Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Treating Myself Well

After wrapping up the last pieces of our move to a new home, I am feeling the need for some self-care.  And yet, I have been on a budget and doing really well at sticking to it.  So what the heck is a gal to do when the longing for a day at the spa is not a line item expense that's been accounted for?

What this means for me is setting the intention to get the most bang for my buck and thinking outside the box for what treating myself well truly is.   There are some areas that I'm taking good care of myself, my eating and my exercise being the ones that stand out, however, I'm looking for something that will shift the routine things I do and feel a little decadent as well.

Spending some time in contemplation, I realize that I can combine a few things that I enjoy and still keep it budget friendly (after all, I do live in California!).  I love the beach, taking walks or just sitting on a blanket with a good book and a picnic lunch.  Or, I live near a beautiful park and could simply take my book and blanket over there during my lunch break from work (beats eating at my desk).  Or, there are a few nice restaurants in the area that offer happy hours.  Why not treat myself to a glass of wine and some appetizers AND save money by going to eat a bit earlier than usual.

Of course, there are also the coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial that offer some pretty good deals so if I wanted a mani/pedi or a massage, that could be an option.   Not to mention, my neighborhood does an awesome Food Truck Friday get together.   Why not grab a chair and enjoy the community atmosphere.  The challenge I'm facing now is that REALLY, there are so many options, I'm not clear on what will satisfy this need to be nice to myself for a day.

So, I'm thinking it has something to do with feeling worthy and deserving of doing something nice for myself.  It hasn't been an issue in the past but I've been told that I'm a bit selfish and "all about me" often times.   Acknowledging that feeling, I'm turning to some tried and true tools in my Spiritual tool kit - affirmations and Afformations (borrowed from Noah St. John).

Looking in the mirror, I affirm that "I am valuable and worthy of treating myself well."  I also affirm "I have more than enough money to do something nice for myself." And, I Afform, "Why am I so deserving of doing something nice for myself?" and "Why is it so easy to enjoy a little pampering?"

I notice I'm feeling lighter and a picture of the desired outcome is taking form.  It's so awesome how quickly things can change by just starting, right here and right now. I have faith and trust that the perfect self-care solution will present itself.  I only need to hang on to the awareness that I am enough and I don't need anyone's approval to be nice to myself.

Today, I am happy and let the expectancy of something wonderful pull me forward.   Besides, who can turn down a Food Truck gastronomic experience.


I release the past with ease and
trust the process of life.