Monday, August 5, 2013

Inspiration in Pausing and Assessing

I love my dog, Cody.  He's a Parson Russell Terrier and is super smart, making it easy - mostly - for my husband and I to train him.  One of the best "tricks" he's learned has been to "leave it."

Cody is *extremely* food motivated, however, when we put some food in front of him and tell him to leave it, he will.  What's interesting to watch is how he approaches it.  He will become still and assess what is in front of him before doing anything else.  He'll then watch us for his cue that will release him to eat the food.

He does not pace back and forth, he does not whine or moan - he sits and trusts that at some point, he WILL be released and receive his treat.

I'm on Day Six of my 21-Day Inspiration Challenge.  I was inspired by a few things over the weekend including the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Today, I am inspired by my dog's ability to stop and assess.

It's fascinating, when I look at how I handle many situations, I notice that I am a "knee-jerk" response person.  I hear one side of a story and I'm ready to rally the troops into action.  My daughter tells me about a situation at work and I am immediately impassioned to defend her after jumping to all the wrong conclusions.  If I have an issue where something has gone wrong, I can panic and go into despair.

What that sometimes results in is I become a bull in a china shop, thrashing about and creating chaos, especially for those around me.  Just ask my husband!

To be fair, that knee-jerk response is not always a bad thing.  If there is a crisis situation, I'm typically able to get a handle on things pretty quickly.   So the question becomes, how can I take my natural reactions - my trigger responses - and learn to be more like my dog?

How can I learn to assess the situation, then sit and look at the big picture first, trusting that the result will be for my benefit?

I believe that if I can surrender to the moment, asking the Universe to give me a small reminder that every situation has the possibility of a "treat", I can be taught to sit and assess before charging ahead.  The more often I practice this, the faster I get at stopping the bullish behavior.

AND, when I can pause to take stock of my options, THEN I open the door for miracles to happen.  So it is my intention, today, to remember to pause.

"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself."

Affirmative Prayer:
In the midst of the actions of daily life - work, play, home, fun - there is a Presence that is absolute and perfect.  This Divine Presence that is Source guides my every action as it moves through, around and as me.  As I am guided, I see reflected back my perfection as I remember who I am.  My heart and mind are filled with the knowing that I am complete in every moment.  I am a Divine spark in the One Mind.

Knowing I am here to experience and to expand, I also remember to slow my movements and to pause before taking action.  I look within and listen for direction when I am tempted to jump first.  I take one step at a time and affirm, there is nothing to fix, only actions to take that are Divinely inspired and always result in my highest and best outcome.  God is good all of the time - crazy good!  So I surrender to the Universe with a trust and faith as I travel my path.

And I give great thanks for the goodness of God.  I am grateful for the guidance and the wisdom that move through and around me, supporting me in all that I do.  I need only to stop and listen and know that I am beloved. 

Releasing my word to the action of the Law, I feel a power move me with the knowledge that it is already done.  And I feel a peace envelop me with a huge hug.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!