Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Engage and Participate in Life

Settling into a routine is easy.  During the week, we work 9-5, we pick up food for dinner, we watch our shows on TV.  On weekends, we clean the house, spend time with friends, visit a favorite place.  And so it continues on, week after week - lifestyles are formed and habits are developed.

I am likely the worst offender for routines.  I will eat the same things for breakfast and lunch at roughly the same time each day.  My exercise schedule is fairly set - run on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday, bike on Tuesday/Thursday, always at 3:30pm.

So, I started wondering -  am I really participating in life if I am set in a routine?  What showed up for me is that I enjoy the things I do most of the time, however, I'm not really engaged and living up to my possibilities.  If I am here to share my gifts and talents, then I need to start mixing things up a bit to allow for a life that is extraordinary and wonderful, beyond the good that I am enjoying now to the greater good that is available to me.

I know there are scientific benefits for our brains when we step out and do something different, however, I believe there are also mystical benefits.  I believe it is an opportunity for the Universe to align us with experiences that will shift our lives and take us down the path of our dreams and desires.

So, here's the challenge - pick an activity or make a conscious choice for 30 days to do something differently.  Yikes!  Immediately a little anxious voice pops up - are you crazy!!!  Maybe....but if I'm going to grow and if I'm going to live my dreams, I MUST take action, no matter how silly it seems or how small it appears.

I'm making my list of some options and I expect it will be fluid and change as new ideas become available.  And, I am asking my husband to keep me accountable.  I will have to share with him the one thing I did differently.  I know my tendency to cheat or to stop because it's too hard :)  In fact, I'm going to intentionally add a few things that are fearful for me.  Wow!  What am I getting into?

My list:

  • Paint my nails bright pink (and leave on for at least two days)
  • Walk the dog in a different neighborhood
  • Greet my husband at the door with a big hug
  • Have dessert first for dinner
  • Volunteer my time with a local organization
  • Play my flute again (and maybe even take a lesson)
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Sit in a coffee shop and just be present
I expect some issues or obstacles may show up as I shift my routines, however, I'm certain that means I'm making progress.  I set my intention to move through whatever shows up and will allow the Universe to do its thing.  Wish me luck!

Affirmative Prayer:
There is a goodness that flows in this very moment, surrounding all that is with love and harmony and grace.  It is creating possibilities and sustaining hopes and dreams.  This goodness is also creating and sustaining in and through me and I call it all God.

Every creation is divine as a I surrender to something bigger than me, as I allow it to move me and guide me and inspire me.  This Divine Presence is never separate from me and always available and all I need to do is look within.

I make myself available to engaging in my life fully, to participating in new ways and to show up as someone who moves through it all with grace.  My routines are changing and there is a peace as I allow for doing things differently - for enjoying an ice cream cone for dinner, for surprising my husband with a kiss at the door, for exploring new neighborhoods, and for simply sitting on a park bench and being present.  It is all for my highest good and I am blessed with opportunities as I am guided in my choices for doing something in a different way.

I am so thankful for the goodness of Spirit that flows in me and as me, prospering me in every area of my life just for doing something out of the ordinary.  I am inspired and have such gratitude for the ways in which I am supported by the Universe, making clear my path to be the extraordinary person I am in each moment.

And I release my words to the action of the law, knowing it is already done and I am given clear signs if I just listen for guidance.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!