Friday, May 3, 2013

Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Facing and healing things that happened in my past (or even recently) can be hard to let go of, if I can even uncover them.  I admit - it can be a challenge to be forgiving and compassionate.   Sometimes, rather than forgive, I would rather hold back, I would rather rationalize, I would rather procrastinate.

For me, if I have to forgive, it means that I have something to feel guilty or shameful about and who wants to think of themselves that way?  The challenge is that pretty soon, my feelings of shame and guilt can become toxic.  How do I move through and past the toxicity toward healing and well-being?

Speaking my truth and knowing I am connected to a higher power, I can allow myself to be helped.  I let the energy of my thoughts and emotions surface and I sit in stillness.  I make time to pray to God, to Source, to Divine Intelligence and I ask for help to release.  I ask for help to shift and to transform.  I let Spirit handle the details and I trust that I am guided.

I open my heart and set a loving intention to forgive all that needs healing.  This includes forgiving and loving myself through the process.  When I shift the energy to love and shift my perspective to the fact that the forgiveness work is really for me, I start to experience the miracle of knowing all is well.  I experience the knowing that I have been set free.

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave." ~Indira Ghandi