Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspiration in Procrastination

Procrastination - why does it get such a bad rap?  "Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today."  And my counter to that is, "Why not?"

Effort and striving have their time and place, and yet, there is also something to be said for jumping into the stream of life and floating on the raft for awhile.   If we're always pushing for that next big thing, how can we see the miracle of where we're at right now?

Sure, my bathrooms may need to be cleaned and my kitchen could use a good scrub, however, if I can let go of those things sometimes and choose instead to spend a few hours with my daughters, take the dog to the park, or enjoy the sunset with my husband, there is magic in enjoying those moments.

And, if I've set an intention to let Spirit guide me to the people I need to meet and the places I need to be to reach my greatest potential, it's in these times that I DO meet the people and I AM in the places - through no effort on my part other than following my intuition and being open to the moment.

Yesterday, I was watching the movie, Cars, and it reminded me of the progress of the roadways and what that has meant for the small towns that used to thrive from the motorists passing through.  We have been blessed with an abundant, prosperous countryside but when we rush to get to from A to Z, we miss the majestic mountains and the sparkling blue lakes and the people who are part of our heritage.

Maybe it's cliche and trite but, for me, it served as a reminder to slow down and take my time.  The unmade bed will still be there tomorrow.

I'll also be the first to admit, I am impatient.  I'd like to get quick results in everything I do.  All the great motivational leaders will tell you, you only get results by working diligently and steadfastly.  Action, action, action.

I disagree.  Sometimes, the beauty of life and the expansion we seek is not in setting goals and ticking off things on our to-do list but in letting things flow as they will.    The Universe is trying to support me beyond what I may think is possible but if I always have my nose to the grindstone, how will I see the big picture.

Lastly, it also seems to me that when we're working so hard to achieve our goals, it may be that we're running away from past decisions - decisions that may have taken us down a road that held heartaches and bankruptcies and addictions.  Those decisions, while they may have held challenges, have also gotten us to where we are now.

Do I really need to understand what brought me to where I am?  Do I need to keep rehashing my story to move beyond it?   I say, NO.  I believe I need to trust the process, be grateful for ALL of it and go from there.

I certainly don't want to repeat past mistakes but it can be exhausting going over and over and over why it wasn't my fault, why I had no choice, why I'm always the one to suffer.

So, back to procrastination.  It's frightening to let go of control, to shred our to-do lists, to believe we need to work Monday-Friday, 9-5 to have a good life.  But, there's a part of me that thinks it's refreshing to cruise the backroads and let myself be inspired by taking some time to play.

This is Day 13 of my 21-Day Inspiration Challenge and I am feeling a shift in my consciousness.  With my focus on looking for something to be inspired by each day, I'm starting to see things in a fresh, new way.  I wonder if that is reflected back to others, if I seem new to those who have known me for a while.

And, does that even matter, really?

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.

Being relaxed, at peace with yourself,
confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and
free-floating - these are the keys to
successful performance in almost
everything you do.
~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Affirmative Prayer:
In the morning light, there is a radiant beauty that glows and brings joy to the daily events of life.  This light that is everywhere, energizing all daily events, is Source Energy, moving and breathing and having its Being in all that is.

Knowing the lightness of Source Energy is also moving through me, I affirm that all things are working together for my good.  My every need is met and I am provided for abundantly in every area of my life.  And I need not strive nor stress nor force it to happen - I simply need to be still and know.  I go with the flow, trusting that God is guiding the river to lead me to my greatest potential.  I relax and allow the goodness to amaze and astonish me with the Universe's prosperity that exists on the back roads and in the road less traveled.  And I look within and realize I am surrounded by the gift of love with every step I take.

I am so grateful for this love that supports me as I go through this human incarnation.  It is beautiful and I give great thanks for this feeling of joy that overwhelms and takes my breathe away.  Spirit moves, I follow and it is all good.

Affirming and remembering the truth of who I am, I release my word to the Divine action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  The people and the places are laid out and I receive all of it as it shows up.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.