Monday, July 1, 2013

Is It Important To Accept and Go With The Flow In My Career?

Very often, I meet people who absolutely love what they are doing in their career.  They enjoy their livelihood and look forward to beginning their job each day.  For me, I'm feeling that I'm ready to do something different.  I'm ready to grow and make a contribution in a different way that feeds me and brings me bliss.

And I'm torn as far as a solution.  Don't we all have a life purpose?  Why is it such a challenge to find mine?  I realize that life is about living in the present moment and being present flows easily in every other area of my life.  When it comes to my job tho', I get knots in my stomach when I try to simply be present and do the work.  

I have journaled around my feelings, trying to work through the fears and the anger and any other emotion that shows up while I'm writing.  And I've tried to get advice from those who seem to have it figured out but it's always something different with each person I speak to.  I've also gotten clear on the characteristics I'd like in my employment and to be fair, quite a bit of that has shown up in my most recent job.  

What I've drilled it down to is that I want to be the CEO of my livelihood.  I am seeking liberation from having a boss and personal independence from the sales quotas and quarter-end stressors (kind of timely given the July 4th Independence Day is in a few days).  

Knowing that, how do I express what's most important to me in my work?  I am now paying attention to the areas of my life that I do enjoy.  I LOVE music and am enjoying playing my flute again (playing the piano is next up).   I get excited about other languages and have been teaching myself Spanish in preparation for my next trip to Mexico.

I am a New Thought junkie and can spend hours listening to Hay House Radio or reading Wayne Dyer or Marianne Williamson or Eckhart Tolle.  Even Ernest Holmes is compelling to read at times and if you've ever read Science of Mind, your jaw may be dropping right now.  

Looking at my list, I realize that I value creativity.  So, how do I express that creativity in my career?   Here's where I believe I have to accept and go with the flow.  If I honor that creativity in the small steps I'm taking and continue to ask , "Where can I be creative today?", I TRUST that an intelligent Source that is guiding and sustaining ALL things, is also guiding and sustaining me.  

There is a wise place inside of me that knows the answer and I need to connect to that place, getting into my heart and asking the question every day.  I'm also going to try asking the question at night before I sleep and write down what happens in my dreams.   If that is how Source is choosing to communicate, I don't want to miss it!

For whatever reason, I have a yearning coming from my soul for a change.  I am going to honor that yearning and experience the flow of whatever shows up from what I now know I value.  

So today, I accept what is and express myself creatively, confident that it will be amazing!

Affirmative Prayer:
There is only One - one Love that is always present and available in each and every moment of the day and night, 24x7, 365 days a year.  This Love exists within me and flows through me, never separate and always supporting.  Just like my heart beats, this Love beats within and through in perfect timing and rhythm.  

As I slow down and allow the creativity to spring from me, I am at peace, trusting that each small step is in Divine order.  Affirming a confidence in my surrender to what is, I know that something bigger is being birthed in my career and livelihood.  Knowing I am loved, I am inspired to express my creativity in my music and in my language and in my reading and learning.  And I am lifted in amazing ways this day and this week, beyond what I can imagine.  

I am so grateful for the gentle way the One Source guides me, lovingly moving me down my path.  Thank you, God, for the awareness of your Presence in my life, your creativity flowing through me in perfect ways.  My livelihood is exciting and filled with bliss each day that I wake and I am thankful that I can follow my excitement and I am supported financially as I do.

I release my prayer to the Divine action of the Law, knowing it is all lined up and happening now.  There is a happiness in the release and knowing that I can let go and let God.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!