Monday, May 19, 2014

Focus And Affirm....Or Release And Detach?

Be daring!  Be bold!  Call the things you desire into being so that your life will come into alignment with your greatest expectations.  Focus on and affirm the experiences you desire."  -Iyanla Vanzant

This quote pits my feelings from earlier this week to simply ask for help from the Universe and let It take the lead against the desire to dream big and affirm my perfect life into being.  And when Iyanla uses words like "daring" and "bold", it really urges me to take on the challenge.

But - it's almost paralyzing.  There are so many options for tapping into manifesting the life you desire, I want to turn the other way and say "I quit!".

Even though this can make me crazy, trying to figure out what the right approach to take is, I also know that the answer is available to me.  And, after struggling with the back and forth, a couple of thoughts came to me to stop the craziness and start aligning with what will work for me.

First, I need to stop and notice the feelings I'm having around taking the right action.  If I look at my real feelings, the reason I want to manifest some of the things I do is that I envy the folks that have the dream job, the dream house, the dream soulmate.  And they make is seem so easy to create that in their lives.

When I ask how they did it, I get a different answer from every single person.  Meditate.  Visualize.  Feel that you have what you want.  Tithe and give and be grateful.

It seems that everyone found something different that worked for them.  Wow, I get so frustrated with this sometimes!  Can't anything be clear and easy?

As soon as I say those words, what DID become clear is the realization that this journey is really about MY experience in this lifetime and that I can be thankful to others who have what I am desiring.

Thank you for showing me that it's possible.  Thank you for showing me there IS a way to have what I want.  Thank you for believing in yourself enough to know that you are worthy of having it all, and therefore, so am I.

Second, I also noticed that I'm thinking more and more about WHY I am yearning for certain things.  Is this something that my soul is crying out for?  Or is this something coming from the ego side of me so that I can look good or feel important?

So, I have to stop and take an honest look and start to peel back the layers.  Sure, I would like to be a millionaire but is that so I can brag about it or is it really so I can feel financial security?  And, of course I would like my 15 minutes of fame but is that so I can bring value to others in the same situation or is it just a cry out to say "I'm better than you..."

As I become clear on the WHY and release anything that is not coming from my heart,  I believe the HOW will show up.  And here is where my paralysis can turn into action -  or non-action in this case.  Because, what I need in this moment to move forward, is to first focus and affirm my daring and bold dreams and then, DETACH.

Detach from the outcome and how I expect it to look and let the Universe move me forward.

And here is my "Ah-hah" moment.  Rather than pick one or two perfect manifestation techniques, I only need to use what feels right in this moment.  I don't need to focus solely on one tool in my toolbox.
In this case, gratitude, visualizing a big dream, being clear on why I want the dream, and then detaching from the outcome is what feels like the right formula - today.  Tomorrow, who knows what might call out to me to use.

This is not a "One size fits all" Universe.  As a melting pot of unique expressions of Spirit, this is figuring out the right "size" for where you are at in your journey.  WE get to make the decision.

Hmmm, maybe I should journal on that?  ;-)

So, what manifestation techniques have helped bring positive changes in YOUR life?  And do you always use the same ones consistently?  I'm curious....

Today, I set the intention to live my life as a great adventure, choosing to be daring and bold, knowing the experiences I desire are arriving in perfect, Divine timing.

"If your desire is strong enough, it doesn't matter what your beliefs are.  
If you have a desire that is strong enough, that desire will be the dominant 
vibration, and it will over-ride any other vibration that you have."  

"When God put us here He made each one of us just a little different, 
and if Divine Intelligence made each one of us just a little different
 - as though each one were a new mold - then the greatest adventure in life
 would be an experiment with ourselves to see 
what we could do with this thing that is within us."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Closing my eyes and going within, there is a truth that becomes clear - there is only One.  One Creative Intelligence that brings clarity to every situation.  One Divine Spark that lights all paths.  One Infinite Spirit that is the awareness of only good, only peace, only joy, only love.

Bringing my awareness to this truth, my life is activated and set in motion each day as this Creative Source moves through me, in me, and as me.  I am a unique, individualized expression of Divine Wisdom and I trust this wisdom, knowing I am surrounded by grace and beauty with each breath I take.

Standing in the unlimited good of a Spirit that moves through my life perfectly, I claim this moment as a gift and a blessing.  I accept the freedom to co-create a life filled with grand adventures that are divinely designed to uplift and up-level my life.  My life is an expression of prosperity and abundance as I discover who I truly am and I align with the perfection and wisdom within me.  I welcome the infinite possibilities that are revealed as I call into my life that which I desire.  And, I leave behind the dark room and step into the light of day, allowing that light to move me forward as I evolve into my highest and best version of Sandy.

Affirming that I am always in the right place at the right time with the right people, I am filled with a deep gratitude for the blessings and seeming miracles that show up each day.  I am thankful for the peace that surrounds me as I say Yes! to my next adventure.  And, I am grateful for the perfect outcomes as I make choices and chase my dreams.

Embracing the next steps in my journey, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  I am fully present and available to Life.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!  Amen!

Photo courtesy of Nick Kenrick/Flickr