Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sneezing The Weekend Away

I can tell it's the start of May because my allergies have kicked in <ugh!>  So, this weekend I'll be heading over to the coast to get away from the pollen.  I'm staying at the Seascape Resort with some girlfriends and am so excited because it's one of my favorite spots in Northern California. What are you doing this weekend?  Enjoy whatever it is...and here are a few fun links from around the web.

Did you know you get endorphins when you eat something spicy?  No wonder I love those crushed red peppers on everything....

30 cool high tech gadgets to give your home a futuristic look

Is it true that I no longer have to avoid butter, cheese and red meat?

I'm a huge Nora Roberts fan and looking forward to reading her latest book

This summer is looking to be a pretty good movie season

Win, place, show: Here are your three Julep recipes for Derby weekend

15 daily struggles when you're not a morning person

Kevin Spacey, Jimmy Fallon & the Ragtime Gals turn 'Talk Dirty' into a barbershop masterpiece

The happiest states are also the prettiest - and mine did not make the list <sad>

5 wine facts to impress your tipsy friends

Only Pottery Barn would come up with planetary cakes for kids - love it!

And celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some great tasting food, including a Watermelon Margarita <yum!>

Enjoy your weekend!  And don't forget this advice from the only female jockey in the Kentucky Derby, Rosie Napravnik:  "When you're coming down the stretch, in a drive, nose to nose with somebody - it's either going to be you or him."  Good luck Rosie!!