Monday, May 13, 2013

Programmed For Fabulousness

I'm back from vacation this week and life goes on - back to work, doing laundry, cooking meals - slowly losing the vacation glow a little at a time.  I've become really clear, however, that it doesn't have to be that way.  Why can't I make every week a vacation?

So, for my intention today, I'm borrowing from Marianne Williamson's Facebook status. I intend and affirm that my week ahead is already programmed for fabulousness.  The purpose for my affirmative prayer is that my thinking is aligned with the force that makes it so.

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment - the moment of each heart beat, the moment of the flower blossoming, the moment of each breathe - there is only One.  One Energy that flows through all, One Love that moves through all, One Abundance that supports all that is.  

This energy that flows is a power that is available and always present within all that is and that includes me.  I call this power God and know that with this power I can move mountains, I can calm the seas and I am the power that can choose love, love for others and love for myself, knowing we are all part of this One.  

I am filled with possibilities and I am encouraged to see the fabulous moments as I stay present in the Now, as I stay connected to my Source.  With each breathe I take, so my thoughts are filled with the wonder and the miracles that show up  - awe-inspiring miracles and small miracles - all of it is beautiful and beyond what I can even imagine.  As my day unfolds, I am guided in my choices, knowing that each choice leads me to another fabulous unfolding of events.  It takes my breathe away and makes me smile as my thoughts manifest into more loving relationships, increasing wealth and abundance of resources, amazing work that makes me come alive.  It feels so new and so fresh in each moment and I know that it only gets better as my day moves into my week.  

I am so truly grateful for my connection to Source and I am so thankful for the blessings that multiply in my life.  The peace and the serenity that surround me as I savor the joy and the excitement are astounding.  There is a shift as I am set free to see the amazing life that I am living each and every day.   Thank you, Universe, for the comfort of knowing you are the force that makes it happen and I need do nothing but let myself be guided and supported by Your love.  

I release my words to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing as I have thought it and felt it, it is already happening.  It is already showing up and I acknowledge and accept that this or something even better is mine now.  I let it be so and so it is!