Friday, June 7, 2013

Let People Surprise You

When I really look at the belief systems I hold today, it forces me to re-evaluate my point of view on a number of topics.  I've noticed that I will sometimes "judge a book by its cover", boxing people and events into categories I hold internally.   And, I can see patterns emerge in definite areas, especially finances and health.

When I see someone driving a super nice car (think Maserati) or wearing really nice clothes, I box them into the "unapproachable and spending too much money on unimportant stuff" category.   If I see a person indulging in a heavy meal, they are placed into the "they're going to die young" slot.

And, these judgements definitely evoke an emotion, usually NOT on the positive side.  Either I feel lack and why them and not me or I get snarly and feel "I am holier than thou".  For me, I am coming to learn that these are limiting beliefs I'm carrying and I need to move through them, realizing that I don't want to be this way anymore.

So, here's the part I love.  It's knowing that we are all part of the One and that I am always at choice to how I respond, even when it's the voice inside my head.  Even more than that, what I see in others is also available to me.  The healthy, fit person that I may be envious of is also available within me if I just call it out.  The person who seems to drip with money is someone whom I should congratulate and encourage because it is also possible for me to achieve that, if I desire.

Living from a place of letting people surprise me allows me to reveal more of who I truly am - a spiritual being having a human experience.  It takes a bit of practice to stop the inner critic when it shows up but the more I choose see the God in others, the more I am coming closer to being uplifted by being in community and fellowship.

Holding the intention to see others from my heart, not my head, also provides an opportunity for my vulnerabilities to be exposed.  When I drop my guard and live my life, my heart may be hurt by another or I may be criticized for how I look, however, I am also letting someone else be their authentic self.  

That is when I truly get to know someone for who they are.  We are all on the same journey and it is beautiful and it is sweet to develop relationships that are more than surface level.

My life might not always be perfect, according to societal standards, but I know that I AM perfect, whole and complete and I can see that same perfection in others.

And, I hope I am seen by others that way too.

"The world was not created once and for all time for each of us individually.  There are added to it in the course of our life things of which we have never had any suspicion.
~Marcel Proust

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