Saturday, May 24, 2014

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

Between a college graduation and the new X-Men movie coming out, my 3-day weekend is filling up pretty quickly.  We also have a trip to the beach planned for Sunday so we can take Cody, our Parson Russell Terrier, out to one of his favorite spots.  What's the chance I can turn this into a 4-day weekend so I can just lounge around for a day???  Enjoy your long weekend and here are a few fun posts from around the web....

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Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Jackman face off in a cooler scooter race - funny!

A daily thought to start or finish your day

And a quote by Maya Angelou from Oprah's What I Know for Sure:

"You don't need another person, place, or thing to make you whole.  
God already did that.  Your job is to know it."  

Photo courtesy of Jane Rahman/Flickr