently shown up is my enjoyment of writing.

My writing provides evidence of what I am practicing - affirmative prayer, meditation, contemplation, visioning - and how impactful it truly is.   It provides an outlet to move from my logical mind into my feeling heart.  That is where real transformation is taking place.

And, it lets me be me.

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