Saturday, November 8, 2014

Have A Wonderful Weekend

This weekend, we're going to a Nadine Risha concert.  She has an amazing voice and I've heard her back-up band adds a nice touch to her performance.  I'm also planning to make a big batch of fudge brownies with walnuts.  I've been craving brownies for about a week and I figure it's time to indulge a little.  What are you up to?  Hope it's a little indulgent too :-)  Have a great one and here are a few fun and inspiring links from around the web....

What habits are best for creativity?

Don't let your past keep you from your future

Stop comparing yourself to others and find your sweet spot

Great quote about conscious living

Turns out dogs love boxes too

If you don't ask, you don't get

The desire to tinker makes us feel like we're fulfilling our purpose

And here's a quote from one of my favorite authors, J.K. Rowling (if you haven't read her new books under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, you should check them out). "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all; in which case you fail by default."  Enjoy your weekend!

Photo courtesy of Neon Tommy/Flickr