Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Clear to Allow for Something Better

We all have adopted attitudes, beliefs, concepts and behaviors that shape who we are.  If we look at our lives and what is around us in physical form, it should give us a pretty good idea of what those beliefs and attitudes are.  

As I focus on my spiritual path and get clear on who I am, I have to make time to inspect my values and determine which are no longer serving me.  I need to clean my internal house and release outdated attitudes that keep me stuck in place.  When I take an inventory of how I feel about what is here now, I can get see what my beliefs have been and I can choose to take a new look at things.

Right now, I am judging myself for weight that I am gaining.  Even though I'm really good with my exercise schedule, I LOVE food.  And, most of the time, I eat very healthy, however, the weekends KILL me - Friday night happy hour, Saturday dinner out and Sunday mimosas and french toast.

By Sunday night, I'm condemning myself for not being stronger and saying NO to some of the things I've eaten and all the wine I've enjoyed.  What beliefs am I holding about myself and my body that are causing this feeling of judgement for being 10 pounds overweight?  More than that, what beliefs are causing my body to hang on to all the calories rather than let my metabolism burn them off?  And, how can I look at this differently?

There is a behavior of eating that is no longer serving me and I'm not clear that sheer will power will fix this one.  So, I'm asking the Universe for help.  I'm setting the intention to let go of old beliefs about my weight and my eating habits.  I'm asking Spirit for clear signs, and I'm allowing for even better things to take their place.

Interestingly, already the questions are flowing from me:  Do I feel overweight because of how others will see me?  Is someone else's opinion of me and my weight more important than how I feel about myself?  Is this really a self-confidence issue? Am I buying into race consciousness that says we gain weight as we age?

Wow, I think I'm on my way to a discovery.  And, so it starts.

Get Inspired! Affirmation:

When you are at peace with yourself and
love yourself, it is virtually impossible to be

~ Wayne Dyer