Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Strength of Purpose and Passion

At the age of 28, Diana Nyad made her first attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.  This weekend, at the age of 64, she accomplished her task.

Listening to some of the details, I am in awe of her perseverance.  53 hours in the water.  No cage to protect from sharks.  Safeguarding against jellyfish stings.  Swollen lips and tongue.  And - this was her fourth attempt!

Repeatedly, she returned for the challenge.  Why?  What drives a person to keep going even though they are tired and and in pain?  Why did she  keep trying again and again after experiencing defeat?

For me, it seems there are three things that brought her success:  unwavering faith in her dream, confidence in her ability to achieve her goal, and taking actionable steps every day toward accomplishing her dream.

I also considered that there might be something in her past that drove her.  After all, we all have some kind of baggage we carry that directs our actions or responses to events.  But - it doesn't often turn into this extreme drive toward a vision.

From a metaphysical perspective, I believe there was a single reason she continued day after day to chase her dream - she followed her bliss.   I've heard she had such a love for seeing the light shine on the water that it kept driving her forward.

That is one of the beautiful things about the Universe.  It truly is here to support us.  And when we trust what we know, have faith in the dream and do what brings us joy, we cannot fail.   We may not succeed right away and things may get intense but for those who are driven with such a purpose, it's as if they have fallen in love with the journey.

It is a reminder for me to not just enjoy what I do but to be passionate about the path I am on.  In my last post, I talked about disciplined dreaming and asking Why?, What if?, and Why not?.

What if I lived my life with such a passion and a knowing that I could not fail?  

I can feel the nudge of Spirit telling me...it's time to go all in.

"An athlete is an advanced artist who brings the joy of his feelings 
into the activity of his body."

"Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give
your whole heart and soul to it."

Affirmative Prayer:
As the breeze blows through the trees, and the sun shines down on the flowers, there is a recognition of the One Presence and One Power that is here right now, always available and always giving of Itself.  This Presence moves and dances through and around all that is and I am filled with peace and with joy as I become aware of this Power that is also within me.   It is a Power that I call God, lovingly reminding me of the richness of my life when I simply allow It to flow and support me.

Knowing that my thoughts have great power and I am a co-creator with Source Energy, I open myself up to full expression of the passion of my soul.  My life is a reflection of that passion, each day taking shape and form as I dream big dreams and reveal my gifts and talents.  Moving my feet down the path toward my vision, I make time to pray and to give thanks, seeing signs that my life is unfolding exactly as it should be in each and every moment.  I follow my bliss and my joy and I affirm that the Universe rises up to meet me, showering me with good and with abundance as I meet each task I set with confidence.  With a tenacity and perseverance to live my soul's purpose, I am successful beyond what I can even imagine.  

I give great thanks for the all-good of Life, for the ability to use my thoughts to create a life where I can go "all in" and be supported in loving ways.  I am so grateful for the everyday miracles that show up as I pursue my dreams.  And, I am thankful that I can dance with Spirit, embraced in prosperity in every area of my life.  Thank you, God!

Affirming the richness of life, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  And I smile as I lean into the experience of Life as Sandy.  I let it be so.  And so it is.

Diana Nyad