Friday, May 9, 2014

Living A No-Brainer Life

"Take a chance because you'll never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be."  ~unknown

Why does it seem that when I plant seeds of what I wish to manifest in my life and I spend time visualizing and affirming what I want to grow, do I sometimes get withered plants instead of vibrant, healthy roses?  It makes me wonder if I'm having thoughts of "not good enough" or "not deserving enough" hiding somewhere in my subconscious.

This thought came up for me because I thought I had manifested the perfect job.  I get to work from home, I travel occasionally and I like the product I am selling.  Somehow, though, my job success has been marginal and my boss has been badgering me about my results more and more.  Talk about stress!

The seeds I had planted around manifesting a beautiful job have grown into a withered, tired plant yearning desperately for nourishment.

This time, I don't believe it's me and a limiting belief I'm holding.  For me, it's almost as if the Universe is saying, "Sandy, wake up, it's time to make a decision about your livelihood."

So, how do I make a difficult decision like deciding to leave a job?

I was listening to Michael Neill talk about this very thing on his Hay House radio show this week and  he had some timely advice for me.

"Successful people do what occurs to them to do next AND they do it.  
It either works or not.  And then they continue that process."

Talk about being tapped into the Universe and simply trusting in your intuition.  It's so simple and yet, it really requires that I put myself out there in faith (mmm, I was just musing on cultivating my faith this week too!)

He went on to say that these successful people had moved away from a routine of affirmations and other tools and simply did what occurred to them in the moment.  So, we can talk about what we'd like to see in our lives and we can visualize what our dream job/partner/house will look like but sometimes, that just doesn't work.

I absolutely believe there is an Infinite Intelligence that is acting like my internal GPS.  But - I think I may be trying to control the directions that I'm getting when I plug into it.  My soul says "Go left" and my brain says "Make a U-turn."

It's a lesson I continue to have to learn in certain areas of my life.  I know what is calling to my heart and if I tune in to my internal guidance and follow Its lead, I may very well enjoy my life more.

Michael calls this "just-in-time" wisdom.  Go with what occurs to me to do next.  It might not make sense that it will work but when I keep tuning in, more will occur to me to do.  And pretty soon, I have relaxed into life, letting Divine Wisdom steer and I do the best I can in the moment.

So, here is my opportunity to put this into practice.  It's a hard thing to start doing but I believe in myself and I believe in a Universe that inspires and guides and loves.  It's time for me to take a chance.  It's definitely worth a try!

Where in your life are YOU seeing withered plants instead of beautiful flowers?  And what are you going to do to turn it around?

Today, I set the intention to start the process of listening for what occurs to me to do next, letting go of my control and trusting in the Universe's wisdom to steer my life toward greatness.

"We can be certain that there is an Intelligence in the Universe to which we may come,
 which will inspire and guide us, a love which overshadows.  God is real
 to the one who believes in the supreme Spirit, real to the soul 
which senses its unity with the Whole."  

"If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically
 assuming that the Universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another. 
 The Universe has no fixed agenda.  Once you make any decision, 
it works around that decision.  There is no right or wrong, 
only a series of possibilities that shift with each 
thought, feeling, and action that you experience."  

Affirmative Prayer:
In the sacred golden silence, in the calm in the middle of the storm, there is Divine Grace that centers and is grounded in love.   At It's core, it is safety and serenity in the midst of life, it is overflowing good that renews and restores, and it is Divine Intelligence that gently brings wisdom unconditionally every morning and every night.

In the splendor of this moment, I am called to step into a new way of being, of way of allowing Divine Spirit to fully and completely express in and as and through me.   Breathing in that knowledge, I am safe and protected in the Divine embrace of Source.  I am supported and sustained as I celebrate the Infinite Potential that is revealed to me each day.

Listening to the peace as the storm calms and the wind becomes a gentle breeze, I step onto the solid foundation that stands strong through it all.  I declare that strength is where I am right now as I listen and take action on what occurs to me to do next.  My life thrives as I step out in faith and trust that the Universe steers me to my brightest and best future.  Knowing that something wonderful is always happening,  I welcome the blessings that are revealed as I let go and let God.  And I accept the everyday miracles happening all around me,  embracing the potential of Divine Spirit that is available as I apply just-in-time wisdom.

Claiming the well-being that is my Divine birthright, I am filled with deep gratitude for the guidance I receive from Infinite Intelligence each day.  I am thankful for the realization that all of my needs are met, trusting that all is taken care of in perfect timing.  And, I am grateful for the knowledge of my part to play and the wisdom to know when to let Divine Wisdom lead the way.

From a place of joy, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing that as I have said it, it is already done.  Opportunities and infinite supply are here now.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.