Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspiration in the Process

Just about everything we undertake has a process - going from A to B to get to the end result.  As I work on my fitness and health, I find that I get an urge to push forward and move faster and faster to reach my goal - more sets of push-ups and sit-ups, longer bike rides, paring back my diet.  Not only that but I am looking for immediate results.  I want what I want and I want it NOW.

So, now that I have spiraled down into my inner spoiled child, I can step back and take a closer look at why I want to rush through the events of my life.  Why is it such a challenge to be present and see the value in each action I take during the process?

For me, I think there is some fear underlying the process.  If I don't do everything *right now* and do it faster, better and stronger, I might be seduced into slipping backward.  It would be so easy to sleep in for another hour rather than get up and run six miles.  And, it would definitely be cheaper to eat less-than healthy foods ($.99 Big Mac anyone?)

My other challenge is that I am always comparing myself to others.  I have spent a long time trying to conform to a standard or ideal that, quite frankly, might be unattainable.

Both of these start to make exercise and eating healthy feel like a burden.  And that's when I start to recognize I am out of alignment and letting my ego run the show.

Now is the time to ask the Universe, "how can I see this differently?" (I love this question from A Course In Miracles.)

 Mastin Kipp wrote recently on his Daily Love blog, "We are growing daily; let us love the process instead of trying to only love a specific outcome that may or may not be for our greatest good."

When I am not so focused on the outcome of being a certain weight, I really, really enjoy riding my bike.  I have a favorite trail that I ride in the South Bay that lets me feel connected to nature at the same time I'm exercising.  I would even go so far as to say it's a form of meditation for me.

When I am coming from that space - finding pleasure and joy in the daily actions - that is when I am open to inspiration and when I am open to loving myself exactly as I am in each moment. (Day 8 of my 21-Day Inspiration Challenge)

So, today, I set the intention to be in the moment and find joy in the process.

"Who do I now choose to be?  This is the only question that matters, and this is what your soul is using your life to decide, every moment.  Life is not a process of discovery; it is a process of creation.
~ Neale Donald Walsch

Affirmative Prayer:
Going within, there is a radiant energy that shines as the Source of all things - a Power and a Presence that illuminates every aspect of life.  It shines clearly and brightly through me and around me and as me.  This Source is seeking to express itself in all that I do as I move through my day with a joy that allows me to give up control and allow things to flow.

I clear the space and I embrace the truth of who I am, surrendering to the present moment.  I laugh and I love and allow the All-Good Presence of God to guide my steps.  I trust the process of life, basking in the prosperity and abundance that surrounds me.  I go out for a run or for a bike ride or take the dog for a walk and I let myself savor the experience.  There is no need to hurry or rush - I have all the time I need to enjoy being in nature, being in community with others who share my experience of being in the moment.  I am fully present to the gift of creation and my heart is overflowing with a peace beyond measure.

Thank you, Life, for shining a light to show the way.  Thank you, Spirit, for being the Joy within me.  I am so grateful for knowing I can trust the process to work out for my greatest good, to work out for the greatest good there has ever been.

Accepting and jumping into the flow with both feet, I release my word to the action of the Law.  It is already done in the One Mind in beautiful and joyful ways and it is filled with grace.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

  Photo by Sandra Kuch