Friday, May 2, 2014

If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

Life is a never-ending process of lessons.  That is something I am whole-heartedly convinced of.  This week I was reminded of one of those lessons when I picked up the book God Never Blinks by Regina Brett.  Randomly flipping through the book, it opened to the chapter titled, If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get.

I have sometimes been challenged to speak up for myself, especially when there is potential conflict involved.  I'd rather sacrifice my happiness than ask for what I want.  And, just like the author, my husband, Kevin, is NEVER afraid to ask for what he wants.

If his french fries arrive cold, he asks for fries that are hot.  If he'd like a better seat at a restaurant, he asks if one is available.

Why are we reluctant to ask for what we want?  The book suggests there are three reasons: pride, fear and guilt.  And I can see how those might apply to me as well.

However, I now believe there is a fourth reason we don't ask - laziness.

As my fellow students and I were studying for our upcoming licensing exam, our teacher asked us to talk about one area we are cowards in.  I mentioned my conflict issue.  After explaining I would rather sell the condo than deal with issues from tenants, he suggested that maybe I am making a conscious choice to spend my time elsewhere.

He then proceeded to call me lazy.  Wait, what???

Hmmm, would I rather be reading or watching a movie or playing a card game versus working on self-improvement or putting together a budget or screening new tenants?  Sometimes, that true.  Then, I was gently reminded of a few times I pro-actively took on conflict and I had no fears or concerns about doing so.

Shoot, he might be right!  I may not get what I want because I'm too LAZY to take action and ask.

I guess it comes down to priorities.  How important is it to have hot french fries versus lukewarm fries (hey, I'm putting cold ketchup on them anyway).  Or how important is it to have a prime window seat versus one that is near the window (at least, near enough to have somewhat of a view).

What I'm learning is that I am just as deserving as anyone else to have hot fries and window seats.  And, I need to quit being lazy and start speaking up.

Why do I need to begin doing this when it seems a little trivial?  I believe it's because the Universe is conspiring for my success and when I don't make the effort to ask for what I want, I'm also sending signals that having what I really want is not that important.

If my prosperity and abundance and joy and happiness are not a high enough priority for ME, why should Source or Spirit or God support me?  I've let my soul know that it's okay for It to be lazy too.

And, if I'm too lazy to even ask, the answer is always NO.  No to prosperity and abundance.  No to joy and happiness.  I had already given myself the answer.

So, starting today, I'm taking a look at areas where I have been lazy and I'm committing to choosing one thing to start moving forward on.  It's just like everything in life.  All it will take is for me to start with small steps and pretty soon, the Universe will take notice and begin speaking up loud and clear.

Where in YOUR life can you be bold and ask for what you want?  What one thing can you ask for today?

Today, I set the intention to pay attention and notice when I am not asking for what I want so I can shift my priorities, if necessary, and let the Universe know I'm ready to receive.

"We are living in a new age, a new time, when things must be different.  You cannot 
continue to do what has always been done.  Something or someone must change.  
It might as well be you!  You have the opportunity.  The only thing you need
 is the strength and courage to recognize that you have been chosen for
 the awesome task of implementing change."  

"The storehouse of nature is filled with infinite good, awaiting the touch 
of our awakened thought to spring forth into manifestation in our lives."  

Affirmative Prayer:
The truth in this moment is there is only One - one Divine Intelligence filled with love and with compassion; One Creative Power revealing Itself in magnificent and brilliant ways; One Divine Essence that supports and sustains all of creation.

Breathing in this moment, I become available to the inner voice of this Intelligence and Power that renews my mind and body and spirit.  I awaken to my Divine Essence, seeing the infinite Good express through and as me in loving ways that serve from a place of joy and happiness.

Affirming the infinite Good that is always mine, I seize the opportunity each day to ask for what I want.  I release any feelings of laziness that might be holding me back and I step up in courage and faith, trusting that the Universe is guiding me to my highest and best good.  I welcome the fresh insight that opens my eyes to opportunities for prosperity and abundance.  I am led to people and places and experiences that make it so easy and effortless to ask and to receive.   Taking small steps, blessings flow as evidence that my life is on track and getting better every day.

Remaining open to every day miracles, I am so thankful for the good that is revealing itself in my life.  I stand in appreciation for the awakening of what has been hidden in plain sight.  And I am grateful for my expansion into more prosperity and abundance and love that uplifts me now and forever.

Filled to the brim with pure, unconditional love, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  I take delight in the manifestations happening now.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!