Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Timing of the Heart

You would think this might be a post about relationships based on the title, however, I've been working on listening to my heart, to my intuition and to my instinct when it comes to making choices in my life.   I believe, more and more, that when I ask a question of the Universe and then listen with my heart, I will be more in alignment with why I am here.

And, I need to not only listen but I need to act.  This is where timing comes into play.  Timing is of the essence when my intuition says this is the next step to take.  If my instinct says "call this person" or "go to this place" or even "clean the clutter from your home", I take notice and I get moving.

I may have no idea of where it will lead to.  What I DO know is there are infinite possibilities available to me and I can not always see where an action might take me on my journey.  I don't have to see.  I simply have to KNOW that Spirit is listening to me and is communicating with me.  And more than that, Spirit LOVES me.

I have a dream for my life and the Universe lovingly supports me in that dream.  I am being lead to new spaces and I can release fear.   There is no wrong choice as I listen when my instinct says, "Don't purchase that item right now".  I trust that feeling of patience and Divine timing and I continue to ask God to show me the way.  Then, I simply need to tune in (get still, meditate, go for a walk).

I may even fail when I take an action that is heart-based.  And, I still trust that the failure was a necessary step in my evolution.  I would rather risk failure than avoid a brilliant success (a scary thought, I know).

So, today I set the intention to get more in touch with my intuition and my instinct and to take action right away.  Life loves me and all is well!

A quick tip:  try using Louise Hay's mirror affirmations if you find you're getting down on yourself.  I used the "Life loves me, Sandy; life loves she, Sandy; life loves you, Sandy."  Say it out loud, silly as it may seem.  In just a few minutes, I could feel the chemical shift in my body.


Affirmative Prayer:
There is an unlimited Power and guiding Force creating a journey and a path filled with experiences of hope and joy and enthusiasm and good.  This guiding Force is my vision and my feet as I travel through God's life as Sandy, expressing in a new and unique way each and every day.

Living Heaven here on Earth, I affirm today that I have all the tools I need to take action as I tune into my heart.  I listen to my intuition as it directs my steps.  I have no need to be discouraged as my instinct is true and always has my highest and best in mind.  I am teachable and I am open to new spaces and places and people, trusting they are showing up in my life for Divine, perfect reasons.  Knowing the Power and the Presence that I call God is always available, I am always ready for new actions and I take them without hesitation or doubt.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the support and love of the Presence that guides me.  My choices are Divinely guided and I am thankful in every moment for this guidance.  Thank you, God, for the blessing of my intuition and my instinct.  They power and fuel my steps.

Releasing this prayer into the Law that is All-Good, I smile as I know it is already happening now, in this very moment.  It unfolds gracefully and with ease and I let it be so.  And so it is!