Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stuck in the Mud

After writing yesterday about my career crisis, I thought I had a workable solution.  So I started my day by asking "Where can I be creative today?", then got quiet for about 10 minutes.

After that it was time to work as I had several meetings and emails to return since being on vacation.  After my first meeting, I felt called to take a break and pull up the Super Soul Sunday section on OWN.  I've looked at this site previously and viewed a few of the older videos.   Today, I went to the video tab and scrolled through until I came across an Eckhart Tolle interview done last year.

While still attending to my work, I clicked play to listen to one section.  It was pretty good stuff so I clicked to the next and took a moment to watch.  Oprah and Eckhart were talking about how to know when to accept a situation and when to change it.

They used a "stuck in the mud" metaphor.   Most of the chatter is usually, "I'm so pissed off I'm stuck in the mud" or "Why is it always me that gets stuck in the mud."  To turn it around, first, you accept the situation as it is right now without labeling it.  (In my case, I can substitute "mud" for "job").  And, NOW, a greater intelligence arises as you remove yourself from the mud.  Otherwise, if you continue the anger or the victimization, you will always remain angry and a victim.

Hello!  I should know this stuff by now.  I've been stuck in the mud!!  I've been giving away my power by whining about why I don't have bliss in my job.  Instead, I should stop and let the "Is-ness", as Eckhart puts it, be my starting point.  As I choose to do that in each moment that the monkey mind chatter arises, I open myself up to the connection with Source that can propel me forward into a career that makes me come alive.

It will take some practice, however, as I am seeing, the beauty of setting intentions is that things like this show up to move me one step forward in my Oneness with the Universe.  I'm sure I may have moments again where I forget to be in what IS but all I need to do is set the intention and follow my intuition and I will be set back on course through ahah! moments such as I had today.

The opportunity is there to take back my power and today I choose to get out of the mud.   And so it is!


All that is mine by Divine Right is
now released and reaches me in a
perfect way under Grace.
~Florence Scovel Shinn