Friday, June 14, 2013

Letting Go To Make Space For Something Even Better

Well, here I am again.  Moving into a new home in another few weeks after only one year.  And, it's even smaller this time.  1264 square feet to be exact.   I'm actually very comfortable with the move and have been thinking of how I'm going to redesign from what we had done previously (think shopping!).

What's not so comfortable is what I am having to release and let go of because it just won't fit.  I'm sure this is a needed cleansing of things in my life which are no longer serving me, however, it's been a real cause of some anxiety for me.

First, our backyard furniture has to go because we now have only a balcony.  It was a lovely table for six with comfy chairs,  a bar table with chairs, our fire-pit and patio heater.  I think mostly I may be mourning the wonderful times I've enjoyed using the furniture - family get-togethers, celebrations, sitting quietly reading my book.

What I'm really having a hard time with, to my surprise, is my dining room table.  It's a lovely wooden table with the knotty wood visible and seats six with plenty of room.   The conversation back and forth with my husband has been do we take a leaf out and use that in the new place but even then, it's still too big.

Plus, we have to get a storage place somewhere for all of his "stuff" that has been sitting in our garage so I thought perfect - we can keep the table in storage.  His latest idea to run past me, though, was to sell the table and get something new.  Granted my table is about five or six years old but I really love it!  I bought it brand new and it's been through some experiences with me.  How can I just sell that?

In a recent moment of contemplation about keep or sell, I decided to stop and ask the Universe for some guidance.   Standing in my kitchen, drinking my smoothie, I paused, took a calming breath and just relaxed my thoughts as I gazed out the backyard.  Then, I just asked a simple question - what is best for me?  To sell the table or to keep it in storage.  I said a quick prayer and released it.  I let go of any fear and knew I would be given the perfect solution.

Going back to my smoothie, I started scanning my emails on my cell phone.  An email pops out at me from with my Daily Tarot.  On a whim, I open the email and it tells me that my power today lies in possession.  "I choose not to be bound, identified or paralyzed by ownership, possessions, or means in order that I may always have a free hand and room to grow."

Yikes!  Okay, Universe, I hear you.  I have been affirming better things but I'm not making room for them.  It can be scary to let go.  What if I don't find another great table like this?  What if I don't have the money to purchase the new table I really want?

So, rather than resist the letting go, I'm setting my intention to be grateful for the opportunity to welcome something even better into my life, something that will likely be for my highest and best outcome in the new move.  And I'm thankful to Spirit for the privilege of demonstrating my faith and my trust that I am supported, no matter what.

I'm digging deep and letting go of attachments to things that might be preventing me from an outcome filled with grace.  And in making this decision, I am empowered.

Anyone wanna' buy a table?

Everyday Miracle Affirmation:

"We don't ask God for too much; in fact,
we ask for too little.  Turn to Him for
everything.  Give everything to God."
~Marianne Williamson