Friday, September 6, 2013

The Empowering Process of Learning to Play

Everywhere I turn, I see the ads for back to school.  Back from vacation.  Back to work.  Ugh!  That's the reaction I'm hearing to the end of summer.

As I continue asking the questions posed in Disciplined Dreaming (see blog post Cultivating Creativity), I have to throw this one out there.   "What if...we got to play ALL the time?"

My first response is Yippee!!  I am outta' here and off to the beach.

The next question that pops up, again from Disciplined Dreaming, is this.  At a certain age, we start resisting going to work and to school.  Why?

What has happened in our evolution that makes us push back against the learning environment of school or the routine of holding a job?  For me, it seems somewhere along the way, we have set up so much structure and developed a world of the "way things must be done to be successful", we no longer embrace having fun.

The answer I get back from the Universe almost immediately -  it starts with me.

So, I have two strategies I'm going to start using and I'm curious to see how they pan out down the road.  First, I'm going to look for ways to make a game out of tasks that have become mind-numbing and less than fulfilling.

I'm sure we have all seen the parent who tries to get the child to eat their vegetables.  We fly the spoon or fork around like an airplane, making silly noises to distract the child and pretty soon, it has become fun to eat the foods that might not be their first choice.  I've also seen A LOT of creative recipes using healthy foods disguised as chicken nuggets or chocolate brownies.

Since I'm in sales, why not give myself points for the number of calls I make to my customers within 30 minutes?  I can earn a different point value if I reach someone live or if I have to leave a voicemail.  A race against the clock to earn points.  Then I can reward myself at the end of the call time.  A different reward based on points earned.

I tried it today and it actually had me smiling by the time I hit the end of my 30 minutes.  More than that, I FELT so productive.  I also noticed that I started humming to myself as I moved through the task (kinda' like making the airplane noises to distract the child).

Second, I do something every day that feeds my soul.

I love music and I love languages and I love riding my bike.  I also enjoy volunteering for certain functions at the Center and taking the dog for a walk.  Between all of these choices, I can find something that calls to me when I need to get back to having fun.

And that's when I have chosen to take a minute to surrender to the Universe.  I have stopped what I'm doing when I can feel the joy being sucked out of me and I open up to the possibility of what to do next.

When I get still for just one minute and ask Spirit to show me something I can do to move back into "play" mode, the answer shows up pretty quickly.  I can feel that internal tug toward some activity that refreshes my energy level.

I've also found that sometimes just sitting still and simply daydreaming is enough to shake me out of my responsible adult mode.  I see this in children too.  They'll sit and start to use their imagination, moving into games and stories that they enjoy.  Pretty soon, they've distracted themselves from whatever was making them unhappy.

 I have been believing that things must look a certain way so that I am provided for.   Wrong!

I am surrendering how I think things should look and turning them over to the Universe.  I am stating my intention to have more fun, trusting that whatever my soul needs in that moment is what I am open to receiving.   And, I am holding no judgement on what it looks like.

Well, sort of...

Dear God, can you please make doing the laundry feel like I'm eating a big piece of chocolate cake???

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only 
help him to find it within himself."

"And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of 
all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that 
orchestrates the dance of the Universe."

Affirmative Prayer:
In the field of all possibilities is a knowing that there is only One - One Mind, One Power, One Presence, that guides just as the stars guide a navigator on the sea.  It is bright with dreams and choices and I let Its light shine through me and and as me.  Remembering the truth of who I am, I allow this Presence to move me in ways known only to Source.

As my soul yearns for the expression of Spirit, in longing to dance and to sing and to play,  I am shown ways to give full expression to my dreams, enjoying the journey in every fun action that I take.  I can skip and jump-rope and hula hoop and laugh, affirming each of these are for the highest and best I need in that moment.  I am free to leave behind how things should be and to embrace the unknown.  I am secure in the spontaneous choices I make and I revel in the adventure and magic that comes from leaning into surrender.

Knowing that Life is always for me, I am grateful that the Universe has my back.  I am always supported and blessed and I give thanks for the sweetness of each day.  In great gratitude, I open to the flow of Spirit and I receive the abundance that I am surrounded by.

And as I am enveloped in bliss and beauty, I release my Word to the action of Divine Law, knowing it is already done and piece of the puzzles matches perfectly.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!  Amen.