Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Experiment With...Mental Equivalents???

Over the past week I have been playing with the do-it-yourself energy experiments from the book by Pam Grout, E-Squared.  The point of the experiments is to prove that your thoughts create your reality.  I've had one amazing result already as far as receiving an unexpected blessing, however, I also wonder how my beliefs are going to effect these experiments.

I say that because I can repeat affirmations and I can journal and focus my thoughts on what I would like to see manifest in my life but I if I don't believe it - whether it's believing I'm worthy or believing it's attainable or whatever my story is - I wonder if I can still put out the energy that will attract it.

There are two things I will need to hold on to steadfastly if these experiments are going to be successful.  First, faith and trust that my desires are coming from the Universe.   Knowing that truth is going to play a big part in the energy I'm sending out.  Second, I will need to establish what Ernest Holmes calls Mental Equivalents to that which I am desiring.

A mental equivalent means your thoughts can only create that which you are mentally able to embody. For example, if I desire to be a millionaire but have no thought for what that feels like, it will be difficult to see that manifest in my life.

The first piece - faith and trust - are something I have been cultivating and they're feeling pretty strong within me.  So, it's going to be the second piece - establishing mental equivalents - where I will have some work to do.

For me, mental equivalents start with telling myself a new story.  One of the desires that pulls at me lately is to be effectively self-employed, making an above average income, working only 3-4 days/week and doing something I love.  The challenge is how do I determine what that FEELS like.

Looking at it more closely, what I really desire is the financial security and the freedom to be always at choice as to when I will work.  I have spent so long being told that I have to go to a sales conference that will eat up part of my weekend.  Or I will not be allowed to take time off at the end of June or at the end of the year.

And - I'm done with that!  So, first I'm forgiving every boss that I might still resent for taking away my freedom and I'm replacing that with gratitude for the experience, knowing that each of them was doing the best they could with what they knew.

Next, I'm taking time each day to act as if I was already self-employed.  I get up each morning as if I have to be at my desk at a certain time - however, I fit in my workout in the morning because I have the freedom to do that with my new livelihood.

And I look for areas where I can be of value to others.  Since my time is my own, if a friend needs to have lunch to work through an issue or if my husband needs me to run an errand during the day, I simply say "Yes, I'm absolutely free to help with that!"

As I'm doing this, I'm also getting really clear that self-employment doesn't mean that I have to create a new business, one with a structure that I have to establish.  Instead, I can step into a livelihood that has some of the structure set in place and I am simply making that structure work for me and for my desires.

THAT is becoming my new story - that I can be self-employed and successful at it because the framework for success is already in place.  I simply need to contribute my gifts and talents in that specific area.  AND, that whomever has the framework in place does not have the power over my schedule - my schedule is set by ME and it works for everyone.

Lastly, the big question that I continue to ask through this process is how does it serve ME?  Yes, I realize that life is about being in service to others but, right now, I need to include myself in that service.  How will my new employment allow me to express MY dreams and desires?

Going through this process is connecting me emotionally to what I wish to create.  And this is where the energy for attraction is the strongest.

If we connect emotionally to our desires, the Universe conspires for our success and it can happen in the blink of an eye.

Like with anything, the more I apply this and practice this, the better I will get at it.  Now that my new story is unfolding, I'm taking this one step further.  I'm setting BIG mental equivalents.  Why not, if the Universe is truly unlimited?  And its on to the next experiment - woo hoo!

So what mental equivalents would you like to establish in YOUR life?  And, do any limiting beliefs come up when you try to put them in place?

Today, I set the intention to establish BIG mental equivalents, knowing I am a field of infinite potentiality and therefore, can push what I desire to attract to even higher levels.

"The authority of your word, your prayers, your meditation, is in the Law of Good
 and not in you at all, any more than the authority of gravitational force is in you
 as a person.  That authority is divine; that authority is as absolute as you 
permit it to be.  Our experiment is not with the power or the goodness or the 
presence or the love or the truth or the beauty of God, but with ourselves."  

"To be a true explorer in science - to follow the unprejudiced lead of pure 
scientific inquiry - is to be unafraid to propose the unthinkable, and to prove
 friends, colleagues, and scientific paradigms wrong."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within, there is one Infinite Intelligence that is revealed in the early morning and uncovered as each day unfolds, washing over all that is.  It is a Power and Source that flows through every nook and cranny of the Universe and knows only peace, only love, only harmony.  

This Source awaits my use of It and I allow the goodness, strength and power that is Divine Wisdom to move through me.  I rejoice in the truth of knowing I am a unique individualized expression of Spirit and my life is God in action.  I am one with the light of the Universe and I am carried by Divine Grace that lifts me to be more in all that I do.

Opening myself up to be guided and directed by a Universe of possibilities, I am empowered to reach for higher and higher mental equivalents.  I embrace the richness and opulence available to me and I am transformed as the abundance out-pictures in my life easily and effortlessly.  It is an abundance of health, an abundance of wealth and an abundance of love.  My soul cries out for expansion and I create the opening for the expression that frees me receive more good than I can even imagine.  And letting go of any limiting thoughts or beliefs that might have held be back from going to the next level of Life, I align with the Law of Good and welcome the surprising and unexpected ways that my prosperity is demonstrated.

Affirming my magnificence, I give deep thanks for this life that is filled with potential and possibilities.  I am grateful for the abundance that is manifested in beautiful ways.  And I am thankful for the Divine Grace that powers the awareness that everything is working together for my good.

In faith and trust, I release my word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is perfect and already done.  My real self shines!  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Jolene/Flickr