Saturday, June 8, 2013

Does Transformation Bring Discomfort?

Transformation means change, plain and simple.  Does it also have to mean pain?   I prefer to use the word "discomfort".  I know, they may be awfully darn close to some people but discomfort sounds a bit more friendly (I think).

When I give birth to a new version of me and allow the Universe to guide me during the process, it may feel uncomfortable and it may look messy.  This is where I'm really called to trust that even in the less than pretty moments of my growth, something beautiful and magnificent is on its way.  

If I show up to the changes from a place of love, taking responsibility for all of it, then I find it feels less like a whack on the back of the head and more of a pin prick.   The Universe really does wants what's best for us in the best possible way - it's our human tendency to fight and think we know better that causes the grief.

When I keep my eyes fixed on my higher power, I realize it's like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.  It will be worth the discomfort in the end and I can make it as easy or as hard as I choose.  And I choose to be in gratitude for all of it.  

When my husband and I found we needed to move about a year ago, we knew it would be messy.  We had ten years of a life well-lived packed into 1500-square-feet along with two children and a dog.  And that's when our true practice of gratitude HAD to take place.   We both had to surrender to the inevitable and have faith that this move was bringing something even more awesome into our lives.  

For me, I believe it was coming from a place of gratitude every day that helped us avoid the pain and only experience the discomfort of releasing physical "stuff" we had accumulated.  Sure, it did definitely take consciousness of the situation each day as we packed and sorted and gave away quite a bit, however, it brought us closer in our relationship with each other, with our kids and gave us clarity on our path towards accepting who we really are.

Through it all, I hold to the promise of Spirit, of God's, unwavering love for me.  Joel Osteen said recently, "When you begin each day in faith, anticipating something good, God tells the angels to go to work and arrange things in your favor."  The Universe is here to support and love us through all of our experiences and we can choose to label it painful or we can merely go through some discomfort.

Today, I set the intention to choose love and let the Universe arrange something even better than I can imagine for me.

Prepare yourself for miracles today.  Be open to 
what is beyond your theory of what you deserve
and how the Universe works.

~ Robert Holden