Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daily Intention for April 30, 2013

Today, I allow good things to happen in my life and stay open to the flow of miracles.    I can let go of being responsible for the how, turning that over to Spirit, and l can let life be easy.

Affirmative Prayer:
In each and every heart beat, there is only one Presence and one Power flowing and supporting and sustaining.   This heart beat that is life-sustaining is also flowing through me, in me and as me.  As I feel my heart beating in my chest, I accept this and bless this as a reminder of how beautifully I am supported without having to consciously do anything on my own.

I am never separate from this pulsating of life which not only shows me that I am enough, just as I am, but when I open to the possibility of all that is, it is more good than I can even imagine.  Miracles are every where and I am transformed as I see all the good that continues to flow.  And I am part of this circulation, easily moving through my day, smiling as I pass others who are in this same flow, all being a part of the one Presence within.

My heart is wide open with gratitude as I let Source, Spirit, God, permeate all that I do.     Thank you, God, for the amazing miracles you make available if I just let go.  I need not figure out anything, but can allow the flow with confidence that Source has my back and has already taken care of my good.

As I release my words to the Law of Life, I rejoice and I celebrate in this knowing and in this peace of being exactly where I need to be in each moment.  There is so much good in the world and it all flows with ease and with grace.   And I let it be so.  And so it is!