Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do You Feel Entitled To Abundance?

Should I invest in purchasing something brand new or just DIY?  This is the question that is throwing some chaos into my thinking this week.

I can remember a time when that would have been an easy answer.  I would have bought the new item without hesitation.

But - as I have been dismantling old patterns of belief and rebuilding new thoughts around money, I now stop before buying anything and consider my spending habits.  That's especially true ever since I have been living within the budget I set about a year ago.

The chaos comes as I try to balance up-leveling my consciousness around money with taking responsibility for my life, including my finances, and making good choices.  One thing is true - I am not here in this life to manage pain; I am here to LIVE life fully.

In Eric Butterworth's book, Spiritual Economics, he says, "Claim your entitlement.  I am a child of the Universe, richly endowed with the fullness of All-Good.  A child of the Universe! Can you get that into your consciousness?  Not just the offspring of your parents or a product of the times, but a child of the Universe.  You are an expression of the Infinite creative flow, entitled to as constant support as the lilies of the field."

It that's true, am I not entitled to purchase the shiny, new object?  With that thought came the curve-ball feeling - "Who am I to be entitled to get what I want?"

And there it is -  my indwelling pattern of thought.  More than that, I have to believe it's also a thought held in the consciousness of our society.  Look at all the negative talk that happened around the Millennial generation - the "Generation Me".

I researched the traits given to describe the Millennials - confident, tolerant and <ick> narcissistic.  There we go again - another trigger word for me that brings up feelings and judgements of those who focus on themselves.

Clearly, there is dismantling and rebuilding work for me around the word "entitlement".  And it's likely double the work, knowing the race thought contained in that word means I will be judged poorly if I throw that belief out for public scrutiny.  

"Look at how narcissistic she is, acting as if the world revolves around her and she's entitled to having the best of everything."

THERE is the judgement that needs to be dissolved.  And, not just for me.  Because who are we NOT to be entitled to a life of prosperity?  To a life of affluence and opulence?  Why do we live from a place of a scarcity mindset?

Don't get me wrong - gratitude and generosity and humility are also important traits but self-love and our worthiness needs to be honored.  Sometimes, it takes a strong word like entitlement - one that has a lot of charge around it - to really wake us up to our Divine self.

So, I love when Butterworth writes we should "claim <our> inheritance of abundance.  You are entitled to the support of God-substance in everything to which you give your mind or hands.  Let go of the old belief in the "grace" of poverty and the subconscious sense of guilt in having things, along with feelings of unworthiness - attitudes that have such a detrimental influence upon human consciousness."

For me, THAT is the art of stepping into who we are meant to be.  To embrace and allow the FACT that I am entitled to the richness of ALL that is in the Universe.

So, what feelings and thoughts come up for YOU when you hear the word "entitlement"?

Today, I set the intention to truly get that I am entitled to the full support of the Universe, allowing the amazing things in my life to unfold as a part of the natural Divine process.

"Make a deeply rooted commitment that you will practice the Presence
 of God-substance, ever reminding yourself that you are in the Presence
 of an infinite, eternal substance from which all things proceed.  Resolve that 
you will live and think and work as if you really believed that the whole 
Universe of creativity and substance were present in every project of your work 
and every transaction of your investments as your never-failing resource.  
Practice the presence of God-substance with diligence and persistence, 
and you will begin to realize prosperity."  

"My good is my God, my God is my good."  

Affirmative Prayer:
As the light shines through the window each morning, there is a Presence of Grace that is felt within as life is renewed and refreshed with the start of each day.  This Grace is limitless, lifting ALL that is, higher and higher toward a Source of love that is unconditional.

Turning toward this light, there is an awareness that I am a unique, individualized expression of this Source, of Spirit.  I live and move and have my being in this Grace and Love and Beauty that is always available, guiding and supporting every aspect of my being.  It is all inside of me, in this moment now and the next moment and the next.

With this new day, I declare a greater expression of Spirit is taking place in my life.  I release any feelings of fear and with each step, I hold the vision of a life well-lived.  I accept the greater abundance and increasing prosperity which is the All-Goodness of Spirit as mine.  I only have to remain in the awareness that it is Spirit's good pleasure to give me the kingdom.  Embracing this knowing, I welcome the Divine gifts of opulence and wealth and affluence which have already been given.

I am so grateful for Divine guidance that shows me each day how much I am loved.  I am thankful for the success that spreads through every area of my life and out beyond, to touch other's lives too.  And I am filled with gratitude that there is so much grace and love and joy in every moment.

As good and more good is being revealed this very minute, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing answered prayer is already here.  How good life is!  And I let it be so.  And so it is!