Friday, June 21, 2013

Releasing Lack Consciousness

"Money, money, money...", the classic ABBA song has been going through my head all morning.  The song continues, "in a rich man's world."  And, immediately old thought patterns start to spring up, especially the "could have been" thoughts.

If I had money, I could have gone to a better school, could have formed my own business, could have travelled the world, could have a Mercedes.  What am I trying so badly to capture?

It is true that having money does allow me to do the things I desire and I always feel less stressed when my bank account balance is in good shape.  But, am I really missing anything by not living in a rich man's world?

There has definitely been a lack consciousness that I have carried around with me, likely picked up somewhere growing up as a child of always having "just enough" money.  We had just enough for fairly healthy food, just enough for decent clothes although nothing designer, and just enough to vacation occasionally.

OR, maybe it's a feeling of not being worthy of having more than enough money in my life.  Who am I to deserve a life of opulence and abundance?

Then again, it could be tied to my lack of generosity.  I've tried to share the little wealth that I did have but again, feelings of lack have prevented me from being as giving as I have been called to be sometimes.

It strikes me that just by noticing these thoughts and feelings, I can start to acknowledge them and release them.  And, pushing myself even further, I can bless any people or circumstances that I have been blaming during my "could have been" rants.

As Marianne Williamson says in "The Law of Divine Compensation", the Universe is self-organizing and self-correcting.  The Universe has a way to make sure I get whatever I may have been pushing away through my blaming because my heart is closed.  When I open my heart by blessing those I have blamed, the Universe finds another way to give to me because it has been held in trust for me this entire time.  It's all there - I just need to be able to receive - and God is ready to give.

Understanding this truth for the first time, I am ready to flourish and that will mean recognizing and changing what I have been telling myself about what I can or cannot be or do around money.  That is the key.  I've had it all along and have not been willing to use it.

It's funny - today, a commercial for the new Audi R8 came on and it was $999/month for the lease.  *gulp*  I commented to my husband that it was just under $1000/month for the car of my dreams.  He replied that if you think about it, his 2013 Honda Accord is just under $500/month and he easily makes the payments.  Maybe my dream car is a possibility when you reframe how I look at it and at money.

So, today I am going to fully embody and embrace the rich person that I am.  Not only financially but I am rich in love, in health, in family, in friends.  As I look for the evidence of my wealth and prosperity, I notice that it just keeps getting better!  I have so much to share and it feels good.

Okay, bring on the Audi R8 - I'm ready Universe!!

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment is a breath.  In this moment is a heartbeat.  In this moment is light from the sun shine, warm and bright and life-giving.  It is all Divine and I am one with the Creator of every breath and heartbeat and ray of sunshine.  I am enfolded by peace as I am guided and cared for by a love that flows through and as me.

As I embrace and lean into this Power that I call God, I release any unrest and anxiety I hold around money.  I affirm the richness of my life, declaring it and knowing it fully expressed in every way possible.  The energy that is money moves and I am a vehicle for circulation.  More and more I am trusted with financial abundance as I share the generous prosperity I have been blessed with.  I rest in the knowing of the wealth of my relationships, of my health and of my community, savoring the feelings of expansion and expression that this wealth has provided for.

And I pause in this feeling of great gratitude for the connection with my Divinity, thankful that I am never separate from God, the always in-dwelling Spirit that lifts me up to new heights.  Thank you, God, that I am rich and thank you, God, that I know my worthiness.  It all belongs to you and I am here to share my gifts and talents, tithing in perfect ways for me.  It is okay to have money and it is safe to have money and I am grateful for this knowing.

Releasing my word to the Law, I again say Thank You, knowing it is already done in the Universal Mind.  The breathing continues and the heart beats and sun shines and I let it be so.  And so it is!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Timing of the Heart

You would think this might be a post about relationships based on the title, however, I've been working on listening to my heart, to my intuition and to my instinct when it comes to making choices in my life.   I believe, more and more, that when I ask a question of the Universe and then listen with my heart, I will be more in alignment with why I am here.

And, I need to not only listen but I need to act.  This is where timing comes into play.  Timing is of the essence when my intuition says this is the next step to take.  If my instinct says "call this person" or "go to this place" or even "clean the clutter from your home", I take notice and I get moving.

I may have no idea of where it will lead to.  What I DO know is there are infinite possibilities available to me and I can not always see where an action might take me on my journey.  I don't have to see.  I simply have to KNOW that Spirit is listening to me and is communicating with me.  And more than that, Spirit LOVES me.

I have a dream for my life and the Universe lovingly supports me in that dream.  I am being lead to new spaces and I can release fear.   There is no wrong choice as I listen when my instinct says, "Don't purchase that item right now".  I trust that feeling of patience and Divine timing and I continue to ask God to show me the way.  Then, I simply need to tune in (get still, meditate, go for a walk).

I may even fail when I take an action that is heart-based.  And, I still trust that the failure was a necessary step in my evolution.  I would rather risk failure than avoid a brilliant success (a scary thought, I know).

So, today I set the intention to get more in touch with my intuition and my instinct and to take action right away.  Life loves me and all is well!

A quick tip:  try using Louise Hay's mirror affirmations if you find you're getting down on yourself.  I used the "Life loves me, Sandy; life loves she, Sandy; life loves you, Sandy."  Say it out loud, silly as it may seem.  In just a few minutes, I could feel the chemical shift in my body.


Affirmative Prayer:
There is an unlimited Power and guiding Force creating a journey and a path filled with experiences of hope and joy and enthusiasm and good.  This guiding Force is my vision and my feet as I travel through God's life as Sandy, expressing in a new and unique way each and every day.

Living Heaven here on Earth, I affirm today that I have all the tools I need to take action as I tune into my heart.  I listen to my intuition as it directs my steps.  I have no need to be discouraged as my instinct is true and always has my highest and best in mind.  I am teachable and I am open to new spaces and places and people, trusting they are showing up in my life for Divine, perfect reasons.  Knowing the Power and the Presence that I call God is always available, I am always ready for new actions and I take them without hesitation or doubt.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the support and love of the Presence that guides me.  My choices are Divinely guided and I am thankful in every moment for this guidance.  Thank you, God, for the blessing of my intuition and my instinct.  They power and fuel my steps.

Releasing this prayer into the Law that is All-Good, I smile as I know it is already happening now, in this very moment.  It unfolds gracefully and with ease and I let it be so.  And so it is!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Keeping a Low Profile

Life gets busy for all of us.  We work eight hours (at least), we take care of our families, we make time for fun and in the course of all of our busy-ness, our bodies sometimes get neglected.

And, just like that, we're hit with a cold or an injury or something that forces us to slow down.  That is what is showing up in my life right now.  After quite a bit of travel for work, I managed to pick up a doozy of a cold INCLUDING losing my voice.  I'm now on day two of squeaking and squawking and it's not pretty.  It's pretty frustrating actually.

It occurs to me, though, that I am being swept by the Universe into a time of gathering my energy.  I am being forced to slow down.  My body needs rest and I am drinking water like crazy.  And I feel it's all guided by Spirit who is trying to tell me that I will need my energy for the upcoming demands that will show up as I set intentions to live my passion.

I am focused on living my purpose and discovering what that purpose truly is.  In order to do that, I have to trust that I am guided in all things including giving my body some down time.  Everything happens in perfect Divine timing and if I believe that, it's okay to take a break from the hustle and bustle and treat myself to a nap.

I have to let go of the belief that I need to push through my illness.  Maybe what's required is to sit with my sore throat and sniffles and nurture myself with some hot tea.

It goes against my grain to slow down, especially around my work out schedule.  I HATE to miss my exercise and feel like such a slacker when I skip it.  But, I noticed yesterday when I decided to take the dog for a 20-minute walk, it felt GOOD.  The sun was shining and my sinus' cleared up.  It was so awesome to breathe freely!  And, it connected me to a feeling of being supported by something bigger than me.

So, today I'm choosing to lay low and give myself a break.  I will let my angels, both physical and spiritual, help me as I take care of myself and heal.

And this is a promise I'm keeping.

Affirmative Prayer:
There is only One.  One Source, One Power, One Presence - joyful and loving, flowing through and around all that is.  In the stillness and tranquility, I embrace this joyful Presence that surrounds me.  I let this Power wash over me as I take my next step on this journey as Sandy.  I let the clarity of my heart guide me, trusting that I am supported by this Presence that I call God.

In this clarity, I am infused with a feeling of love and harmony, a feeling of peace and bliss as I follow where I am guided.  I let go of the need to work hard and I embrace the chance to slow down, to stop and smell the roses, to play and to dream and imagine.  I have more than enough time to take a nap, to stroll down the path rather than run, to soak up the sun and let myself re-connect to my Source, to my Provider of all-good.  It is a beautiful day and I am free to spend it as I choose in each and every moment, knowing I am supported fully in all of it.

I give thanks for this knowing - this knowing of the Presence that is joy and love and tranquility.  I live in gratitude that even when my physical voice is gone, my thoughts and feelings are creating a life beyond what I can even imagine.   All that I need to remember is my connection to Source and let peace rise up to support me and I say Thank You for this peace.

I release these words to the Divine action of the Law, knowing that the flow of the Universe has it.  I am free and I am loved and I let go and let God.  I let it be so. And so it is!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Letting Go To Make Space For Something Even Better

Well, here I am again.  Moving into a new home in another few weeks after only one year.  And, it's even smaller this time.  1264 square feet to be exact.   I'm actually very comfortable with the move and have been thinking of how I'm going to redesign from what we had done previously (think shopping!).

What's not so comfortable is what I am having to release and let go of because it just won't fit.  I'm sure this is a needed cleansing of things in my life which are no longer serving me, however, it's been a real cause of some anxiety for me.

First, our backyard furniture has to go because we now have only a balcony.  It was a lovely table for six with comfy chairs,  a bar table with chairs, our fire-pit and patio heater.  I think mostly I may be mourning the wonderful times I've enjoyed using the furniture - family get-togethers, celebrations, sitting quietly reading my book.

What I'm really having a hard time with, to my surprise, is my dining room table.  It's a lovely wooden table with the knotty wood visible and seats six with plenty of room.   The conversation back and forth with my husband has been do we take a leaf out and use that in the new place but even then, it's still too big.

Plus, we have to get a storage place somewhere for all of his "stuff" that has been sitting in our garage so I thought perfect - we can keep the table in storage.  His latest idea to run past me, though, was to sell the table and get something new.  Granted my table is about five or six years old but I really love it!  I bought it brand new and it's been through some experiences with me.  How can I just sell that?

In a recent moment of contemplation about keep or sell, I decided to stop and ask the Universe for some guidance.   Standing in my kitchen, drinking my smoothie, I paused, took a calming breath and just relaxed my thoughts as I gazed out the backyard.  Then, I just asked a simple question - what is best for me?  To sell the table or to keep it in storage.  I said a quick prayer and released it.  I let go of any fear and knew I would be given the perfect solution.

Going back to my smoothie, I started scanning my emails on my cell phone.  An email pops out at me from with my Daily Tarot.  On a whim, I open the email and it tells me that my power today lies in possession.  "I choose not to be bound, identified or paralyzed by ownership, possessions, or means in order that I may always have a free hand and room to grow."

Yikes!  Okay, Universe, I hear you.  I have been affirming better things but I'm not making room for them.  It can be scary to let go.  What if I don't find another great table like this?  What if I don't have the money to purchase the new table I really want?

So, rather than resist the letting go, I'm setting my intention to be grateful for the opportunity to welcome something even better into my life, something that will likely be for my highest and best outcome in the new move.  And I'm thankful to Spirit for the privilege of demonstrating my faith and my trust that I am supported, no matter what.

I'm digging deep and letting go of attachments to things that might be preventing me from an outcome filled with grace.  And in making this decision, I am empowered.

Anyone wanna' buy a table?

Everyday Miracle Affirmation:

"We don't ask God for too much; in fact,
we ask for too little.  Turn to Him for
everything.  Give everything to God."
~Marianne Williamson

Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Clear to Allow for Something Better

We all have adopted attitudes, beliefs, concepts and behaviors that shape who we are.  If we look at our lives and what is around us in physical form, it should give us a pretty good idea of what those beliefs and attitudes are.  

As I focus on my spiritual path and get clear on who I am, I have to make time to inspect my values and determine which are no longer serving me.  I need to clean my internal house and release outdated attitudes that keep me stuck in place.  When I take an inventory of how I feel about what is here now, I can get see what my beliefs have been and I can choose to take a new look at things.

Right now, I am judging myself for weight that I am gaining.  Even though I'm really good with my exercise schedule, I LOVE food.  And, most of the time, I eat very healthy, however, the weekends KILL me - Friday night happy hour, Saturday dinner out and Sunday mimosas and french toast.

By Sunday night, I'm condemning myself for not being stronger and saying NO to some of the things I've eaten and all the wine I've enjoyed.  What beliefs am I holding about myself and my body that are causing this feeling of judgement for being 10 pounds overweight?  More than that, what beliefs are causing my body to hang on to all the calories rather than let my metabolism burn them off?  And, how can I look at this differently?

There is a behavior of eating that is no longer serving me and I'm not clear that sheer will power will fix this one.  So, I'm asking the Universe for help.  I'm setting the intention to let go of old beliefs about my weight and my eating habits.  I'm asking Spirit for clear signs, and I'm allowing for even better things to take their place.

Interestingly, already the questions are flowing from me:  Do I feel overweight because of how others will see me?  Is someone else's opinion of me and my weight more important than how I feel about myself?  Is this really a self-confidence issue? Am I buying into race consciousness that says we gain weight as we age?

Wow, I think I'm on my way to a discovery.  And, so it starts.

Get Inspired! Affirmation:

When you are at peace with yourself and
love yourself, it is virtually impossible to be

~ Wayne Dyer

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Does Transformation Bring Discomfort?

Transformation means change, plain and simple.  Does it also have to mean pain?   I prefer to use the word "discomfort".  I know, they may be awfully darn close to some people but discomfort sounds a bit more friendly (I think).

When I give birth to a new version of me and allow the Universe to guide me during the process, it may feel uncomfortable and it may look messy.  This is where I'm really called to trust that even in the less than pretty moments of my growth, something beautiful and magnificent is on its way.  

If I show up to the changes from a place of love, taking responsibility for all of it, then I find it feels less like a whack on the back of the head and more of a pin prick.   The Universe really does wants what's best for us in the best possible way - it's our human tendency to fight and think we know better that causes the grief.

When I keep my eyes fixed on my higher power, I realize it's like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.  It will be worth the discomfort in the end and I can make it as easy or as hard as I choose.  And I choose to be in gratitude for all of it.  

When my husband and I found we needed to move about a year ago, we knew it would be messy.  We had ten years of a life well-lived packed into 1500-square-feet along with two children and a dog.  And that's when our true practice of gratitude HAD to take place.   We both had to surrender to the inevitable and have faith that this move was bringing something even more awesome into our lives.  

For me, I believe it was coming from a place of gratitude every day that helped us avoid the pain and only experience the discomfort of releasing physical "stuff" we had accumulated.  Sure, it did definitely take consciousness of the situation each day as we packed and sorted and gave away quite a bit, however, it brought us closer in our relationship with each other, with our kids and gave us clarity on our path towards accepting who we really are.

Through it all, I hold to the promise of Spirit, of God's, unwavering love for me.  Joel Osteen said recently, "When you begin each day in faith, anticipating something good, God tells the angels to go to work and arrange things in your favor."  The Universe is here to support and love us through all of our experiences and we can choose to label it painful or we can merely go through some discomfort.

Today, I set the intention to choose love and let the Universe arrange something even better than I can imagine for me.

Prepare yourself for miracles today.  Be open to 
what is beyond your theory of what you deserve
and how the Universe works.

~ Robert Holden

Friday, June 7, 2013

Let People Surprise You

When I really look at the belief systems I hold today, it forces me to re-evaluate my point of view on a number of topics.  I've noticed that I will sometimes "judge a book by its cover", boxing people and events into categories I hold internally.   And, I can see patterns emerge in definite areas, especially finances and health.

When I see someone driving a super nice car (think Maserati) or wearing really nice clothes, I box them into the "unapproachable and spending too much money on unimportant stuff" category.   If I see a person indulging in a heavy meal, they are placed into the "they're going to die young" slot.

And, these judgements definitely evoke an emotion, usually NOT on the positive side.  Either I feel lack and why them and not me or I get snarly and feel "I am holier than thou".  For me, I am coming to learn that these are limiting beliefs I'm carrying and I need to move through them, realizing that I don't want to be this way anymore.

So, here's the part I love.  It's knowing that we are all part of the One and that I am always at choice to how I respond, even when it's the voice inside my head.  Even more than that, what I see in others is also available to me.  The healthy, fit person that I may be envious of is also available within me if I just call it out.  The person who seems to drip with money is someone whom I should congratulate and encourage because it is also possible for me to achieve that, if I desire.

Living from a place of letting people surprise me allows me to reveal more of who I truly am - a spiritual being having a human experience.  It takes a bit of practice to stop the inner critic when it shows up but the more I choose see the God in others, the more I am coming closer to being uplifted by being in community and fellowship.

Holding the intention to see others from my heart, not my head, also provides an opportunity for my vulnerabilities to be exposed.  When I drop my guard and live my life, my heart may be hurt by another or I may be criticized for how I look, however, I am also letting someone else be their authentic self.  

That is when I truly get to know someone for who they are.  We are all on the same journey and it is beautiful and it is sweet to develop relationships that are more than surface level.

My life might not always be perfect, according to societal standards, but I know that I AM perfect, whole and complete and I can see that same perfection in others.

And, I hope I am seen by others that way too.

"The world was not created once and for all time for each of us individually.  There are added to it in the course of our life things of which we have never had any suspicion.
~Marcel Proust

Get Inspired! Affirmation:


Being relaxed, at peace with yourself
confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and
free-floating - these are the keys to
successful performance in almost 
everything you do.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cease and Desist on Doing It All By Myself

I have an independent spirit.  If there is something to be done in my life, I can do it all on my terms.  That way, I can make sure everything turns out according to my plan.  I have the vision and I know the best way to get from A to Z.

And in the process, I am learning that when I try to do it all on my own, I shut out the possibility for something even greater to show up.

Sometimes, my plans turn out as expected, however, other times, it is such a struggle to get things done.  I stress and fret and it just builds upon itself until I blow a gasket.  Then, I am left with nothing.

So, there is going it on my own and then there is inviting in help and partnerships from others.  When I give up trying to do it all by myself, I invite in the opportunity for the Universe, for God, to help in ways that I often never thought could happen.

When I let go and remain open to assistance from others, sure enough, people show up in my life.  I go about my day, working through my tasks, and an email pops up recommending a book I should look at.  Or, someone calls suggesting a different approach I had never considered.  Or, I am introduced to a person with expertise in an area that I need help with.

And, as a result, my worry and my stress about situations starts to dissipate.

More than that, when I reach out and ask for help from others, I'm astounded at what returns to me.  I not only get the help I need, I usually get more.  And, I've been told it has made them feel good to help me.  When you look at it that way, I was able to give them a gift, simply by asking them to help me.  It's a win-win for both of us.  Wow!

When I let myself be dependent on Spirit to help, I can relax and trust that it is all taken care of.  I need only hold a clear intention for my vision and let what wants to happen unfold.

I can be at peace and move gracefully through each situation.

I can let go of the stress and struggle and let it be easy.

All I need to do is cease and desist and take a helping hand.

Affirmative Prayer:
There is a Presence and a Power moving through all that is, through a space of love and peace, surrounding all that exists in perfection.  This Power moves through my heart and through my thoughts, bringing me into relationship with my perfection, just as I am right now.  There is no resisting, only allowing, as the presence of God seeks to express in remarkable ways.

I release my need to do things all by myself and I allow the love of Spirit to bring others into my life, knowing they are there to help and move me down my path.  And I am here to help others too.  It is a beautiful knowing that we are here, not to compete, but to cooperate and to create.  I affirm that my world is full of people who are seeking partnerships so that we might all live our highest and best lives, so that we might all share our gifts and talents unique to us alone.

I am so grateful for the Power at the center of my being that aligns situations and circumstances for my best day ever, for my best month ever, for my best year ever.  Thank you, Mother/Father God, that my life is sweeter just because You are here to help me and to guide me.  I trust that all is just as it should be.

I release my words to the law, knowing it is already done.  The connections are made and the partnerships are showing up and it is all good.  And so it is!  Amen.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Use Gratitude with Caution

A few months ago, it seemed life was throwing me issue after issue.  Financial challenges, issues with my husband, having to move out of the house we'd been renting for ten years.  It was difficult to understand what was happening.

That's when I was forced by the Universe to go back to basics.  Good, old-fashioned prayer and making a list of what I was grateful for.  And, I couldn't simply repeat my gratitude list each day - it had to be five new things for which I was grateful.

It turns out that simply being grateful creates amazing things in life.  It's no wonder that Jesus started each of his prayers by saying "Thank You".  And from a space of very little, life can turn around.  To be clear, gratitude is not about getting what your ego thinks it needs to stay one step ahead of the Jones', so to speak.  You need to come from a place of real gratefulness.

The true insight comes from just starting where you are, even if you don't feel it.  At a minimum, you can be grateful for your vision or mobility or that you have a place to lay your head at night.  Pretty soon, if you make a practice of gratitude, you'll notice the blessings increasing - friends who love you no matter what, birds singing in the trees, a warm blanket on a cold night.

The challenges are still there, however, what is showing up makes me realize I'm in a much better place.  I have a budget I can stick to, I have two daughters who will step in to help and support me, no matter what, and I have paid off my Lexus in full (very sweet feeling!)

Gratitude brings transformation.  If you want to grow into who you are meant to be, start making a list every day of things you are grateful for - no  repeating - and notice what happens in your life.   Be careful tho' because I can guarantee you will see a shift.

And when the shift starts to happen, don't worry that you're not able to handle it.  Just be grateful for all of it and trust that the frustrations and the struggles and the achievements are leading you to a mastery of using gratitude toward an inevitable life of ever-increasing good.

Go ahead, I dare you!

Affirmation from the Personal Affirmations by Eugene D. Holden, RScP, SOM 2013.

I am grateful for this morning, this day, and this moment.  I am grateful that all of my needs are met now.  I am grateful for my friends and family.  I am grateful for this thing called life.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Engage and Participate in Life

Settling into a routine is easy.  During the week, we work 9-5, we pick up food for dinner, we watch our shows on TV.  On weekends, we clean the house, spend time with friends, visit a favorite place.  And so it continues on, week after week - lifestyles are formed and habits are developed.

I am likely the worst offender for routines.  I will eat the same things for breakfast and lunch at roughly the same time each day.  My exercise schedule is fairly set - run on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday, bike on Tuesday/Thursday, always at 3:30pm.

So, I started wondering -  am I really participating in life if I am set in a routine?  What showed up for me is that I enjoy the things I do most of the time, however, I'm not really engaged and living up to my possibilities.  If I am here to share my gifts and talents, then I need to start mixing things up a bit to allow for a life that is extraordinary and wonderful, beyond the good that I am enjoying now to the greater good that is available to me.

I know there are scientific benefits for our brains when we step out and do something different, however, I believe there are also mystical benefits.  I believe it is an opportunity for the Universe to align us with experiences that will shift our lives and take us down the path of our dreams and desires.

So, here's the challenge - pick an activity or make a conscious choice for 30 days to do something differently.  Yikes!  Immediately a little anxious voice pops up - are you crazy!!!  Maybe....but if I'm going to grow and if I'm going to live my dreams, I MUST take action, no matter how silly it seems or how small it appears.

I'm making my list of some options and I expect it will be fluid and change as new ideas become available.  And, I am asking my husband to keep me accountable.  I will have to share with him the one thing I did differently.  I know my tendency to cheat or to stop because it's too hard :)  In fact, I'm going to intentionally add a few things that are fearful for me.  Wow!  What am I getting into?

My list:

  • Paint my nails bright pink (and leave on for at least two days)
  • Walk the dog in a different neighborhood
  • Greet my husband at the door with a big hug
  • Have dessert first for dinner
  • Volunteer my time with a local organization
  • Play my flute again (and maybe even take a lesson)
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Sit in a coffee shop and just be present
I expect some issues or obstacles may show up as I shift my routines, however, I'm certain that means I'm making progress.  I set my intention to move through whatever shows up and will allow the Universe to do its thing.  Wish me luck!

Affirmative Prayer:
There is a goodness that flows in this very moment, surrounding all that is with love and harmony and grace.  It is creating possibilities and sustaining hopes and dreams.  This goodness is also creating and sustaining in and through me and I call it all God.

Every creation is divine as a I surrender to something bigger than me, as I allow it to move me and guide me and inspire me.  This Divine Presence is never separate from me and always available and all I need to do is look within.

I make myself available to engaging in my life fully, to participating in new ways and to show up as someone who moves through it all with grace.  My routines are changing and there is a peace as I allow for doing things differently - for enjoying an ice cream cone for dinner, for surprising my husband with a kiss at the door, for exploring new neighborhoods, and for simply sitting on a park bench and being present.  It is all for my highest good and I am blessed with opportunities as I am guided in my choices for doing something in a different way.

I am so thankful for the goodness of Spirit that flows in me and as me, prospering me in every area of my life just for doing something out of the ordinary.  I am inspired and have such gratitude for the ways in which I am supported by the Universe, making clear my path to be the extraordinary person I am in each moment.

And I release my words to the action of the law, knowing it is already done and I am given clear signs if I just listen for guidance.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Transformation Through Journaling

This week I've been thinking a lot about journaling and the creative process.  Journaling has been a practice that produces real results in my life.  And, frankly, that can be somewhat terrifying.

Journaling makes me available and receptive to hearing guidance from the Universe.   And when I take the first step to write down my feelings and beliefs, using my imagination to create a life of possibilities, things start to show up.  Most of the time, they're small and I barely notice them, however, big changes are starting to surface and it feels like a major shift is coming.  It's big and it's scary and I'm not sure sometimes that I want to be nudged by Spirit into greater expansion.

What if the life I've been imagining and that is being created by my thoughts is based more on ego and what I've been fed by the media?  Or is this simply resistance to moving outside my comfort zone as I become more of what is seeking to emerge through my life.

As I learn to move through my fears and into new territory, I'm taking advice from something I heard from Michael Bernard Beckwith - move into willingness.  When I move into willingness, not willfulness, the Universe can give me its gifts.  Life is designed so that when I yield to the vision of becoming more and raise my consciousness, I can trust that I am compelled into right action.  I back all of that up with affirmative prayer, giving thanks that each choice I make is guided by Spirit for my highest and best.  I can release the fear that I'm living from ego and know that everything I am creating is a perfect unfolding for my dynamic well-being.

I can now hold onto a feeling of excitement rather than dread and have faith that I am so connected to something bigger than me - to God, to Source - that I am, in each moment, willing to let go and push past the scary feelings.

Within me is a yearning for becoming something greater than I can even imagine.  For me, the best way to discover that and allow the good to flow through, is to write it down - to have a dialogue with Spirit through my journaling.  I am being stretched and change is happening so I must expand.  But, I trust that as I write, I am also safe and supported.   I am no longer resisting and I am on purpose.

So my intention for today is that even when the ride seems scary, I jump on with enthusiasm, trusting that I am safe.

"As we seek to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in our everyday affairs, we should think of ourselves as being Divinely guided, affirming that our mind is continually impressed with the images of right action, and that everything in our life is controlled by love, harmony and peace; that everything we do prospers, and that the eternal energy back of all things animates everything we undertake."
~Ernest Holmes
(from Can We Talk To God?)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being Resilient

Resilience, it's a simple concept, right?  The ability to bounce back to whatever "normal" means to you.  For me, it always seems like such a big action - bouncing back after bankruptcy, loving again after a painful divorce, moving forward after a surprise lay-off from your job.

What if resiliency also happened in small ways?  In fact, what if the smaller acts of resiliency are really what strengthens and shapes our beliefs.  If your significant other forgets something you perceive as important, how do you respond?  If your boss tells you they're disappointed in your performance, what action do you take?  If your see your dog shredding an important paper, what is your first thought?

Stop and take a look at how you handle the smaller incidents in your life.   I would wager if you handle them with a mindfulness of the situation, your ability to bounce back from the bigger experiences that life hands you is pretty strong.  On the other hand, it you struggle with the small hurdles, this is your opportunity to build your resiliency muscle.

When the dog shreds your paper, you want to be able to take a breath and realize it's very likely you can get another copy rather than yelling and getting upset.  When your boss makes you feel less than adequate, you want to be able to walk away and take a few minutes to be grateful that you have a source of income.

Your experience in each situation is up to your choice in how you react.  The Universe is offering you the opportunity to  be peace when you affirm that you are peace or to be love when you declare that you are love.  And it's giving it to you in baby steps.

How will you show up to the opportunity to be resilient?  Will you have faith and trust that Source has your back?  This is your opportunity to go beyond - to really build that muscle and know that the God within is always working for your highest and best.

And, you WILL thrive.  That is the intention I hold today.

Affirmative prayer:
Within everything and everyone is a good that I call God, moving and breathing and having its being in all that is.  It is an intelligence that knows all that we need in each and every moment and is supporting and sustaining with a love beyond measure.

This Intelligence expresses as me in all that I do and all that I say.  It is the Infinite mind of God and I am a part of this mind, guided and directed in perfect ways as I stop to listen and look for my direction.

I open my eyes and see how we are each a part of God, doing the best that we can in any given moment, responding and reacting and getting closer to choices that bring us more into harmony and less into disagreement.  I bounce back from any perceived challenges with a knowing that it is to empower me and I am becoming more resilient and more mindful, being an amazing example of harmony and peace and trust and faith.

I am grateful for the opportunity to improve my reactions to all things human, knowing that I truly am Spirit manifest as Sandy.  With each breath, I give thanks for the grace and the ease in which I move closer to mindfulness and toward an attitude of resiliency.  I am thriving and it is all good!

I release my word to the Universe, to the action of the law, that always says Yes!  Yes, you are resilient.  Yes, you are thriving.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.