Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Great Spiritual Practices

As I try to balance working a full-time job with practitioner studies, it seems that layer upon layer of responsibilities and tasks keep getting piled on.  On top of that, there are my chores at home - shopping for dinner, cooking meals, walking the dog, exercise.  And, I have to fit time in for my daily spiritual practices - meditation, journaling, visualization.

Talk about overwhelm!

To be honest, most days I manage quite nicely.  But - I can also count on disruptions and distractions to throw a wrench in my plans for the day.  And that's when I believe the Universe is telling me to have faith in the process.   My ego, however, doesn't always listen.

My ego LOVES distractions so that I can complain about what's not working and how it's someone else's fault.  My ego ENJOYS when I am disrupted so I am forced to worry and fret over the state of my finances, my relationships, my family and on and on.

And - if I let myself get buried in those feelings of anger or lack, my ego is SAFE, remaining right in my old, comfortable self.

As I grow into becoming the "real" me, ready to play bigger than I what I have settled for, I am learning to get back into the flow of who I truly am much more quickly.  I am able to turn away from what my ego would like and follow my heart.

There are two things that have really helped me make progress in this area.  First, any time I start to feel that my world may be turning upside down, I take my big tasks and break them down into simple steps.  That is just plain, practical advice - nothing new.

What IS new is I will stop and turn inward for guidance on my next best action.  When I simply make a list from what I think needs to be done, it is still my ego directing the show.  When I hand this over to the Universe, to Spirit, to show me the next step and then, the next step - there is almost an ease that arises from the process.

It is a tangible feeling of peace that I am learning to trust.  No one is out to get me or trying to make me fail.  The Universe has my back and I am co-creating a life of less "blah" and more bliss.

Second, I come back into the moment and I am grateful.  Even if I only have a minute or two, I will stop and take a breath and with each breath, say Thank You.  I may even break it down into what I am grateful for.  Just one or two words.

Breathe.  Good Health.  Breathe.  Sunshine.  Breathe.  Eyesight.  Breathe.

When I pay attention to my breath and focus on gratitude, I can see immediately what's going right in my life.  davidji put it beautifully on his radio show on Wednesday, "In paying special attention to each breath, you let the Universe kiss your soul."

In every moment of my life, I can choose to let ego keep me stagnant or I can choose to live a life from my deepest desires.  So, today, I set the intention to trust the process and take guided action, remembering to be grateful for all of it.

"Like all explorers, we are drawn to discover what's out there
without knowing yet if we have the courage to face it."

Affirmative Prayer:
Infinite Intelligence exists here and now in the consciousness of the One, the Power  that flows and supports the all-good of Life.  It is Divine Abundance and Overflowing Prosperity, healing and restoring everything in its path.  

Knowing the truth that this Power and Intelligence exists within me, I stand strong as I surrender to the joy and to the peace that flows through and around me.  I surrender to the true Self, revealing Itself as an expression through me.  I surrender to a life well-lived, fully present in each and every moment.

And in this moment, I have faith and trust that I am on the path for my highest and best expression of Spirit as Sandy.  Grace guides my step and I need only to stop and turn within to clearly hear and see each next action to take on my journey.  Courage to say Yes! springs forth and I easily and effortlessly connect with the people and the events that allow my light to shine.  Releasing any thoughts of fear or lack, I affirm how truly blessed I am in every area of my life.  I can do everything I am called to do, confident in my gifts and talents.  Anything is possible.

I am so thankful for the way that is made out of no way in loving and beautiful forms.  And, I am grateful for knowing the truth of who I am.  Thank you, God, for the passion and purpose that exists within me.  I am perfect, whole and complete in every moment and it is with gratitude that I recognize a Strength moves in and as me in amazing ways.

Knowing only good is exploding into my life, I release my word to the action of the Law.  It is done in the One Mind and I give thanks and say Amen.  And I let it be so.   And so it is!

Photo by Joana Kruse