Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You Got What You Wanted....Don't Panic

At the beginning of this year, I chose four affirmations I wanted to focus on and started writing them down daily to invoke the feeling of having them.  As I wrote them again today, I realized that one of them has manifested.

I now have the financial means and freedom to travel to beautiful resorts six weeks out of the year.

What I've discovered today is that perhaps six weeks out of the year is too much for me.  Kevin and I just returned from staying for a week at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans and this Friday, we leave again - this time to stay in Palm Desert at another very nice resort.

I mention this because it started with a simple, small intention.  I love travel and figured six weeks a year was perfect.  And, I really enjoy staying at a resort where everything you need is at hand and you get that wonderful, pampered feeling.

But - I love my home too.  And I miss my dog when I'm gone, worrying about his care even though he's with my daughter and an awesome dog walker.

I believe this is very likely the dilemma for a lot of us.  As we use the creative process, knowing that our thoughts and feelings and words are directing our life, we sometimes create things that aren't quite as on the mark as we thought.  We got what we wanted - or at least, what we THOUGHT we wanted.

That's especially true for me with my ambitious nature and readiness to go 'all in' on the things I enjoy.  What shows up, then, is that my intentions have gotten ahead of me and my imagination has me moving through experience after experience after experience with no time to savor the simpler, beautiful things I have created.

So, as the year-end gets closer, I'm re-evaluating my affirmations and declarations.  I still want the experience of traveling, however, I think five times per year would be plenty enough.  And, it might be fun to mix it up.  I love resort-style getaways but I'm open to trying some luxe camping or bed & breakfasts where you meet the innkeeper and enjoy the company of others.

Above all, I'm celebrating the fact that I see the evidence of my imagination come to life.  I have co-created, with the Universe, a life that is in alignment with my desires.   Now, I can expand on that, checking in with my soul and deciding if I need to pull in the reigns OR affirm something even bigger than what I have been declaring.

Of course, that's after Palm Desert AND Cabo San Lucas AND Ireland AND Germany....  :-)

So, where are YOU seeing evidence in your life of what your thoughts have created?  And, are they still in alignment with what you desire?

Today, I set the intention to rethink my affirmations, choosing words and thoughts that are in alignment with what I now desire, and based on what I have created previously.

"You who breathe mindfully, you know that you're alive, that life is a miracle, 
that you're living that miracle in the here and now."  
~Thich Nhat Hanh

"There is something within us that can lead us and direct us if we will but let it...
it is in the integrity of our own mind, in the silence of our own solitude, 
in the immediate presence of that Divine Being inhabiting us and the Universe."  
~Ernest Holmes

Affirmative Prayer:
Immersing myself in Life, I see clearly that Divine Spirit is everywhere present, infinite and unbound.  It is love and joy, empowering and healing, perfect and whole and complete.

In the greatness of this knowing, I am supported always by the indwelling presence of Divine Spirit.  My life is impacted in big and powerful ways as the thought of Oneness with Source becomes so very clear.  The reality is that I can never be separate from the good of Life which is always available in every moment of the day.

Despite the churning of the waves of the ocean, there is a calmness in simply going with flow, wherever it leads.  As I go with the flow of Life, I claim joy despite outer circumstances.  I co-create with Spirit through my feelings and I am at choice as the evidence of my thoughts become manifest.  I celebrate that I can always make a new choice, living from my heart's desire and my soul's calling.  I am guided into so much good, I accept the powerful possibilities available to me.  There is a magnificence that calls my name and I simply open my arms and welcome it home.

Cultivating my magnificence, I give thanks that life is so good as I simply live it the best I know how.  I am grateful that joy is at the center of my being as I choose thoughts and feelings that reveal good health, beautiful relationships and solid finances.  I focus on gratitude and my life is transformed.  Thank you, Spirit, for the daily reminders of how deeply I am loved.

From this place of greater awareness, I release my word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  I celebrate my Oneness with Spirit.  I open my heart.  I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Tipton/Flickr