Monday, June 3, 2013

Transformation Through Journaling

This week I've been thinking a lot about journaling and the creative process.  Journaling has been a practice that produces real results in my life.  And, frankly, that can be somewhat terrifying.

Journaling makes me available and receptive to hearing guidance from the Universe.   And when I take the first step to write down my feelings and beliefs, using my imagination to create a life of possibilities, things start to show up.  Most of the time, they're small and I barely notice them, however, big changes are starting to surface and it feels like a major shift is coming.  It's big and it's scary and I'm not sure sometimes that I want to be nudged by Spirit into greater expansion.

What if the life I've been imagining and that is being created by my thoughts is based more on ego and what I've been fed by the media?  Or is this simply resistance to moving outside my comfort zone as I become more of what is seeking to emerge through my life.

As I learn to move through my fears and into new territory, I'm taking advice from something I heard from Michael Bernard Beckwith - move into willingness.  When I move into willingness, not willfulness, the Universe can give me its gifts.  Life is designed so that when I yield to the vision of becoming more and raise my consciousness, I can trust that I am compelled into right action.  I back all of that up with affirmative prayer, giving thanks that each choice I make is guided by Spirit for my highest and best.  I can release the fear that I'm living from ego and know that everything I am creating is a perfect unfolding for my dynamic well-being.

I can now hold onto a feeling of excitement rather than dread and have faith that I am so connected to something bigger than me - to God, to Source - that I am, in each moment, willing to let go and push past the scary feelings.

Within me is a yearning for becoming something greater than I can even imagine.  For me, the best way to discover that and allow the good to flow through, is to write it down - to have a dialogue with Spirit through my journaling.  I am being stretched and change is happening so I must expand.  But, I trust that as I write, I am also safe and supported.   I am no longer resisting and I am on purpose.

So my intention for today is that even when the ride seems scary, I jump on with enthusiasm, trusting that I am safe.

"As we seek to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in our everyday affairs, we should think of ourselves as being Divinely guided, affirming that our mind is continually impressed with the images of right action, and that everything in our life is controlled by love, harmony and peace; that everything we do prospers, and that the eternal energy back of all things animates everything we undertake."
~Ernest Holmes
(from Can We Talk To God?)