Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cease and Desist on Doing It All By Myself

I have an independent spirit.  If there is something to be done in my life, I can do it all on my terms.  That way, I can make sure everything turns out according to my plan.  I have the vision and I know the best way to get from A to Z.

And in the process, I am learning that when I try to do it all on my own, I shut out the possibility for something even greater to show up.

Sometimes, my plans turn out as expected, however, other times, it is such a struggle to get things done.  I stress and fret and it just builds upon itself until I blow a gasket.  Then, I am left with nothing.

So, there is going it on my own and then there is inviting in help and partnerships from others.  When I give up trying to do it all by myself, I invite in the opportunity for the Universe, for God, to help in ways that I often never thought could happen.

When I let go and remain open to assistance from others, sure enough, people show up in my life.  I go about my day, working through my tasks, and an email pops up recommending a book I should look at.  Or, someone calls suggesting a different approach I had never considered.  Or, I am introduced to a person with expertise in an area that I need help with.

And, as a result, my worry and my stress about situations starts to dissipate.

More than that, when I reach out and ask for help from others, I'm astounded at what returns to me.  I not only get the help I need, I usually get more.  And, I've been told it has made them feel good to help me.  When you look at it that way, I was able to give them a gift, simply by asking them to help me.  It's a win-win for both of us.  Wow!

When I let myself be dependent on Spirit to help, I can relax and trust that it is all taken care of.  I need only hold a clear intention for my vision and let what wants to happen unfold.

I can be at peace and move gracefully through each situation.

I can let go of the stress and struggle and let it be easy.

All I need to do is cease and desist and take a helping hand.

Affirmative Prayer:
There is a Presence and a Power moving through all that is, through a space of love and peace, surrounding all that exists in perfection.  This Power moves through my heart and through my thoughts, bringing me into relationship with my perfection, just as I am right now.  There is no resisting, only allowing, as the presence of God seeks to express in remarkable ways.

I release my need to do things all by myself and I allow the love of Spirit to bring others into my life, knowing they are there to help and move me down my path.  And I am here to help others too.  It is a beautiful knowing that we are here, not to compete, but to cooperate and to create.  I affirm that my world is full of people who are seeking partnerships so that we might all live our highest and best lives, so that we might all share our gifts and talents unique to us alone.

I am so grateful for the Power at the center of my being that aligns situations and circumstances for my best day ever, for my best month ever, for my best year ever.  Thank you, Mother/Father God, that my life is sweeter just because You are here to help me and to guide me.  I trust that all is just as it should be.

I release my words to the law, knowing it is already done.  The connections are made and the partnerships are showing up and it is all good.  And so it is!  Amen.