Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayer is Essential

Scrolling through Facebook today, the post by Ernest Holmes really resonated with me.  It is the reason that I not only set intentions but include an affirmative prayer.

As Ernest says, "Prayer IS essential..."

"There is a vitality in man's relationship to the Infinite which is productive of more good than any other vitality man has ever encountered in the journey of his evolution.  As fire warms our bodies, as food strengthens us and sunshine raises our spirits, so there is a subtle transfusion of some invisible force AS WE PRAY..."  
~Ernest Holmes, It's Up to You.

Prayer is one of those things that we usually do when we're going through a challenge.  

Dear God, please make this go away.  

Often, it's pleading and begging.  

Dear God, why me?  Dear God, if you let me win the lotto, I'll go to church every Sunday.

There are absolutely times when prayer in the form of a simple conversation with God is necessary.  But, when we come to realize the power in a tool like Affirmative Prayer, it DOES produce real change and real results in our lives.

We come to see there is no need to plead or beg to a Source outside of ourselves.  It is a recognition that God is all there is and we are one with God.  And, you can replace "God" with "Source" or "Universe" or "Spirit" - whatever is going to mean the most and bring you into the feeling tone of knowing we can never be separate from what Ernest calls, The Thing Itself.

As you remember who you are and realize that the good you desire already exists and is being called into form in perfect, Divine timing, this is where we start to fully live. And, for me, this is the essential nature of prayer - recognition that we are perfect, whole and complete, no matter the human outer conditions we are experiencing. 

Then, we can see we are in relationship with the Infinite Source of good.  We are guided by Grace as we travel our life's path.  We start to see answered prayer and often, life feels easier.  

The one thing I would like to stress is that once you pray, LET IT GO.  Let God be in charge of HOW your answered prayer shows up.  TRUST that it will unfold as it should and ALLOW for a miraculous solution to surprise and amaze you.

So, my intention for today is that I pray, I let go and I let God amaze me with the potential for my life now.

Affirmative Prayer:

There is a Power and Presence that is right here, right now, illuminating and guiding every step.  This Power that is Infinite Source is confidence and strength, eternal and loving.  In the exhale of a breath, this Infinite Source empowers and strengthens me.  And there is a clarity, as I move into relationship with the Presence, guiding me on my journey here on Planet Earth.

Knowing my journey is guided, I affirm that I am safe to pray and release and let things unfold for my highest and best.  The past is no longer, the future holds no fear, there is only Now.  And my now is amazing!  There is a peace that passes understanding as I release and surrender to Divine will.  The potential for my life is magnificent and extraordinary.   I breathe, I detach, I grow and I heal.  

I feel a deep gratitude for my relationship with Spirit, with the Infinite All-good.  And I am thankful for the love and the compassion that restores me to my natural Divine state.  As the energy of an awesome life moves me, I need do nothing but be willing and to know there is always answered prayer.  

Aligning with the Infinite, I release my word to the action of the Law, knowing it is already done, lovingly and with ease and grace.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.