Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daily Intention for April 30, 2013

Today, I allow good things to happen in my life and stay open to the flow of miracles.    I can let go of being responsible for the how, turning that over to Spirit, and l can let life be easy.

Affirmative Prayer:
In each and every heart beat, there is only one Presence and one Power flowing and supporting and sustaining.   This heart beat that is life-sustaining is also flowing through me, in me and as me.  As I feel my heart beating in my chest, I accept this and bless this as a reminder of how beautifully I am supported without having to consciously do anything on my own.

I am never separate from this pulsating of life which not only shows me that I am enough, just as I am, but when I open to the possibility of all that is, it is more good than I can even imagine.  Miracles are every where and I am transformed as I see all the good that continues to flow.  And I am part of this circulation, easily moving through my day, smiling as I pass others who are in this same flow, all being a part of the one Presence within.

My heart is wide open with gratitude as I let Source, Spirit, God, permeate all that I do.     Thank you, God, for the amazing miracles you make available if I just let go.  I need not figure out anything, but can allow the flow with confidence that Source has my back and has already taken care of my good.

As I release my words to the Law of Life, I rejoice and I celebrate in this knowing and in this peace of being exactly where I need to be in each moment.  There is so much good in the world and it all flows with ease and with grace.   And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Step Back in Line

As I set my intentions and chase my dreams, it seems a bit like a roller coaster ride lately.  The journey is not feeling easy and I imagined having a plan for my life would help release some of the fears and anxieties I hold as a Spiritual being living a human existence.  How can I get into the flow of ease and practice the art of allowing?  I suppose in a way life IS helping me to release as I work through the feelings that come up as I declare what my plan is.

So I choose to remember I can get off the roller coaster for a turn or two and get grounded.  Physical exercise is often the best way for me to get centered.  I go for a bike ride or take my dog for a walk.  I breathe in nature and start to feel my balance restored.  I allow myself to be who I am, not diminishing any of the feelings I've been having, but taking the time to go within.

Then, I get back in line to hop on the roller coaster again and I let the Universe support me in miraculous ways.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daily Intention for April 28, 2013

Today, I allow my dream to expand as I plan and take one step at a time.  I am humble enough to admit I don't know it all and that I simply need to take each day as it comes, doing the best I can for exactly where I am at right now.

As my dream expands, I stay the course.  It may appear to get hard but I don't give up.  I listen to the inner doubt, I acknowledge it and then I push through it.  It's wonderful to know I am supported as I practice this thing called life.

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."  ~ Babe Ruth

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment is the presence of the Divine, of Spirit.  It is the presence of life, always in alignment with the good and more good, with the power and more power, with the love and more love.

It is reflected back through me as I open to the Truth of who I am.  Every word I speak begins in this consciousness of Spirit as me and through me, expanding and expressing as I speak and think.  

When the hard works shows up, I step into the realization of who I am and I have no anxious thought as I roll up my sleeves and get down to business.  I affirm that I am more than enough!  My dreams are God's dreams as me and they are always perfect.  The plans I lay out are exactly what they need to be and I trust and take a step toward my dreams each day with the faith that I will reach the pinnacle.  Spirit, soul, mind and body are all working together to support and sustain me in my plans and my vision.  

And I am so thankful for the warmth of the Divine Presence that fills me as I take one step at a time.  Thank you, God, for guiding me through my choices and directing my steps.  I lovingly release my words to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing that each and every experience is already available and already complete in the mind of the One.  I simply get to listen, to make a choice and to experience.

I let it be so and so it is!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Try So Hard

I consider myself someone who try's really hard to surrender and accept what is.  So, after setting my intention yesterday to let go and accept what is, I hop in the car and what comes up on the radio - a song by Amy Grant, "Don't Try So Hard."


While I'm not Christian in the traditional sense, I am Spiritual and even though her lyrics mention that God gave me his Son, I look past that and see the Divine using her song to speak to me.

"Sandy, don't try so hard".  God does give me grace and I am enough just as I am, right here in each and every moment.  I am worth it and I can let go of any feelings of unworthiness.

Just to be clear tho' -  every emotion you're feeling does have a reason.  Feelings of unworthiness or not enough may show up.  Our work is to accept even those feelings and move through them, remembering we are enough exactly as we are.

Embrace every feeling that shows up, sitting with it just as it is.  And then remember who you are.  As Amy says in her song, "You're lovely with your scars.  Don't try so hard."

Friday, April 26, 2013

Daily Intention for April 26, 2013

Today, I intend to let go of the struggle and accept what is.

By letting go of the struggle, I am choosing to invite in an awareness of the neutral observer.  I let go of the imperfections of my life and embrace love, knowing I am always connected to Source.  As I surrender, I open myself to receive miracles.

Affirmative Prayer:
In the beauty of this day, there is only good and there is only God.  Like the sun shining and the breeze blowing, this presence is bright and filled with freshness.  And as I let the sun shine on my face and the breeze blow through my hair, I recognize the good and the God that is flowing through and around me, as me.

I know my life is perfect as I embrace all that is.  I focus on the all-good as I move through every moment of my day.  I release any thoughts that hold judgement and I notice that it is all here to support me in my highest and best.  Life is so good and I see the miracles everywhere.  

I am so grateful for the all-good.  Thank you, God, so much, for the acceptance of all that is and all that is not.  I'm grateful for the blessings and the miracles and ability to see them in all that is around me today.

And I let it be so.  And so it is!