Thursday, May 8, 2014

Can You Acquire Faith?

"Faith is a mental attitude toward life which can be cultivated.  It can be consciously acquired.  Any desired state of consciousness can be acquired if we work at it long enough." ~Ernest Holmes, How To Use The Science of Mind.

Last weekend I was sitting in an airport, waiting to catch a plane to Pittsburgh and wallowing in my unhappiness.  This weekend, what a difference!  I spent time with girlfriends at a beautiful ocean-side resort, enjoying every minute of our time together.

I absolutely believe that making a conscious choice to up-level my thoughts during my spiraling misery manifested into the amazing experience I just had, filled with laughter and joy and sharing.  And, so, while I know that what we focus on is what we attract, it also reminded me that what we focus on will multiply - beyond what we might even imagine.

This experience also reminded me that my faith is being up-leveled too.  Most of the time, I'm convinced I have the faith that everything is working on my behalf.  But events and circumstances creep up on me and before you know it, I'm looking at what appears in my life and thinking that life is just a crap shoot, led by luck and by chance.

What I have been TAUGHT about faith previously is that I either have faith or I don't - there is no middle ground.  And what I'm LEARNING is that faith is something we acquire as we go through the phases of our life.

So, when I'm feeling unhappy, it's a time to cultivate my faith and trust this is for my best.  When I'm feeling hurt by someone else, it's a time to believe there's a bigger plan at play for my life.  And when I'm feeling bored or stuck, it's a time to get quiet and shift my mental attitude to hear the still voice within that is guiding me.

Then, when I start to see situations revealing themselves in a way that works out even better for me, my faith grows.   By working on my spiritual practices consistently, I can expand my faith so that it becomes easier to leave behind the thoughts that life is all about lucky moments.

My life is at choice, NOT at chance.

As I keep putting my attention back on what I want, and hold the increasing faith that the Universe is supporting me in realizing my dreams, I notice that I get less uptight about issues and more accepting of the notion that I'm doing the best I can and getting better each day.

Faith is an evolution of my consciousness, shifting from 'life is happening TO me' toward 'life is happening FOR me.'

And, as difficult as it can be sometimes, I'm beginning to appreciate the times in life when I need to dig deep for my faith.  I am seeing that often there is a nugget of gold buried within the lesson and only with my growing faith am I able to find the buried treasure.

So, where are YOU at with your faith?  

Today, I set the intention to cultivate my faith that the Universe is always working for me, letting go of the negative thoughts around difficulties and having the courage to learn from them instead.

"I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted; I started giving it to myself."  

"You have only just begun to discover your magnificence.  This period of your life 
marks a New Beginning.  You can feel it.  And you have only just begun 
to know the treasure and the glory of You."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Breathing in and letting go, there is a consciousness of Spirit and a deep knowing of Divine Wisdom.  It is an endless cycle of renewal just as each Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter is a time of renewal for all that is.  And as the flowers bloom each day and the trees stand strong, this Creative Intelligence never wavers in the pure joy and happiness of Its nature - Divine Love.

Feeling the energy of Love being called forth from within, I am in harmony with the joy and happiness that is expressing through me.   As Divine Power surrounds me, I relax into the grace that flows in me and as me, moving effortlessly in all areas of my life.  I am nurtured and sustained in this present moment, never separate from my all-knowing Source of perfection, of beauty and of peace.

Declaring the perfection of my soul as my Truth, I am free to laugh and sing and dance, enjoying my life as I up-level my thinking. I embrace a deep and profound awareness that my faith is always growing, always being acquired, and I can release any barriers I have built to prevent my magnificence from being discovered.   I welcome the new possibilities for my life as Spirit reveals Itself as courage and I am a channel for this expression of learning and adventure.  I am guided and I am directed in all that I do and I revel in the knowing that my present is shaping my future in beautiful, amazing ways.

I am deeply grateful for the courage to be exactly who I am meant to be, knowing I provide value in what I do.  I am thankful for the situations that come into my life at the right and perfect times, allowing me to grow and cultivate my faith.  And I am filled with gratitude for the events that propel me forward into realizing the dreams for my life.

From this place of deep gratitude, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  I see it, I believe it and I let it be so.  And so it is.