Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being Resilient

Resilience, it's a simple concept, right?  The ability to bounce back to whatever "normal" means to you.  For me, it always seems like such a big action - bouncing back after bankruptcy, loving again after a painful divorce, moving forward after a surprise lay-off from your job.

What if resiliency also happened in small ways?  In fact, what if the smaller acts of resiliency are really what strengthens and shapes our beliefs.  If your significant other forgets something you perceive as important, how do you respond?  If your boss tells you they're disappointed in your performance, what action do you take?  If your see your dog shredding an important paper, what is your first thought?

Stop and take a look at how you handle the smaller incidents in your life.   I would wager if you handle them with a mindfulness of the situation, your ability to bounce back from the bigger experiences that life hands you is pretty strong.  On the other hand, it you struggle with the small hurdles, this is your opportunity to build your resiliency muscle.

When the dog shreds your paper, you want to be able to take a breath and realize it's very likely you can get another copy rather than yelling and getting upset.  When your boss makes you feel less than adequate, you want to be able to walk away and take a few minutes to be grateful that you have a source of income.

Your experience in each situation is up to your choice in how you react.  The Universe is offering you the opportunity to  be peace when you affirm that you are peace or to be love when you declare that you are love.  And it's giving it to you in baby steps.

How will you show up to the opportunity to be resilient?  Will you have faith and trust that Source has your back?  This is your opportunity to go beyond - to really build that muscle and know that the God within is always working for your highest and best.

And, you WILL thrive.  That is the intention I hold today.

Affirmative prayer:
Within everything and everyone is a good that I call God, moving and breathing and having its being in all that is.  It is an intelligence that knows all that we need in each and every moment and is supporting and sustaining with a love beyond measure.

This Intelligence expresses as me in all that I do and all that I say.  It is the Infinite mind of God and I am a part of this mind, guided and directed in perfect ways as I stop to listen and look for my direction.

I open my eyes and see how we are each a part of God, doing the best that we can in any given moment, responding and reacting and getting closer to choices that bring us more into harmony and less into disagreement.  I bounce back from any perceived challenges with a knowing that it is to empower me and I am becoming more resilient and more mindful, being an amazing example of harmony and peace and trust and faith.

I am grateful for the opportunity to improve my reactions to all things human, knowing that I truly am Spirit manifest as Sandy.  With each breath, I give thanks for the grace and the ease in which I move closer to mindfulness and toward an attitude of resiliency.  I am thriving and it is all good!

I release my word to the Universe, to the action of the law, that always says Yes!  Yes, you are resilient.  Yes, you are thriving.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.