Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Is Possible So Get Used To Starting Again

We live in a Universe of infinite possibility.  You hear that quite a bit if you hang out in any New Thought community for a while or listen to shows like Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.  For me, that means just because I think I've reached the pinnacle of something, does not mean that I have maxed out.  There is ALWAYS more that is possible.

I really believe this comes up for me now because I am reaching the culmination of my Practitioner studies.  I've finished my last official class and submitted my application.  I still have to take a written and oral exam but I feel pretty good that, as long as I work with my study group, there will be no major hiccups.

So I'm wondering, where do I go from here?  Have I hit a ceiling in my spiritual growth studies?  That might seem silly since there are so many opportunities to learn, whether its Oprah's show or listening to Hay House Radio or live streaming people like Michael Bernard Beckwith.

And I don't believe I'm anywhere near the mystic abilities of someone like Eckhart Tolle or Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra.  All the same, that feeling is there and exists within me.

What comes to mind is, maybe, this is part of the dance between the human side of me and the Divine side of me.  From all that I have learned, I know that my soul chose to be here at this time - to do THIS dance at THIS time.  My soul compels me to get up each morning and take action during my day.

Maybe I've become so wrapped up on my spiritual path that I'm neglecting what's happening in the world.  Maybe that is why I feel like I've hit a ceiling.

The Universe is trying to tell me that it might be time for a reset.  Yep, another growth opportunity.

Rather than look at the human and the Divine as opposites, I need to learn how I can integrate them into something that works for me.  How do I take everything that I have learned over the past two years and incorporate them into the ongoing journey of my life?

Well - on the human side, I know I need to take action.  And I'm doing that by looking at what I love and moving in that direction.  I also know I have to shed some baggage and let go of things that I no longer love doing.  Both of those I wrote about recently and I'm making some good progress.

Now that I'm on my way to becoming a clean slate and starting from scratch, my Divine side tells me to go back to my imagination once again and make time to dream.  Recognizing that the Universe is unlimited, I can start to picture bigger ideas for my life.

And, I can start to mold my thoughts, consciously grooming them so that I create not only the things I love to do as the human side of me, but blend them with the Divine side that tells me I am filled with a power and a force that can reach anywhere and experience anything.

So -  I continue with the dance, surrendering to the music of the Universe and honoring my human side with every conscious thought I have.

What are some possibilities for your life?  And what are you choosing to create for yourself today?

Today I set the intention that each morning I wake up and claim my opportunity to create a life of amazing possibilities, allowing the dance between the physical and the Divine to work together in magical ways.

"Paradoxically, your soul thrives on chaos because it recognizes the hand of 
the divine at work in upheavals that push you toward transformation."  

"One of the great difficulties in the new order of thought is that we are 
likely to indulge in too much theory and too little practice.  As a matter of fact, 
we only know as much as we can prove by actual demonstration."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly, there is the recognition in that breathe of an Infinite Intelligence, an Infinite Wisdom, an Infinite Power.  It is an electric force of beauty, of joy, of happiness, of peace and It is filled with grace in every moment of the day.

Relaxing into this Divine Force, I surrender to this moment, allowing the full expression of Spirit, of Source, of God, to flow through and around and as me.  I am expressing perfectly as a Divine Being, eager to step into the transformation that occurs as a beautiful part of Life.

As I step into the dance of my journey, I claim that everything I need for my next steps comes to me before I even know that I need them.  I focus on what is working well and I go forward from there, welcoming the amazing possibilities of prosperity and infinite abundance that are revealed as I seek them.  I let go of thoughts of lack and of limitation and I move away from fear.  Instead, I choose faith, love, and peace, using my thoughts to co-create a life that pushes me to thrive!  The more I trust the Divine Power that guides me, the more my life opens up to experiences of wealth, of health and of miracles.  Knowing that I am enough just as I am, I affirm that my life is magical, filled with opportunities even better than I can imagine.

I am so grateful for this truth -  that Divine Power is my nature and the Universe has my back.  My heart is filled to overflowing with thanks for the wonderful life I am co-creating with Spirit.  And, I am thankful for the peace that transcends as the evidence of wealth, health and miracles come out of seemingly nowhere.

From a place of joy, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  My good is right here, right now.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!