Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Expectations For Prayer

Prayer is an opportunity to make a conscious choice about how you want your life to look.  It's a chance to put your dreams out there to the Universe and let it conspire to help make it happen.

So, what if you're praying for something you want badly and it just doesn't seem to show up in your life?  For me, I went through a period in time where I struggled financially and it seemed my prayers were always about money.

I could see myself living a financially free life.

I affirmed my prosperity and abundance daily.

I gave thanks for my overflowing bank account.

And yet, I still lived paycheck to paycheck, some months worrying if I would make it until the next pay period.  I needed money and was certain the Law of Attraction, via prayer, was going to start showering down all the money I could ever desire any minute.

Prior to this latest 'need' for money, I had no problem being in the flow of abundance.  I had a great job and, with a little hard work, was able to travel and go shopping and eat out as well as the Joneses.
Still, there would eventually come a time when it seemed the money just stopped coming in as easily as it had before.  Looking back, I had somehow fallen into this cycle of earning and spending it as fast as I could earn it.

I believe that's where the Universe finally said, "Enough!"

I believe we are meant to be good stewards of the gifts we are given, financial and otherwise.  When we move away from that, there is a correction from Life that is a reminder to get back on track.  In my case, the reminder was increasing and significant struggle financially every time I fell into the black hole of debt.

The good news: I DID attract someone into my life that has a beautiful nature with money and finances.  He realizes the importance of circulation and giving and saving - all the skills of a good steward.  Once that became clear and I was able to turn money management over to him, my financial life turned around very quickly.

It's allowed me to share my unique gifts from a solid financial platform and now, when I pray for abundance and prosperity, I can simply release it with gratitude, let it go completely, and trust that it will show up.

I have a budget that more than fits my needs.  I still get to travel and shop and eat out.  But the best part?  I have financial confidence in giving again, knowing it will come back to me in right and perfect ways.

I am worthy and deserving of financial abundance.  And I am conscious of the power of being a good steward of that abundance.

Above all, I have faith that my prayers are always answered.  Not in the way I may picture at the time but in a way that brings me around to my desires in a much better way in the long run.  That is something I choose never to forget.

So, where in YOUR life does it seem your prayers are going unanswered?  Is there a lesson to be learned from the unanswered prayer? 

Today, I set the intention to see the gift in seeming unanswered prayer, to learn the lesson and to look for evidence that I'm heading in the right direction.

"Everything is a choice.  This is life's greatest truth and its hardest lesson.  It is a great 
truth because it reminds us of our power.  Not power over others, but the power to be
 ourselves and to live the life we have imagined.  It is a hard lesson because it causes 
us to realize that we have chosen the life we are living right now."  

"You're never too old, it's never too late, and the mistake is never too big.  
Your destiny is bigger than your mistakes." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within, there is a divine and radiant center of Life, an internal light that glows brightly in every moment.  It is a wholeness and harmony that is beauty and courage and grace.  This wholeness and harmony moves through me as Divine Spirit, expanding and experiencing as me as I enter into the fullness of my journey here.

Stepping into this new day with a sense of adventure, I declare that magnificent good is right where I am now.  I affirm that I am worthy and deserving of financial abundance and that as I receive my good, I make wise and beautiful choices in my giving.  Knowing I am always enough, even in the simple things I do, I say a prayer that my desires and dreams are realized in joyous ways.  If there is a lesson to be learned, I get the lesson easily and get on with life.  I welcome the presence of Spirit that guides my prayer from thought to manifestation and I only need to let go and let God.

Remaining open to possibility, I am grateful for answered prayer that unfolds in perfect, Divine timing.  I give thanks that as I relax into the flow of abundance, prosperity is revealed effortlessly.  I am filled with gratitude for my new confidence in being a good steward of my abundance, knowing it is wisely shared from a place of love.

With an open heart, I release this prayer to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  My good is already flowing.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of My Tom Hai Trung/Flickr