Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Cultivate Creativity

If I am spending more time being in the "Now", being in the moment, am I forgetting how to dream?  This question came up as I thought about Disciplined Dreaming, the Book of the Month at CSL and part of the sermon on Sunday.

My understanding is that using the five techniques in the book will spur creativity.  The piece that caught my attention talked about asking questions.  I love asking questions and allowing the Universe to answer.

Part of what I think I have been missing is curiosity.  In particular, curiosity about practices and processes.  Why things are the way they are.  And, therein lies the dreaming.

While I'm sitting in the Now, enjoying the hummingbirds, I never let my mind wander or contemplate their flight and how they hover, seemingly still, while their wings flutter at incredible speeds.  While I'm enjoying the flowers I pass on my walks, I don't wonder at the fragrances they emit or the varied colors of the petals.

For me to start dreaming about the possibilities, the book suggests asking three questions - Why?, What if? and Why not?  Asking these questions will help you understand how things are currently, what else might be possible, and what the limitations to positive change are.

Just letting questions start to flow randomly, here are a few that came up for me.

Why do certain types of music makes me feel energized?

What if I quit my job tomorrow and took a month to travel?

I don't go for hikes as often as I used to.  Why not?

What's scary is that even as I am trying to ask questions, they are slow in coming.  Have I gotten that rusty in my dreaming?  Is my creativity really that lacking?  Funny that those questions come easily to mind.

I'm considering this the first step toward a new spiritual practice for me - to start asking questions and being curious about life in a way that will develop my creativity and dreaming.  In fact, I am making this my intention for today - to cultivate my dreaming and creativity, savoring the answers that the Universe will provide.

"Give your personal dreams a place to hang out so that you can 
see them in your imagination and they can soak up the energy
 they deserve.  Thoughts are mental energy; they're the currency 
you have to attract what you desire."

"When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, in 
that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have,
 because you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential 
of all that was, is  and will be.

Affirmative Prayer:
In the stillness of this moment, there is a Beauty and a Love and a Grace that surrounds and supports all of Life.  It exists in the hummingbirds and the flowers and it exists within me.  This Beauty and Love and Grace fills me with possibility and I embrace the expansion of Spirit that is happening with each breath I take.  I am a unique expression of the all-good that I call God and I see through a lens of joy and peace as I look outward throughout my day.

Knowing there is a sufficiency of Grace working through me, I allow myself the time to ask questions and dream as a seeker of knowledge.  I explore the possibilities and make room for answers that are beyond what I can even imagine.  The Universe is limitless and there is Power as I tap into the unlimited and imagine what I have yet to explore.  Just by dreaming, I am co-creating a life that works, abundant with opportunities to shine and to thrive. 

I am so grateful that I simply need ask and I will receive.  There is always an answer and I'm thankful that it is shown to me in amazing and wonderful ways.  Love is always present and I am filled with gratitude as my creativity flourishes with Source walking beside me and moving through me.  

Knowing that as I put this prayer down in words, it is already done in the One Mind, I release my Word to the action of the Law.  I can move through my day, staying curious and remaining open to God as my guide.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.