Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miracles in Bumps and Glitches

Belief is a strong attractor.  What I see in my world today, what has come to life for me, is based on what I have believed in the weeks and months preceding today.   So, if I believe in miracles, they should manifest in my life, correct?

The thing to remember about miracles is they don't always come in pretty packages.  Often, miracles come through the adversity we face in this human incarnation.  Even Disney movie characters go through their challenges to find their Prince.  Snow White was poisoned by the Queen and Cinderella had to endure her wicked stepmother.

What if the miracle means enduring a bankruptcy only to have an awesome job show up on the other end that pays more AND you've got a budget in place to manage your money better.  Or what if the miracle means foreclosing on your dream house only to have a new opportunity turn up in a place you've been longing to live AND it's easily affordable.  Maybe we need to clear some clutter to really appreciate and be able to handle the unexplained blessings.

We are here to grow and to learn how to be happy despite circumstances. So, when there is pain, if we can realize it is only temporary, we are given the opportunity to practice peace in the midst of the upset, to trust that God is our source and supply.

And, the sooner we learn this, the faster we seem to move through the struggle and the disappointment.

THIS is where the miracles start to show up.

Bottom line, always remember, all of our needs are met - ALWAYS!  If I believe and if I KNOW this truth, THAT is what I will manifest in my life.

So, my intention for today is to move easily through the bumps to realize the miracle on the other end.

Affirmative Prayer:

There is a flow in the Universe that is abundant and prosperous and filled with life well lived.  This flow of Spirit is always available and I only need to stay rooted in openness and receptivity to recognize it is all around me, supporting and sustaining me in every moment.

Now is the moment that I step into the fullness of life.  Knowing there may be bumps in the road of my journey, I embrace them and move through them with grace, realizing a miracle awaits me in every minute that I remain open to the Source of my good.  There is a sweetness in the delays and obstructions and seeming distractions when I choose to see they are guiding me to more love and more abundance than I can even imagine.

I am so grateful for the dazzling light of Source Energy that changes my life for the better as I accept the blessings and the miracles.  And I give great thanks for the indwelling God, the I AM THAT I AM, as I am embraced and shrouded in love.

Affirming that miracles abound, I release my Word to the action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  Life is prosperous, life is good, and I let it be so.  And so it is!